Duplin Winery

Duplin Winery is a family owned winery in Duplin County in North Carolina. It was established in 1975. It is the oldest operating winery in North Carolina. Duplin Winery is known for its production of muscadine wines. Muscadine is a species of the grapevine native to south central and southeastern US.

The winery has demystified the idea of wine being posh and exclusive. They reach out to normal people and convince them that anyone can enjoy good wine. With this idea, the winery has attracted many people who are enticed. Wine, for Duplin Winery, is something to be enjoyed by all. Casual outfits and demeanor is encouraged at the winery.


There are three official locations where Duplin Winery offers its wines. These are:

1. Duplin Winery at North Myrtle Beach

This is found next to Alligator Adventure. It is in front of Barefoot Landing.

MyrtleBeach.com voted it as the Best Wine Tasting Bar in Myrtle Beach.

2. Duplin Winery at Rose Hill

This is at 505 North Sycamore Street. It is a few blocks north of the town square. It has a rustic outlook, and is one of North Carolina’s most popular destinations.

3. The Bistro at Duplin Winery in Rose Hill

Wine Tastings

The rustic charm of North Carolina is greatly shown at Duplin Winery. It offers a unique opportunity to discover wine in the heart of southern hospitality. Visitors are allowed to taste the award-winning Muscadine wines at the winery. The hosts also provide additional information on the brothers who started the winery. There is a rich family history that visitors learn while on a tour of the winery.
The wine tastings allow at least ten Duplin wines. The wines are selected prior to starting the tasting. An associate at the winery will take you through the flavors. They may also add in some history behind some of the wines.
For only $10, you can experience the deluxe wine tasting. It includes homemade gourmet crackers and a gourmet cheese dip. It also offers an additional glass of wine when you finish with tasting.
You do not need reservations for wine tasting.
For one to be eligible for wine tasting, they must be 21 years old and above. You will need to provide identification. Those under 21 years can enjoy the Alcohol-free Sweetzers. These offer a sweet and frozen treat.


The Duplin Winery is open in the following hours;

· Monday to Friday: Visitors are allowed to shop between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Wine tastings are allowed between 10 a.m. and 4:15 p.m.

· Saturday: Shopping is allowed between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. while wine tastings is between 10 a.m. and 5:15 a.m.

· Sunday: The winery remains closed.

The Bistro at Duplin Winery

The Bistro is a restaurant owned by Duplin Winery. It is located on the location of the Duplin Winery at Rose Hill. It only serves lunch. It is open from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

The Bistro serves North Carolina delicacies enhanced with Duplin’s finest wines. There are many menu options, including salads, specialty sandwiches and gourmet soups.

Daily lunch specials are served at the restaurant. Delicious Chef Entrees are served from Monday to Saturday. A featured entrée is highlighted on The Bistro’s official website every day.

Heritage Club

Members of the winery’s Heritage Club get to enjoy a couple of perks. You can have your wine delivered right to your door. There are quarterly shipments at the winery’s retail locations. Members also receive discounts, special rewards and additional benefits.

The winery views Heritage Club members as part of their extended family. The perks of being a member include;

1. Heritage Magazine

This is filled with information for club members. You will also find recipes on using wine in cooking. Some editions may include coupons.

2. Quarterly wine packages

The winery puts together packages for members in each quarter. These are ready for shipment every February, May, August and November. Each package in a quarter is different from the last. Among the items in the packages are wines and Duplin Gourmet products on occasion.

3. New wine

Members get to sample new wine before they are released to the public.

4. Events

The winery organizes member-only events. This allows members to meet up with old friends and make new ones. Members get the chance to bond with other wine enthusiasts.

5. Social gatherings in hometowns of Heritage members

6. Exclusive trips

7. Access

Members get exclusive access to various events. They also receive special discounts on wines. These can include accessories such as wine openers. There is privileged access to The Bistro in Rose Hill.

Winery Products

Duplin Winery produces about 450,000 cases of wine each year. It is best known for its Hatteras Red wine. In addition to wines, the winery also produces other products. Duplin Winery produces;

· Wines

These include;

1. Red Wines

2. White Wines

3. Blush Wines

4. Specialty Wines

5. Alcohol Free

· Sweetzer

These include;

1. Sweetzer Mix

2. Sweetzer its

3. Sweetzer Gift Baskets

· Nutragrape

These include;

1. Nutragrape Supplements

2. Nutragrape Skin Care

· Pantry

These include;

1. Dips

2. Dressings

3. Jellies

4. Sauces and Marinades

5. Sweet and Savoury

· Recipes

· Gifts and more

These include;

1. Apparel and hats

2. Drinkware

3. Jewelry

4. Pewter

5. Scents and Soaps

6. Wine Accessories

7. Wine Gift Baskets

THE Wine for Ordinary People

The Fussel Brothers had played with the idea of a winery for years before they decided to do it. They wanted to demystify wine and make it more common to ordinary people. This is why they have maintained a casual environment at their wineries. The Duplin Winery is a great place to unwind and let loose with a glass of delicious wine. They sell their bottles at friendly prices, which allows people to buy them. Pets are allowed on the premises but need to be on a leash. Pet owners will also be required to sit outside enjoying their wine on the porch with their pets.