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Eastern 4-H Conference Center

Eastern 4-H Conference Center

The Eastern 4H Conference Center is one of North Carolina State’s campus buildings. It is located on the Albemarle Sound in 100 and Clover. The building sits on 242 acres. It developed as a state of the art conference and education center. The original plan included a conference center and youth-oriented camp. The center would have an auditorium to accommodate important 4-H functions. It was also to be used for general events and other group conference functions. The camp was to emphasize environmental education. It would support educational, recreational and lodging facilities.

The center opened in May of 2001. The state of North Carolina appropriated funds for its establishment. The center received sizable contributions from corporations, foundations, and individuals from the state. The Eastern 4-H Center is owned and operated by North Carolina State University. It is administered within the system of North Carolina 4-H Camps. The center is listed in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


There are many camping options for people of all ages. Some of the camps offered at the center are:

1. 4-H Summer Camp

The 4-H summer camp allows participants to learn many activities. It is available for ages 8 to 12. Some of the activities available for the summer camp include:

· Kayaking

· Canoeing

· Rock climbing

· Nature learning

· Performing in skits

· Archery

The Eastern 4-H Center offers a team challenge course. This is to improve communication and teamwork skills. Counselors and program instructors are available and well-trained. The charge per camper is $495.

2. 4-H Adventure Camp

The Adventure Camp is designed to give young teens a great wilderness experience. It is offered for 13 and 14 year-olds. Some of the activities that participants are:

· Building campfires

· Managing a campsite

· Cooking over an open flame

· Basic navigation

· Survival skills

The campers get the chance to go on an overnight camping trip. This happens midweek at Pettigrew State Park. The trip helps participants to use the skills they learn. They are accompanied by trained staff who facilitate all activities. The camp is charged at $495 per camper.

3. Cloverbud Camp

This is the perfect starter camp for 5 to 7-year-olds. The children take part in some activities meant for older kids. This gives them a sense of being grown and independent. Some of these activities are:

· Kayaking and canoeing

· Swimming

· Rock climbing

· Sports and games

There are trained staff members stationed to watch over the kids. They provide the children with special attention throughout the camping experience. The Cloverbud Camp is the best way to help your child gain camping interests.

4. Marine Science and Sailing Camp

This camp is designed for teenagers. They mainly take part in water-related activities like sailing. Programs on marine science and ecology are taught throughout the week. Participants are able to learn about coastal forestry, hurricanes, fish, and sea mammals. The camp is available for ages 11 to 16. It charges $495 per camper.

5. Camp Canvasback

Camp Canvasback is recognized nationally. It is a great summer program for teenagers. It encourages and teaches budding hunters about the conservation of waterfowls. The lessons include biology, wetland ecology, hunting techniques, and conservation practices. Participants get to gain many helpful skills including;

· Shotgun safety

· Shooting and firearm care

· Waterfowl identification

· Duck blind construction

· GPS navigation

· Boat and water safety

· First aid

The camp is available to 10 to 17-year-olds for $495 per camper.

Camp Registration

The camps are available to both 4-H members and non-members. One can register for the camps in two ways:

1. Reserving blocks

Most North Carolina counties reserve a block of camper positions for 4-H Summer Camp. The county groups are offered discounts and transportation. You can contact your County Extension Center to ask about their reserved options.

2. Direct registration

All five camps have an open enrollment process. Registration requires a $50 online deposit. When the registration is processed, the center will confirm receipt. They will email you the necessary camp forms.



The center offers educational and leadership programs.

· Educational Programs and Recreation Environmental Education

The center offers nature, history and outstanding programs. These create the ideal learning environment for children of all ages.

· Leadership program

Participants get to gain skills like goal setting and conquering internal barriers. The center has one to three day programs in the leadership package. You will gain experiences in:

· Problem solving

· Conflict resolution

· Communication

· Team building

· Trust

Renting The Center

The center can be rented by both individuals and institutions. It offers ideal event space for all. It is available for businesses, agencies, clubs, schools, and church groups. It is also used by organizations and families. Spaces available include meeting rooms, dining halls, classrooms, lodging and recreational facilities. The center’s staff is always on-site to provide assistance.

The facility has been used as an event space for retreats, tour groups, and annual meetings. Workshops, conferences, class reunions, and wedding receptions are among other events held here. Rental details can be found on the official website.

Meals And Lodging

There is a waterfront dining facility that accommodates 150 guests. Meal service comes in buffet form. But, there are plated dinners and portion control available and managed by the staff. But, this must be requested in advance.

The center’s staff is well trained in meal preparation for all events. They can also provide barbecues and box lunches.

The view of the Bulls Bay provides extraordinary dining scenes.

It’s hard to tell where education ends and the fun begins at the Center! There’s so much to do and it is such a wonderful place to do it all. The bay, creeks, and pool offer outstanding aquatic opportunities. The zero-entry pool is handicap accessible for participants. You can decide to bike or walk the trails through the surrounding forests. Take to the water in a canoe, kayak, or sailboat. Learn compass reading and orienteering and improve your outdoor living skills. Enjoy our playfields for volleyball, softball, and soccer. It is perfect to round out the sports activities that are just the beginning of what you can do at the Eastern 4-H Center. It is the perfect child-friendly destination, whether for camp or family vacation.

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This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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