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Best Things to Do in Jacksonville NC

Best Things to Do in Jacksonville NC

The city of Jacksonville is located in Onslow County in North Carolina. It is a common tourist attraction. The city has numerous destinations and activities for visitors to enjoy. These include:

  1. Camp Lejeune

This is a United States military training facility. It is located between Morehead City and Wilmington, two deepwater ports. This allows deployments to take a shorter time.

The mission of the camp is to maintain units that are ready for combat. It allows these military units to carry out expeditions in the region. The base allows for combat readiness. It provides facilities, services, and support for marines, sailors, and those close to them.

When visiting the camp, be ready for an influx of information. The history is rich and various developments keep happening. It is a great place for those interested in military training.

  1. Walton’s Distillery

This craft distillery is a full production facility. It makes:

  • Bourbon
  • Whiskey
  • Moonshine

Visitors get to tour the facility and learn about the daily activities. Tours are offered whenever the distillery is open.. The last tour of the day is at 4 pm. The processes involved are quite interesting. Distilling, fermenting, and bottling the spirits take a lot of work. Visitors get to appreciate all this.

The distillery offers free tastings. It operates from Monday to Saturday between 10 am and 5 pm.

  1. Lejeune Memorial Gardens

This site commemorates the American soldiers who served the country. It honors the sacrifice of the brave men and women who fought for freedom. The gardens host a number of memorials, including:

  • The Montford Point Marine Memorial
  • The Beirut Memorial
  • The 9/11 Memorial Beam from the World Trade Center
  • The Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial4. The Montford Point Marine Museum

This museum is located at Montford Point Camp. It preserves the legacy of African American marines at Montford Point. It is dedicated to collecting, recording, preserving, and displaying information about these marines. The information is in many forms, including:

  • Documents
  • A large collection of photographs
  • Artifacts

The information is from between 1942 and 1949. It is a great way to learn about the rich history of the region. It shows the significance of events from that time, and how they affect us today. The information is preserved for future generations.

The museum opens on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The public is allowed in from 11 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 7 pm. On Saturdays, it is open between 11 am and 4 pm.

  1. The Flipping Rooster

This cute furniture store is owned by Barry Simpkins. It is located on Gum Branch Road in Jacksonville.

Barry deals with estate liquidations, collectibles, and antiques. He has more than 30 years of experience in the area.

The store buys and sells antiques, coins, and various household items.

  1. Topsail Beach

According to local folklore, Topsail Beach got its name from pirates. In the 1700s, pirates roamed the coastal waters of the Outer Banks. They would hide and wait for merchant ships to raid. They hid in a channel behind the island. From afar, the merchants could only see the topsails of the pirate ships. They started watching for topsails when approaching the region.

The town and island have a rich culture. You will find different food, drink, and activities to keep you busy. The beaches are divine and perfect for a family day.

  1. Soundside Oyster Farms

The Soundside Oyster Farm is located in Hampstead, North Carolina. It provides fresh oysters direct from the Carolina Coast. Soundside is dedicated to bringing fresh and delicious oysters to the market. They use eco-friendly methods used in harvesting. The farm attempts to reduce its carbon footprint. Farmers employ sustainable methods wherever possible.

Soundside Oyster Farms was based in Masonboro Sound for about two years. It relocated to the legendary waters of Stump Sound. Where they have continued to provide the greatest oysters. That the amazing waters of this area can produce. Additionally, they added two new harvest areas. They are committed to improving the estuary and providing jobs through sustainable aquaculture.

Soundside Oyster Farm has locations in Stump, Topsail, and Middle Sounds. All are close to inlets, which flush the estuary regularly with clean ocean water twice a day. The ripping current and the abundance of algae. And phytoplankton makes for an ideal area to cultivate oysters. -ENC Explorer

When visiting Jacksonville, you are sure to find lots to do. There is a wide range of activities to indulge in. A lot of what is offered is family-friendly. You can explore the area both alone and with your favorite people.

Jacksonville has a rich history that is perfectly preserved. Museums and memorials are in plenty for future generations. The waters are pristine and filled with possibilities. You can take part in water-based sports or simply wander along the beach. There is something for everyone in Jacksonville.

ENC Explorer
Author: ENC Explorer

After getting accepted to ECU, I started looking for things to do in and around Greenville, NC. However, my searches kept taking me to places in South Carolina! There must be things to do around ECU, so I started asking other students. They kept telling me to graduate and move away! This inspired me to begin exploring eastern North Carolina and build this website as a showcase of the places to go, sights to see, and things to do all over eastern NC. I have fallen in love with this region and started taking up roots here. After graduating, I didn't move away - I bought a house here and continue to explore eastern North Carolina.

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This place is for Publicity

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