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Best Things to Do in Goldsboro NC on a Rainy Day 

Best Things to Do in Goldsboro NC on a Rainy Day 

Where to Stay (Hotel or Bed and Breakfast)

The area around Goldsboro is filled with amazing hotels for tourists. Many guests frequent the region, especially during the holidays. This means you can find reasonably priced bed and breakfast options. Some of these include:

  • Plum Tree Gardens - This is close to downtown and is rated highly. It is a bed and breakfast that is located close to the highway.
  • Hampton Inn - The Goldsboro Hamptons Inn has an amazing outdoor pool for the summer. In addition to the great ambiance, you will get free breakfast and comfortable rooms. Hampton Inn has a lot of funny signs to make you giggle as you go along.

While staying in these locations, you will have easy access to some of Goldsboro's best locations, including:

  • Johnson Air Force Base
  • Center Street Jam
  • Southern Pines
  • Goose Creek State Park

Hang Out and Shop Downtown

The Downtown Historic District was recently revitalized and has a new look. It is an interesting place to visit when seeking things to do in Goldsboro. An event you will enjoy while in the area is Center Street Jam. You will find local shops with all sorts of trinkets to remember one of the best weekend trips from Goldsboro NC. There are restaurants and local art to enjoy. Downtown has a lot of parking spaces and is a family-friendly place.

Some of the fun local shops you will find include:

  • Carolina Pine: Here, you will find a large Magnolia Home collection in Southern Pines. It is one of the largest collections in the state.
  • The Picket Fence: This store sells homemade barbecue sauce. You will find a lot of adorable home decor. They also sell the most delicious beer bread.
  • Cry Freedom Missions: If you want to shop for a cause, this is the place for you. This is a corner store that is a non-profit organization. It works to fight and bring an end to sex trafficking. Proceeds from the sales help to rescue victims in Wayne County. A lot of the goods in the store are made by these victims. You will find bags, jewelry, and tons of sweet treats.

Learn about the Arts

While looking for the best weekend trips from Goldsboro, NC, be sure to visit downtown for the art scene. You can enjoy incredible local art made by talented artists. Some of the places to enjoy viewing art are:

  • Center Street: The amazing art installations will make it one of the best weekend trips from Goldsboro, NC. The African American Music Trail is a cool mural in honor of Black History in the state. It offers a great way to learn about the region’s history.

Goldsboro’s History

As a railway junction, Goldsboro was significant during the Civil War. You can visit the Battle of Goldsboro Bridge for a trip in December 1962. Learn about the intense battle between Union and Confederate troops. The trail leads through markers with information on the times.

Ghosts of Goldsboro: As an added bonus, this location gives you the dark side of the battle. The tour is run by Thomas Bailey’s Candlelight Tours and takes about two hours. Go through the Waynesborough Historical Village for only $10.

Cliffs of Neuse State Park

Enjoy the beautiful scenery when you visit Neuse State Park. The hiking trails offer a breathtaking view of the cliffs. This is a great location to have picnics and have a relaxing day.

While at the park, there are many activities you can do. These include:

  • Renting a boat
  • Fishing in the river. Fishing poles are available.
  • Swim and check out the diving platform
  • Cabins. There are primitive cabins for those that want to stay longer.
  • Visitor’s Center. Here, you will find educational tools for children of all ages.

Craft Brews

There is a healthy drinking culture in Goldsboro. Some of the locations to find both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are:

  • Well Traveled: This is Goldsboro’s first bottle shop. You will find an assortment of wine and craft beers. It is a great place to explore new drinks.
  • Brewmasters: Grab a beer and amazing food. This location is a pub, bottle shop and draft house rolled into one. You will enjoy the beer cheese.
  • Tobacco and Hops: This is the only Tobacconist in Goldsboro. There are 425 square-foot humidors where you can choose a cigar of your choice. You can select a beer to go with your cigar. The location is one of the few where you can enjoy an indoor cigar.
  • R&R Brewing: Located in Mt. Olive, this is Wayne County’s only craft brewery. It is fairly new and is a great place to explore your craft beer palate. There are hammocks and a food truck. The location is pretty chilled out and made for a relaxed afternoon.


There are amazing restaurants that will give you the best weekend trips from Goldsboro, NC. Some of the major players in the barbecue scene in Eastern North Carolina are from here. You can visit these restaurants for a family-friendly option and explore the region’s cuisine.

  • Grady’s and Wilber’s: Listed on the NCBS Historic Barbecue Trail
  • Barrique: This restaurant has locally sourced food and cocktails that are barrel-aged for a minimum of 21 days. You will find an esteemed collection of fine wines.
  • Jay’s Sushi & Burger Bar: Specialty sushi rolls are mixed with burger concepts to create a fun menu. The restaurant is usually fully packed, so you need to go early.


There are numerous murals all around Goldsboro. The downtown art murals can be viewed as you cruise. You can walk around Center Street and look at the many art installations.

The Arts Council of Wayne County oversees a lot of the art. The council provides a lot of information on performances and exhibitions. You can check them out for any new exhibits.

This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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