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Christmas Things to Do in Fayetteville NC

Christmas Things to Do in Fayetteville NC

Holiday Lights at the Cape Fear Botanical Garden

The botanical gardens are gorgeous any time of the year. However, during winter, it is one of the best Christmas things Fayetteville NC has to offer. The gardens are decorated with holiday lights to make it a breathtaking sight. While there, you can spin Pokestops and check out museum houses.

You should reserve your tickets in advance through their website. Ticket prices are:

  • Adult members: $8
  • Children members (2 to 12 years): $5
  • Adult non-members: $12
  • Children non-members: $7
  • Seniors: $11
  • Military: $10

The gates are usually open between 5:30 pm and 9 pm. You can find the dates the gardens will be open on their website.

Sweet Valley Ranch Festival of Lights

Sweet Valley Ranch is located at 990 Sunnyside School Road. It is an annual event that began in 2020. The drive-through event offers incredible sights. Drive through the farm and enjoy a number of activities like:

  • Nativity scene
  • Animals
  • The farm
  • Sparkling Christmas lights
  • Gift shop
  • Amusement rides

Visiting the Sweet Valley Ranch is one of the best Christmas things to do in Fayetteville NC. You should make the drive because it is definitely worth it. Tickets and dates will be announced in November.

Mail a Letter to Santa from Holiday Alley

There is a drop-in office site for letters addressed to Santa at 222 Hay Street in Fayetteville. You can find the site in front of the offices of the Cool Spring Downtown District. The 5-foot tall mailbox is painted red and receives letters from every child.

Holiday Tree at the Arts Counsel

You will find a few trees decorated as well as the one at the Arts Counsel. It is located in front of the Counsel building at 301 Hay Street. The tree is filled with lights, and Christmas ornaments complete with a star on top.

The tree is just as gorgeous during the day. However, its full glory can be witnessed at night.

Christmas Drive Through at the Village

You can learn about Jesus at the Village Baptist Church. The church is located at 906 South McPherson Church Road. The drive-through includes sights and sounds that revolve around the birth of Jesus.

This is a great way to spend Christmas with the family. You will find live actors and animals at the church. The sets are custom-made and the overall scenery is quite accurate. The church only plays Christmas music and there is a narration to go with the drive-through.

The dates of the event are usually in December. Check the website for more information on time.

The Green Gump Who Stole Foo-Ville Scavenger Hunt

The exact date for this event will be announced on their website. The scavenger hunt takes place downtown and is one of the best Christmas things to do in Fayetteville NC. The hunt is self-guided and includes various restaurants and stores in the area. It is a great way to explore local businesses.

The scavenger hunt takes place in the afternoon, between 1 pm and 4 pm. Participants are encouraged to wear clothes that are Grinch-themed.

Ornament Shopping at Pressed

Pressed is located on 120 Hay Street. The shop makes and sells personalized ornaments. All items at Pressed are either fun, cute, or practical. Some of the items you will find are:

  • Cards
  • Notepads
  • Totes

The ornaments are hand-made by Angela Santos who is the shop owner.

Eat Pancakes with Santa

The Huske Hardware House has combined two of the best things: pancakes and Santa. This is one of the oldest breweries in Fayetteville. The brewery hosts a pancake breakfast once every December.

Santa makes an appearance and has breakfast with everyone in attendance. It is a great holiday activity for the whole family. There are 2 breakfast sessions each day. You should be seated 15 minutes before your session begins. The schedule is usually as follows:

Session 1: 8 am to 9:15 am

Session 2: 9:30 am to 10:45 am

The meal is quite something. There is a lot to choose from, including:

  • Pancakes
  • Bacon
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Milk
  • Coffee

You can buy tickets in advance. They cost $12 each.

Holiday Pop-Up at Fayetteville Pie Company

The Fayetteville Pie Company is located at 253 Westwood Shopping Center. The company hosts a pop-up event that is perfect for a shopping spree. The event happens and ends in just a few hours, keeping shoppers on their toes.

It is one of the fun Christmas things to do in Fayetteville NC.

Drink a Peppermint Latte at The Coffee Scene

You can find The Coffee Scene at 3818 Morganton Road. It is one of the best Christmas things Fayetteville NC has to offer. The Coffee Scene is a cozy little coffee shop that is perfect to spend a few hours in.

They offer an amazing peppermint latte that is sure to put you in a festive mood. There is a couch in the loft that is perfect for snuggling and enjoying a hot drink.

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