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Best Things to Do in Kinston NC

Kinston NC  Awarded the All-American City in 2009, Kinston, North Carolina is located in the east and is just a hop, skip, and […]
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Best Things to Do in Wilmington NC

The port city of Wilmington is one of the best in North Carolina. It is also referred to as the gateway to the […]
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Best Things to Do in Outer Banks NC

The Outer Banks are a series of barrier islands. They are located off the coast of North Carolina in the United States. The […]
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Best Things to Do in Jacksonville NC

The city of Jacksonville is located in Onslow County in North Carolina. It is a common tourist attraction. The city has numerous destinations […]
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Best Things to Do in Fayetteville NC

Fayetteville is about an hour's drive from the state capital. And is the next-door neighbor to Fort Bragg in the West. Needless to […]
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Best Things to Do in Eastern North Carolina

Eastern North Carolina is geographically known as the Coastal Plain region of the state. It is usually defined as the region that is […]
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Best Things to Do in New Bern NC   

The riverfront city of New Bern, North Carolina is not only the birthplace of Pepsi or the setting of the popular romance tale, […]
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Best Things to Do in Elizabeth City NC  

Nestled in a narrow bend of the Pasquotank River. Elizabeth City North Carolina is known as the Harbor of Hospitality. That's no place […]
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Best Things to Do in Greenville NC

Nestled inland next to Tar River, Greenville, North Carolina covers an area of 27 square miles and holds over 60,000 residents. Greenville is […]
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Federal Point Lighthouse

With many tales of the Civil War, Federal Point lighthouse is a long-forgotten one due to it burning down in the late 1800s. […]
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Hatteras Beacon

With Hatteras Beacon's short life cycle and short history. This place has been known to withstand many things that nature threw at it. […]
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Carolina Beach Oyster Company

With a passion for marine life and a love of education. Carolina Beach Oyster Company has served the community of heavily populated Wilmington, […]
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Diamond Shoal Lighthouse

With numerous attempts at putting one lightship after another, they were either driven off course or were wrecked. Even with the short-lived buoys […]
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Cape Lookout Lighthouse

The Cape Lookout Lighthouse is located on the southern part of the Outer Banks. It is on Harkers Island in North Carolina. The […]
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Cape Fear Lighthouse

A once proud lighthouse that once served on Bald Head Island. Has left a lasting impact on Brunswick County. With the restoration of […]
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