Eastern AHEC

Eastern Area Health Education Center (Eastern AHEC) is in Greenville in North Carolina. It is one of nine centers under the North Carolina AHEC Program (NC AHEC). NC AHEC connects the state’s four university health science centers. It is also involved with community hospitals and health agencies. The network attracts, retains and maintains high-quality healthcare professionals throughout North Carolina.

Eastern AHEC has the aim of strengthening healthcare in eastern North Carolina. This is by nurturing current and future providers. Eastern AHEC serves 23 counties in the region. The organization strives to be the bridge between healthcare and education. It does this by positively influencing health outcomes in the region.


Eastern AHEC is governed by a board of directors that includes representation from various industry groups. It includes regional healthcare institutions, the community, and the community college system. It is associated with some schools in East Carolina University. These are schools of medicine, nursing, and allied health. It is to maximize resources. Eastern AHEC also works with the dentistry, pharmacy, and public health programs offered at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH).

The staff are passionate about serving healthcare providers, from students to experts.

Active Grants and Projects

The organization finds ways to support the healthcare community of eastern North Carolina. The team is involved in a variety of projects and resources. These are for many disciplines and healthcare providers of all experience levels.

Some of the active grants and projects by Eastern AHEC in Greenville include;

1. Education Mobility Grant

2. RN Refresher Program

3. Development of New Clinical Training Sites for Nursing

4. Rural Health

5. The Office of Regional Primary Care Education (ORPCE)

6. Allied Health Clinical Outreach

7. Youth Health Service Corps

8. Rural Telepsychiatry Initiative

9. Residency Training Program

10. School Mental Health Project

11. Practice Support Services

12. Family Practice Residency Support

13. TeleTEAM for Cardiovascular Health

The center supports the pipeline of healthcare professionals and current providers. This is an effective way to improve healthcare for the region.

Scholars Program

Students commit to a two-year educational program. The program includes 40 hours of moral and clinical learning each year. Each student may receive a stipend of $500 per year ($1000 total). This sum is subject to academic or institutional approval. The program starts in September and runs through May each year.

The program emphasizes recruiting students from underrepresented minorities. It focuses on individuals with disadvantaged or rural backgrounds. It also reaches first-generation college families. The organization has the primary goal of improving diversity. It also works towards distribution of all health professions in eastern North Carolina. In order to qualify, students must select and commence full-time enrollment in one of the following health professions degree program:

· Dental hygiene

· Dentistry

· Health Systems Management

· Medicine

· Nursing

· Nutrition

· Occupational Therapy

· Physical Therapy

· Public Health

Conference Management Assistance

Eastern AHEC has conference planning and management resources. The staff at Eastern AHEC are available to provide help with conferences. The conference bridges healthcare and education for providers of all expertise. They plan and manage conferences and programs. This works through collaborative partnerships with experts in healthcare, ensuring planned conferences are tailored to fit the unique needs of the Eastern NC area. That way, your conference attendees can be sure to get the exact information they are looking for to succeed.

It offers our assistance in planning conferences. It also provides meeting space at The Education Center. The team has a variety of resources in Greenville. These work to support the healthcare community of eastern NC.

Practice Support Services

Eastern AHEC seeks to strengthen healthcare in the region. This includes serving physicians, as well as patients. Primary care practices work face-to-face with patients every day. It supports both physicians and patients. This is by offering practice support in Greenville, NC and eastern NC. Support services are in existence to help practices meet the program requirements. They can also make your practice a better place to work or receive care. Available support services are;

· Meaningful Use & Physician Quality Report System (PQRS)

The team can help integrate certified electronic health records (EHR) into your practice. This is for the safety and quality of keeping patient records. The service is offered at no charge to your practice. Obtaining meaningful use qualifications often helps practices receive state and federal incentives.

· Quality & Process Improvement

This is done through the NC AHEC’s Improving Performance in Practice (IPIP) program. You will be able to access tools, systems and support. These will help to increase the quality of care made available to patients in practices.

· Business Consulting

Consultants can visit you at your practice. They may offer practice design, clinical improvement and EHR expertise.

· Additional Practice Support Projects

Heart Health NOW is part of the AHRQ Initiative EvidenceNOW. It targets small practices to reduce cardiovascular risk factors. All practices chosen to participate in the program will be assisted with 12 months of intensive support. Other benefits include;

i. onsite quality improvement facilitation

ii. academic detailing

iii. electronic health record

iv. health information exchange support

Student Housing

AHEC maintains student housing in eastern NC and surrounding areas, in order to support all the students in the area. First priority to any available housing is offered to in-state students that work primary care rotations. Students outside of these rotations may still apply for housing but will receive approval based on availability.

All housing requests must be made through the statewide MyAHEC website. Students create an online account/profile, and select which region they need housing. There is an initial housing application of the site that needs to be filled. Each of the nine AHEC websites may have individualized housing requirements. These may vary in descriptions, rules and agreements. The student housing sites include;

1. Ahoskie

2. Beaufort

3. Elizabeth City

4. Edenton

5. Goldsboro

6. Greenville

7. Jacksonville

8. New Bern

Eastern AHEC can serve your primary care practice in Greenville many different ways. Eastern AHEC offers practice support services in Greenville and eastern NC. These services are for primary care practices.