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Bellamy Mansion

Bellamy Mansion

Bellamy Mansion is a magnificent historical mansion. That is located at 503 Market Street, Wilmington, North Carolina 28401. It is considered one of the best historical places in entire North Carolina. You will be stepping into history while visiting this mansion.

History of Bellamy Mansion

Bellamy Mansion’s construction started in 1859 and finished in 1861. It was designed by a famous architect named James F. Post. The famous merchant and physician, Dr. John D. Bellamy was the owner of this mansion.

The Bellamy mansion had 22 rooms and the area of it is 10,000 square feet. The architectural style of this mansion is mixed. The architecture of this mansion reflects Neoclassical, Italian, and Greek Revival styles.

Skilled enslaved workers had taken part in the construction of the Bellamy mansion. The architect James F. Post had even designed a separate slave quarter.

Slavery was banned in the USA after the civil war of 1865. The slave quarter of the Bellamy Mansion was then used by the servants of the house till 1930. After 1930, the servants also didn't use the slave quarter anymore. Later, the Slave quarter was restored in 2014 as a reflection of then-American society.

This mansion was also taken over by the federal troops in the American civil war, sometime 1865. Wilmington is a very important strategic city with a port. This big mansion was very important for the federal troops during the American Civil War. After the Civil War, federal troops left the Bellamy Mansion and returned it to its owner.

Bellamy Mansion had been home to two generations of the Bellamy family. Bellamy Mansion is a stewardship property of a private nonprofit organization named ‘Preservation North Carolina’. Bellamy Mansion was donated to Preservation North Carolina and the transfer was completed in 1993.

Preservation North Carolina protects the many historical sites of North Carolina. After the handover of the Bellamy Mansion to PNC. The appearance of the Bellamy Museum was restored.

Mrs. Eliza Bellamy and Her Garden

Mrs. Eliza Bellamy was the wife of Dr. John D. Bellamy. She had a special love for gardening. She had started gardening after the civil war. The garden hadn’t been taken care of after the death of Mrs. Eliza Bellamy.

In the times of Mrs. Eliza Bellamy; there were various kinds of trees later which can’t be preserved. The garden as we see now was restored in 1996. Most of the trees that we see today were planted after the death of Mrs. Eliza Bellamy.

Visiting The Bellamy Mansion and Ticket Fee

The Bellamy mansion remains open every day from 10 AM to 4 PM. However, holidays or special events may impact the operating hours.

You can come alone or with your group of friends to visit this historic mansion. If you are planning to visit with groups, you will have some discounts on the ticket fees. But you will need to book your group in advance. 

Moreover, if you want an in-person tour from volunteers, you need to check the availability of volunteers for in-person tours. With a ticket to Bellamy Mansion, you will be able to see the Bellamy Mansion, the garden, and also the Bellamy Museum.

No pets are allowed on the site of Bellamy Mansion. There are two types of tour packages available in the Bellamy Mansion, 

  • Premium Tour Package -In the premium tour package, a guide will be assigned for the premium tour. The trained guide will provide design information. All about the history of the Bellamy Mansion. You will learn about the historical significance of rooms, gardens, and furniture. 
  • Self-guided Tour package - In the self-guided tour, you can listen to the audio. The audio will detail some of the histories of the rooms. This audio will also include interviews with people who have lived in the room. The audio can be played on your mobile phone as you walk the grounds. 

As you might imagine, the cost of a self-guided tour is much less compared to the premium tour package. 

But, the people who have visited this mansion. Highly recommend the premium tour. As it will give you in-depth historical knowledge. About the Bellamy Mansion that is not captured in the Self-Guided Tour. 

Please note, and as mentioned above, the premium tour is not always available. So it’s advisable to phone first and make your visit arrangements prior to visiting the Mansion.

Bellamy Mansion Museum 

After the death of Mrs. Ellen Bellamy, proper care of the mansion couldn’t be taken care of for many days. Moreover, a devastating fire in 1972 caused unthinkable damage to the interior of the mansion.

When Bellamy Mansion was donated to Preservation North Carolina. Preservation North Carolina used its expertise to restore the building. To it's former glory.

In April 1994, the Bellamy Mansion Museum of History and Design Arts was opened. The carriage house has been rebuilt as an office and a visitor center. Bellamy Mansion Museum has some of the finest residential architecture in North Carolina.

The gallery of the Museum features local art shows. As well as historical preservation exhibits. And, the Bellamy Museum also offers special events, daily tours, educational programs, etc.

Bellamy Mansion Gift Shop

You can also buy souvenirs and gifts from the gift shop of Bellamy Mansion. Some selections available include,

  • The Bellamy Fridge Magnet
  • Several Bellamy Brass ornaments
  • Bellamy Logo Embroidered Cap, as well as other items.

The cost of the preservation of a historic site is huge. Bellamy Mansion takes donations and also earns from selling tickets, group tours, gift shops, special events, etc.

Bellamy Mansion’s preservation has been so great that it takes the visitors back to the time of 19th century North Carolina. You will enjoy the tour of this historic Mansion, whether you go with a guided tour or the self guided tour.

Some other historical places of interest in the Wilmington, NC area include,

  • Bald Head Island Lighthouse - is the oldest standing lighthouse in North Carolina. It was first used in 1794 to direct traffic along the Cape Fear River.
  • Airlie Gardens - is another magnificent place to visit in Wilmington, North Carolina. It is a beautiful place to visit along with friends and family. Besides flowers and trees, you will also see wildlife in this beautiful garden.
  • Battleship North Carolina - is a historical battleship that you can visit. This battleship was commissioned in 1941 and decommissioned in 1947. This battleship was very well-maintained and primarily kept in its WW2 configuration. A lot of historical lessons can be learned while visiting this battleship.

This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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