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Best Things to Do in Fayetteville NC on Rainy Day

Best Things to Do in Fayetteville NC on Rainy Day

In a place where there's a lot to do outside, it seems like a rainy day would be unfortunate. However, there's still plenty of fun to be had locally that happens indoors. From museums to historic walk-throughs, there is a lot to take in. So, we put together a list for you so you don't get the rainy day blues whether you're visiting or living in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Airborne and Special Operations Museum

For over two decades, the Airborne Special has provided the community with a connection to the past. Opened on the 60th anniversary of the first parachute jump, this museum will glide right into your memories with an unending amount of exhibits. There is a self-guided tour that walks you through aviation soldiers from WWII through the current day, including special ops at Fort Bragg. Admission is free! 

Here's an overview of what you can expect to see upon entry:

  • 62ft Tall Theater
  • Timeline Gallery
  • Motion Simulator Ride
  • Temporary Items Gallery

Poe House

Built in 1897, the Poe House was the home of the Poe family. More specifically, Josephine Poe, who was the wife of Edgar Allen Poe. No, not that Poe. This E.A. Poe was the owner of Poe Brick Company in town. This once private home is actually a representation of life around the turn of the century. Taking a tour is akin to shadowing a family of influence at the beginning of the 20th century. And a glimpse at the then-current state of economic and social changes. 

The Poe House is open only to guided tours, Tuesday through Sunday. Topics covered are:

  • African American History
  • Society's Expectations for Females
  • Children's Roles
  • The Technology of the Times

Cape Fear Regional Theater

There is no one in town who has been to the Cape Fear Theater and had anything other than positive things to say. The recently renovated, 3-story theater entertains about 50,000 audience members a year, of which almost half are students. Performances are live interpretations of favorites such as The Wizard of Oz and The Color Purple. Speaking of children, at CFRT there are spring break and summer camps that cater to different age groups, so no one will be bored. Also, there are other events at the theater peppered throughout the year. Be sure to check their calendar.

CAMEO Art House Theater

If you're looking for a place to watch a movie, there's no better place in Fayetteville than the first motion picture house. Back in 1908, there were 36 movies being played a week here. Today, there are 125 velvet opera chairs, four-screen formats, and a full lounge that includes wine and coffee. The style is old Hollywood and is unlike any modern movie chain.

Fascinate-U Children's Museum

If you have little ones at home, this is a perfect way to keep them from sitting in front of screens all day. This is more than a museum for kids, it's an interactive museum where they can get into the exhibits and play! As one local mom put it, "There is a lot to engage children as young as 2. Older kids have a blast pretending in an area set up for them to explore their dramatic flair." Admission is $3 for adults and $4 for children. 

There are so many ways to make the most of your time here:

  • Homeschool Art Class
  • Teen Art Class
  • Art Camp
  • Super Science Class
  • All About Trains
  • Parties
  • Preschool Rooms

The Climbing Place

If your child or the adult child in your home has so much pent-up energy that learning isn't enough, bring them here. This is an indoor climbing and bouldering gym right downtown. There is no minimal expertise needed, the whole family can get started together. In fact, Friday Family Night is weekly from 5-9 pm, including free pizza! 

Other themed nights include:

  • Ladies Only - Saturday morning, $15 includes climbing, gear, and a coach
  • Wednesday Special - first responders, military personnel, and college students discount of $10
  • Valentines Day BOGO - all lady long climbing for you and a special someone

Bright Light Brewing Company

Open daily, this taproom allows you to come to sample the goods produced right here. Really like what you're tasting? You can take home cans! Pretty much each day of the week, there are events that have live music, food trucks, and a whole lot of mingling. Let's not leave out the Ax Your Ex event where you can throw an ax at a picture of your ex.

Whether you want a quiet time indoors or a way for you or little people in your life to stay active, there's something for you to do even when you can't run on the grass. Fayetteville also is fortunate enough to have activities for every budget. So, everyone has the opportunity to make the most of any day, rain or shine.

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After getting accepted to ECU, I started looking for things to do in and around Greenville, NC. However, my searches kept taking me to places in South Carolina! There must be things to do around ECU, so I started asking other students. They kept telling me to graduate and move away! This inspired me to begin exploring eastern North Carolina and build this website as a showcase of the places to go, sights to see, and things to do all over eastern NC. I have fallen in love with this region and started taking up roots here. After graduating, I didn't move away - I bought a house here and continue to explore eastern North Carolina.

This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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