Dare County Arts Council is dedicated to providing support to the arts in Dare County. It is a nonprofit arts organization. The Council is located on Queen Elizabeth Avenue, in Manteo, North Carolina. It aims at encouraging the arts in the country. This is done by offering enrichment, advocacy, and opportunity.


The Council has established the Frank Stick Memorial Art Show. It is the largest and oldest exhibition in Dare County. It involves artists in the region participating and showcasing their finest work. When the council started the exhibition in 1985, the artists who participated totaled 53. In 1991, there were 80 artists and in 1994, there were 140.

The first office of Dare County Arts Council was located in Nags Head at Central Square Complex. It was opened in September 1996. Two months later, the Council managed to hire the first employee because of a grant. The grant was received from the North Carolina Arts Council.

In 1999, Dare County Arts Council relocated its offices to a larger location on Sir Walter Raleigh Street. The new location was in historic downtown Manteo. It allowed the council to host a gallery, workshop space, and offices.

The Council relocated to a nearby location in July of 2010. The new location was in the historic Dare County Courthouse. This space was about four times bigger than the previous one. It has given the council a home in the community.

The Dare County Arts Council Team

The Dare County Arts Council is led by a team of professionals and locals interested in the art world. They include:

  • Officers
    • Richard Phillips – President
    • Gail Midgett – First Vice President
    • Ginny Flowers – Second Vice President
    • Landon Price – Treasurer
    • Dawn Enochs – Secretary
    • Randi O’Sullivan – President Ex-Officio
  • Board of Directors
    • Bea Basnight
    • Miles Daniels
    • Lisa Brickhouse Davis
    • Treveon Govan
    • Peggy Saporito
    • Babs Mulford
    • John Graham
    • Jane Webster
    • Kelli Harmon
    • Kathy Horne
    • David Huff
    • James Melvin
    • Bob Woodard
  • Staff
    • Chris Sawin – Executive Director
  • Gallery Staff
    • Lynne Francis
    • Jessica Sands
    • Louise Sanderlin
    • Erin Johnson

The Frank Stick Memorial Art Show

This has been held each year since 1985. The show is held in honor of Frank Stick. He was an artist and preservationist in the Outer Banks. He is most known for his efforts in having the Cape Hatteras Seashore designated as the first National Seashore.

The show is often held in January. It is the visual arts exhibit that has run the longest in Dare County. Those participating submit recent innovative work. This is in the hope of winning the distinctive Eure Best in Show Award. This award honors Glenn and Pat Eure for hosting the exhibit in its first years at Ghost Fleet Gallery.

During the 43rd Frank Stick Memorial Art Show, 97 artists participated. The show was sponsored by numerous local and neighboring partners.

Kathleen Redman Pottery Exhibit

This exhibit will go on for a whole month. It showcases both decorative and functional pottery and sculpture. All her work will be inspired by nature. Redman uses the colors of the sky and sea to give a natural ambiance.

The work is focused on slab building. It also makes use of elements that are sculpted and thrown away. Some of the decorating techniques that Kathleen uses include;

  • Carving
  • Slip trailing
  • Stains
  • Wax resist
  • Glazes applied in layers

The Kathleen Redman Pottery exhibit has organic shapes and patterns, including leaves, flowers, and swirls. She also uses a lot of green, blue, and turquoise glazes.

The most recent showing was titled ‘Raised in Clay’ and ran through the month of July 2021.


There are various events scheduled for the year. They include:

  • Kathleen Redman Exhibit
    • Again, this exhibit was titled ‘Raised in Clay’ and ran during the month of July. The display is typically held in the Vault Gallery.
  • July Kids Art Party
    • It is hosted by Mari LaRose. Mari will teach a kids’ art party. The theme of the party was seagulls. It is scheduled for July 20 from 3 to 5 pm.
  • July Courthouse Speaker
    • This art talk will be held on Tuesday, July 28. It will be in the Courtroom Gallery. The host is Christina Weisner. She is a sculpturist and professor.
  • August Kids Art Party
    • This is a seagull themed Kids Art Party. It will be taught by Mari LaRose on August 3. The time scheduled for the class is 3pm to 5 pm.
  • Journeys Exhibit
    • This is a Hatteras Island Group Show. It includes work by three artists;
      • Linda Browning
      • Raphael Robinson
      • Rhonda Bates

Their works will be displayed from August 6 to 28. The location is the Courtroom Gallery.

  • Mike Davis Exhibit
  • This exhibit is by Mike Davis. It is titled ‘Faces of Eve’ and will be displayed from August 6 to 28. It is a mixed media display.
  • New World Festival
    • Titled ‘In Downtown Manteo’, this exhibit is by New World Festival of the Arts. It will be held in August on the 11th and 12th.
  • Natural Exhibit Whimsy
    • This exhibit is by Valerie Johnson and Jan Southard. It will be held on September 3rd to 25th. The location is the Vault Gallery. The exhibit will feature Natural Whimsy.
  • Artrageous Kids Art Festival
    • It will be held on September 13. Participants will meet at Dowdy Park.

Since it was created, a number of significant exhibits have been held at the council. These include;

  • Latrell Broughton exhibit
  • Kathleen Redman exhibit
  • Frank Stick Memorial Art exhibit
  • Mary Edwards watercolor

Dare County Arts Festival has become the art lifeline for the county. Locals and tourists attend the exhibits to experience art. Many artists have found their first displays a home at the council. It is an organization that continues to help artsy individuals better their art.

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