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Ceviche's Wilmington, NC

Ceviche's Wilmington, NC

There are few places like North Carolina, where the locals in the city will agree with that statement. The people, culture, and, most especially, the cuisine. Make North Carolina an amazing place to live and visit. But, with the many different restaurants that offer quality food. It can be difficult to choose, especially for visitors. Ceviche’s is located in Wilmington, North Carolina. Is one of the best restaurants for visitors if you are looking for quality.

This guide will look at five reasons why Ceviche’s is a great choice for you to eat in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The Vision

One of the things that endear Ceviche’s to people is its vision. The seafood restaurant was established in 2014. On the foundation of a rich Latin American heritage. The co-owner, Hunter Tiblier, is also a chef. He grew up in Panama helping his dad fish and make great meals with what they caught. In reliving his childhood. The chef brings the nostalgia of Latin America. To North Carolina by using the freshest ingredients.

Furthermore, people come as they are to the restaurant. There is a meal for everyone, no matter where they are from. Visitors enjoy the sense of community as the restaurant feels like a home away from home. The restaurant's vision is also exhibited in the customer service they provide. The Latin-American culture of welcoming and treating people. Is seen in how the workers go about their business.


Ceviche’s seafood is located at 7210 Wrightsville Ave, Wilmington, NC 28403-7223. If you are looking for easy access back onto the road, you will not have an issue with eating here. The restaurant is more or less in the heart of everything in Wilmington. You can access the spa from here. There is also a wellness studio nearby. Not to mention other locations where you can enjoy being in Wilmington. You can visit ENC Explorer if you need a guide to the places to visit and what to do there. You will find the best spots in Wilmington on the website.

So, if you are looking for a girls' night out or a family adventure. Know that you can easily access the best places from Ceviche's.


From the entrance, you can see that Ceviche’s is in touch with its environment and roots. The air of the tropical environment fills the restaurant. Aside from being in touch with the Wilmington community. And Wrightsville Beach. The restaurant offers sustainable practices to ensure our planet is safe. Furthermore, Ceviche’s uses only sustainable products. To serve the best seafood in Wilmington, North Carolina.


A Popular Local Restaurant

If ceviches were not popular in Wilmington before. They certainly blew up after Guy Fieri. Featured one of the dishes on his show, "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives," on the Food Network. Also, Ceviches helps local businesses and initiatives grow in Wilmington. Some of the initiatives supported include the Plastic Ocean Project. The Cape Fear Sierra Club. The North Carolina Coastal Federation. AID For Puerto Rico, and many more. These efforts ensure the world is safe for everyone to live, eat, grow and flourish.


For people that love the simplicity of choice, you will enjoy the menu at Ceviche’s. There is a menu for everyone. Here are some of the options for you and your family, depending on your choices:

  • Salsa/Guac
  • Tapas
  • Soups and salads
  • Lunch Dinner
  • Sides
  • Sauces
  • Kids
  • Dessert
  • Drinks

However, one of the renowned dishes served as a special in Ceviche’s seafood is the Ropa Vieja. We recommend you try this anytime you come to visit Wilmington.

Affordable Dining Experience

Many people love to talk about this important part of the restaurant. So we left the best for last. Some couples who visited Wilmington for the first time. Said they spent three times the amount on the same food that Ceviche’s served. In fact, many have said the food is much better than some of the other seafood restaurants around the area. But aside from the quality of the food, this restaurant offers people so much more for the price. You get to have a free wifi service. There is also a provision for wheelchairs and outdoor dining. And they accept different payment cards.


As wonderful as this restaurant is. You must make reservations in advance because they can get packed in no time. So, even if you are a visitor. You can place an order to make reservations on the website. Enjoy your visit with some of the best seafood in Wilmington. All in all, we will rate this website 4 out of 5. One issue many people will have is size. It is not as big as other restaurants, hence the need to make reservations in advance. But one thing is certain: you will thoroughly enjoy your time here.

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This place is for Publicity

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