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Things to Do in Eastern NC For Couples

Lockdowns are ending and COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted. Love can stop being digital and once again be back in the air. This […]
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North Carolina Maritime Museum 

The North Carolina Maritime Museum (NCMM) is located at Southport in North Carolina. It stands at the confluence of three water bodies, namely: […]
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Best Things to Do in Jacksonville NC on a Rainy Day

Twice As Nice Flea Market The best thing to do when you cannot go outdoors is an outdoor activity that happens indoors. The […]
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Best Things to Do in Goldsboro NC on a Rainy Day 

Where to Stay The area around Goldsboro is filled with amazing hotels for tourists. Many guests frequent the region, especially during the holidays. […]
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Best Things to Do in Fayetteville NC on Rainy Day

In a place where there's a lot to do outside, it seems like a rainy day would be unfortunate. However, there's still plenty […]
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Best Things to Do in Elizabeth City NC on a Rainy Day

In a peaceful area that's tucked in from the ocean on the Albemarle Sound is Elizabeth City. Next to hot spots such as […]
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Christmas Things to Do in New Bern NC

It's the most wonderful time of year. Nowhere is that more obvious than the picturebook town of New Bern, North Carolina. Not only […]
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Best Things to Do in Eastern NC on a Rainy Day

North Carolina Maritime Museum The museum at Beaufort is one of the best places to visit when it rains and you are in […]
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Federal Point Lighthouse

With many tales of the Civil War, Federal Point lighthouse is a long-forgotten one due to it burning down in the late 1800s. […]
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Hatteras Beacon

With Hatteras Beacon's short life cycle and short history. This place has been known to withstand many things that nature threw at it. […]
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Laurel Point Lighthouse

The North Carolina coast has a string of sandy barrier islands. Some of the capes on the coast extend into the waters, making […]
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Campbell Island Lighthouse

Campbell Island is located nine miles to the south of Wilmington in North Carolina. There are vast wetlands in the region. The island […]
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Frying Pan Shoals Light

The Frying Pan Shoals Light Tower is located south of Southport by 39 miles. It is 32 miles from Bald Head Island in […]
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Seaview Crab Company

The Seaview Crab Company provides the retail seafood market with fresh and locally sourced options. The company was founded in 2006. The founders […]
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Ocracoke Mariculture

The state of North Carolina has a robust marine mariculture industry. Fresh oysters are grown in the Pamlico Sound in Ocracoke in North […]
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