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Best Things to Do in Wilson NC

Best Things to Do in Wilson NC

  1. Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park

Whirligig Park has incredible man-made moving structures. The spinning, quirky structures are so tall they seem to reach the clouds. The park is probably Wilson's greatest attraction. Various international artists have won awards and commendations for the structures. They are a true representation of art.

You will hear the inspiring story behind the park. Vollis Simpson was looking for a project for his retirement. He started experimenting with the structures and created something to last a lifetime. As he aged, he couldn't take care of the park. So, the community stepped in and has preserved a lot of his work.

  1. Wilson Botanical Gardens

If you are looking to enjoy nature at its finest, Wilson Botanical Gardens should be on your list. They are family-oriented botanical gardens that are perfect for the whole family. You will be able to appreciate nature at its best.

  1. North Carolina Baseball Museum

If you are a fan of sports, you know North Carolina has grown some of the best talent. The North Carolina Baseball Museum is where you will find a lot of information on this.

Run by volunteers, the museum holds a lot of sports memorabilia.

You will find an incredible showcase of baseball greats. This is a great family-friendly activity.

Check for the open times on the museum’s website.

  1. Antique shops

Antiques are always a nice addition to any home. Whether you are looking for an interesting looking drawer, chair, or lamp, you will find it here.

There are numerous antique shops around Wilson. You can either buy or sell antiques in these shops. You can also get an item appraised if you suspect it may have value.

  1. Wilson Rose Garden

The Wilson Rose Garden offers a great tribute to the Wilson Rose flower. There are more than 180 plant species in the garden. You will find more than 1200 individual plants, with rare roses all over.

The garden is a great place to have a relaxing afternoon. You can take wonderful pictures when the roses bloom between May and October.

This is a great activity that the whole family can enjoy.

  1. Brewmasters

Enjoy live music at one of Wilson’s best-kept secrets. Brewmasters upholds the Wilson tradition by creating a great space for local drinks. There are many different drinks and types of sandwiches to enjoy.

The restaurant has a wonderful bottle shop. It specializes in craft beer. There are more than a thousand types of beer made. More than 100 types of wine are also available.

The staff at Brewmasters is extremely friendly. It is a great place to unwind and enjoy well-tasted craft beer.

  1. Downtown Wilson Walking Tour

If you are in downtown Wilson, the Wilson Visitors Center may be worth checking out. It is the perfect stopping point for an interesting tour. The Visitors Center is located in a residence with 19th-century brick. You can walk down the streets to enjoy several other well-preserved historical sites

The tour includes Hotel Cherry. This was a fancy establishment in the 1920s. Today, it is used as an accommodation place for the elderly. Other attractions in the tour are:

  • Wilson’s Arts Council
  • Wilson County Courthouse
  1. Imagination Station Science Museum

If you are looking for educational value, this is the place for you. Anyone interested in science and museums will enjoy it.

The museum’s goal is to make science fun for children. There are numerous interactive activities and exhibits. These focus on how common everyday life objects and machines function.

There is also a Honey Bee Observation Hive for those who find bees fascinating. Science on a Sphere is another exhibit that shows the planets. It is a popular exhibit since a lot of children are interested in space.

  1. Lake Wilson

There are many activities you can do at the lake. These include:

  • Kayaking
  • Enjoying nature
  • Frisbee golf
  • Hiking

Lake Wilson has a lot of water and land activities. It is a short drive from downtown and is easily accessible. The lake has a gorgeous shoreline that is perfect for hanging with the family. If you enjoy being outdoors by the water, you will enjoy this.

There is an outdoor playground for children. This makes the lake one of the best places to bring the whole family. The beautiful nature trail is a huge plus for hikers. There is lots of nature to enjoy.

  1. The Kennedy Theater at Barton College

The Kennedy Theater is a section of Barton College. It is home to an ever-changing theater school. The theater also hosts a lot of world-class performances.

You can visit the theater to watch local students in their element. You can catch international performers practicing for musicals, concerts, and more.

Some of the shows that have been shown at the theater include:

  • The Rocky Horror Show
  • Peter Pan
  • Macbeth

While at the theater, you can also check out Barton College. The liberal arts institution is one of North Carolina’s finest.

This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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