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Best Things to Do Near Elizabeth City NC

Best Things to Do Near Elizabeth City NC

Elizabeth City is one of the smallest cities in Eastern North Carolina. Elizabeth City has many beautiful places to visit, including,

  • Waterfront Park
  • Wharf Park
  • Port Discover, etc.

In this article, we will discuss some of these, and present them as some of the best things to do near Elizabeth City NC.

History of Elizabeth City

Elizabeth City has a rich history. Inspection stations were set up by colonists as early as the middle of the 18th century. The city got its name “Elizabeth City” in 1801. The Confederate Forces maintained a small fleet at Elizabeth City during the American Civil War.

Following the “Battle of Roanoke Island”. Union soldiers dispatched a fleet to seize the city. The Union prevailed in a slight skirmish with Confederate forces. Not to be outdone, Confederate forces clashed with Union forces quite often. Utilizing their version of guerrilla warfare. And with the goal of taking back control of the city. But, Elizabeth City remained under the control of the Union army until the end of the war.

Elizabeth City’s shipyard also played a vital role in the success of the US Navy in the Second World War. During World War II, Elizabeth City’s shipyard built the highest number of ship chasers (30) for the US Navy.

Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park is an excellent place to go for relaxation in Elizabeth City. You can watch the water, sailboats, ducks, and the moon rise from within the park. You can also do things like

  • Arrange a picnic in the park
  • Sit, relax and enjoy nature
  • Walk around the park to refresh and generate some positive thoughts

This park also has beautiful cypress trees that shade the picnic area. So, you can also have lunch under the shade of these trees. People come here often for its cleanliness, its peace and quiet, and its scenic natural views.

Port Discover

Port discover is an excellent place for kids. Where they can engage themselves in exploring science. The entry fee for children aged 1 to 17 is only $5 and for people age 18 & up, it's completely free! You can find the following things in Port Discover:

Discover Zone

Kids can discover a building zone, a market, a kitchen, and more in this area. Young visitors are introduced to healthy eating. Arithmetic principles, and engineering here via creative activities and engaging exhibits.


This display includes a Bernoulli Blower. A flight simulator, and a basketball game called the Bernoulli Blowout.


Learn about the environment, rivers, and hydrodynamics here! This hands-on exhibit also has a water table. And interactive elements for hours of entertainment.

Mariners Wharf Park

Mariners Wharf Park is an excellent place to sit and watch the water. It has many great places in the surrounding downtown area where you can dine out and/or easily walk to from the Park. At night time, the lightened reflection of the boats on the water is a truly magnificent and mesmerizing thing to watch.

You can also dock your boat here for free. This Mariners Wharf always seems to have a spot for you to dock your boat. For a small fee, the boaters can also have access to bathrooms and shower facilities.

The park is also used for many different events, among them and typically the most popular, include the following,

  • Downtown Waterfront Market
  • Music on the Green Concerts
  • Annual Film Festival

Antique Stores

Another best thing to do near Elizabeth City NC is to visit the antique stores. There are various antique stores in the city. You can visit these stores to find out about antique things and buy things. Some of the famous antique stores in North Carolina are:

  • Coppersmith Antiques & Auction: Located at 123 S Hughes Blvd, Elizabeth City, NC 27909; this store is enriched with antique materials. The store is very neat and clean and the owners are also very friendly and helpful.
  • Rockstar Rust: Located at 302 Mill St, Elizabeth City, NC 27909; this store is a hidden treasure. From books to furniture, they have a lot of items to choose from. This store is especially known for its collection of unique, retro, and vintage items.

Outdoor Recreation Near Elizabeth City NC

There are many outdoor recreational activities that you can do in Elizabeth City. Outdoor recreational activities include:

  • Fishing.
  • Sailing.
  • Biking.
  • Camping.
  • Picnic.
  • Playing games like basketball, Baseball, etc
  • Cycling.
  • Motorboating.

For outdoor recreational activities, parks and open grounds are the best places. For fishing, sailing, etc, rivers are the best place. There are multiple places in Elizabeth City where you can do outdoor recreational activities. For instance:

Fun Junktion

It is an excellent outdoor place in Elizabeth City. Fun Junktion has equipment for children of all ages. It has a clean beautiful playground, a walking trail, and also plenty of shade. You can also arrange a picnic here. Moreover, fishing facilities are also available here.

Museum of the Albemarle

Visiting museums is also a great thing to do in Elizabeth City. The Museum of the Albemarle is a museum enriched with exhibits that showcase regional history in an 18th-century farmhouse.

The museum showcases local history with a good-sized collection of artifacts and information. Moreover, the display changes periodically and they also host weekend events. For people who love to see exhibits and have an interest in history, this is a must place must visit.

To know more about Elizabeth City and attractive places in Elizabeth city, click here.

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