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Blackbeard’s Grill and Steam Bar

Blackbeard’s Grill and Steam Bar

Blackbeard’s Grill and Steam Bar is a festive tavern on Live Oak Street. This is in Beaufort County in North Carolina. It offers steamed seafood and other American delicacies. The restaurant includes a tiki bar, pool, and live music each night. It focuses on local seafood that is fished from nearby waters. This ensures all the food prepared and served is fresh. 

The restaurant is known for its steam bar recipes. They prepare the food in the best way, using traditional steaming methods. Steam pot options come with your choice of accompaniment.

Steam Bar Options

Each accompanying option costs an additional $5. The choices are;

· Hot Butter

· Sauces

· Crackers

· Hushpuppies

· Fried potatoes

· Onions

· Corn

The steam pot menu includes;

1. Shrimp – This is served in either half a pound or a full pound

2. Clams –Served in dozens

3. Mussels – Served in pounds

4. Blue crab – This is placed in servings of half a dozen or a dozen

5. Stone crab claws – Served in half a pound or a pound

6. Crawfish – Serves from a pound

7. Lobster tail – Includes one tail

8. Whole Maine lobster – served according to the market price.

9. Oysters – This is served in either half a dozen or a dozen.


Blackbeard’s Steam Bar and Grill offers a variety of alcoholic drinks. These are offered when paired with meals or on their own. The beverage options are;

1. Beer choices

There are 29 seasonal beer options at the restaurant. Most of the beers are locally crafted in North Carolina. They are available on tap as needed. You can enjoy 6 beer options for only $10.

2. Wine choices

You can get served your wine by the bottle or glass. The restaurant has a great selection of delicious reds, whites, and pinks.

The Grog Menu

Grog is any variety of alcoholic beverages. It was originally a term for a drink made with rum and water. Today, the term grog has been adapted into the steam bar. Blackbeard has a variety of alcoholic drinks in this category. The drinks all have pirate themes, named in honor of the famous pirate Blackbeard. They include;

1. The Black Pearl: This is named after the famous pirate Blackbeard’s ship. It includes the Captain Morgan black spiced rum. This is mixed with cola and fresh lime.

2. Pirate’s Punch: This drink has fresh pineapple-infused rum. It is blended with mango and strawberry.

3. Heavy Seas Lager: It can also include a Marzen. The drink is served in the bar’s frozen pints.

4. Walk the plank: You can try all of the infused rums at the bar. These are all served with fresh juices.

5. Blackbeard’s Demise: this drink consists of blood orange juice and Captain Morgan’s spiced rum. It is topped with Grand Mariner for a finer finish.

6. Deep Blue Sea: The ingredients in this drink are Malibu coconut rum and blue curacao. It also includes some cream of coconut, pineapple juice. An additional float of dark Caribbean rum lends a rich taste.

7. Skinny Pirate: This includes a Bacardi silver rum and fresh-squeezed lime juice. It also has a Cointreau float under a salted rim.

8. Marooned Mojito: This has a fresh mint, mango-infused rum, and mango puree. The ingredients also include fresh lime topped with club soda.

Blackbeard's Menu

The menu at the steam bar has seen people drive hundreds of miles just to experience it. It offers a variety of delicious options for all. There is fresh seafood that is fished daily. The menu has the following entries;

1. Fresh salads and soups

This includes the Bluebeard's Wedge Salad and House Garden Salad.

2. Platters

The platters are served with an option of two sides. The platter meals are:

· Blackbeard’s Plunder

· Soft-Shell Crabs

· Captain Hook’s Fish and Chips

· Stuffed Soft-Shell Crabs

· Long Shoal Clam Strips

· Blackbeard’s Platter

· Fried Flounder

· Fried Oysters

· Sautéed Crab Cakes

3. Appetizers

All the appetizers are charged at under $10. The exception is the Fire Coral Shrimp.

· Fried Pickle Slices

· Fried Fresh Mushrooms

· Fried Green Tomatoes

· Haystack Onion Rings

· Kraken Calamari

· Fire Coral Shrimp – This is local fried shrimp. It is tossed in spicy buffalo sauce. The meal costs $2.95

4. From the grill

These are more substantial meals. They include full servings. The options are;

· Blackbeard’s Ribeye

· Jack Sparrow Ribeye

· Surf & Tuff

· Beef Tenderloin

· New York Strip

· Grilled Pork Chops

· Hamburger Steak

· Catch of the Day

5. Burgers/Sandwiches

6. Homemade sides

The sides are all made from scratch at the restaurant. They include;

· Fresh vegetable of the day

· Sea Salt Baked Potato

· Steak Fries

· Baked Sweet Potato

· Fried Okra

· Green Beans

· Mashed Potatoes

7. Kids menu

The kids’ menu includes children 10 years and younger. All the servings in the kids’ section come with fries. The options include;

· Fried Shrimp

· Chicken Tenders

· Grouper Bites

· Clam Strips

8. Beverages

In addition to the alcoholic beverages, the restaurant serves non-alcoholic drinks. These include;

· Soda

· Lemonade

· Sweet tea

· Unsweet tea

· Coffee (Regular and Decaf

Festive and Family-Friendly Dining

Blackbeard’s Steam Bar and Restaurant is a family-friendly restaurant in North Carolina. It is known all over the state and beyond. Customers are allowed to dine in, get take out or choose free delivery. The food is expertly done by local chefs. They use traditional North Carolina recipes. This allows them to remain true to their homeland.

The restaurant is great for hosting parties. There is ample space to enjoy seafood bisque and converse. The ambiance is peaceful and allows for quiet meals. There are many alcoholic options to help you unwind from a rough day or trip. It is the perfect location to enjoy seafood or any other meal. Children are well taken care of on the menu. Their options are fun and they are sure to savor each bite. Next time you are in North Carolina, consider popping into Blackbeard’s. You are sure to be in for an extraordinary experience.

This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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