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Emerald City North Carolina

Emerald City North Carolina

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Known as the "Emerald City", Greenville, North Carolina is the 10th largest city in the state. It is a relatively small city with 185,000 residents. The Emerald City is the economic hub of the Tidewater region. This city is also a great attraction for art lovers and also has several art galleries.

History of Emerald City Greenville

Greenville City was founded in 1771. At first, its name was "Martinborough". Then the name of the city was changed to the revolutionary American War hero' General Nathanael Greene'. Later, the name was shortened to Greenville. The economic development of Greenville we see today began in 1963.

The Tuscarora Indians were the original inhabitants of Greenville. In the early 18th century. A large number of immigrants from Virginia and the Albemarle region had settled here. Early settlers were mostly involved in tobacco cultivation and subsistence farming. Later, cotton cultivation also started to thrive here in the mid-19th century.

During the civil war period. Greenville residents demanded secession in 1861, followed by a 100-gun salute. In 1861, Greenville's population was very diverse, including whites, slaves, and black Americans. This diverse population made this city a great battleground in the civil war.

At first, the city was held by the Confederate forces. On October 9, 1862, Federal forces from Washington invaded the city. Under the command of General Edward E. Potter, the federal soldiers marched into the city in July 1863. It is said that federal soldiers had raided and looted the city during this march into the city.

There were battles and skirmishes after the takeover of federal troops in Greenville and the surrounding areas. But the federal forces were able to keep control of Greenville till the end of the war. Federal forces were also able to capture confederate battalions like Maj. John N. Whitford’s.

Uptown Greenville of Emerald City

The Uptown Greenville of Emerald City is truly the heart of the city. You will find the uniqueness of Emerald City in this Uptown district. One of the most exciting things here is the boutique shops. These boutique shops had great fashionable clothes from local fashion designers.

There are also several restaurants in the uptown district of Greenville city. A restaurant like Jack Brown’s Burger Joint can be your perfect destination for fast food like burgers.

Jack Brown’s Burger joint serves different types of burgers, like cheeseburgers, hamburgers, etc. So, if you are a burger lover, this restaurant could be your destination while visiting uptown Greenville.

Another nearby restaurant is Taco Bell in uptown Greenville. They serve tacos, quesadillas, nachos, cheesy beans, etc. You can enjoy their food while visiting uptown Greenville.

Another nearby restaurant is Chico’s. It serves dishes like margaritas, shrimp, fried ice cream, etc. Their margaritas are very famous and many of the customers admired them. Don’t miss the chance to eat their famous margaritas while visiting Chico’s.

Art Galleries of the Emerald City

The Emerald City also has some beautiful and unique art galleries. Some of the famous art galleries that are located here are the Greenville Museum of Art, City Art Gallery, Emerge Art Gallery, etc.

Greenville Museum of Art

Greenville Museum of Art is located in a historical building, which makes the exhibits much more enjoyable. More than 15,000 visitors visit the famous Greenville Museum of Art each year.

Greenville Museum of Arts has artworks by many famous North Carolina artists, like Francis Speight, Sarah Blakeslee, etc.

City Art Gallery

It is another famous art gallery located in this city. Enriched with sculpture, ceramics, paintings, and archives, this gallery is very well known for its collections. This gallery is a great place to explore for art lovers.

Emerge Art Gallery

The Pit County Art council is in charge of this gallery. Pitt County arts council is a non-profit organization. Their aim is to promote the local artists and art organizations and improve their quality of life.

Emerge art gallery offers a variety of workshops in metal design, pottery, painting, drawing, etc. Emerge art gallery also has an after-school program specially arranged for the children so that they can learn the artwork.

You can see the artwork of various local artists of different ages while visiting this art gallery. Emerge art gallery also had a separate sales gallery that featured the local North Carolina artists only. You can support the local North Carolina artists by buying things from there.

Typical Day for aTourist in the Emerald City

A tourist can roam around the city with the shuttle service. This shuttle service is excellent for doing a tour of the city. This shuttle service makes 13 stops throughout the city center. The aim of this shuttle service is to provide visitors and the local people with easy transportation to their destinations.

Tourists can also visit places in uptown Greenville and eat at restaurants. He can also buy souvenirs for himself from uptown Greenville. If he is a shawarma lover, the Yaba Mediterranean grill restaurant will be an excellent choice. For burger lovers, Angus grill is an excellent restaurant.

The traveler can also visit places like Greenville Mall, River Park North, East Carolina University, etc. This article 'Cool Things To Do In Greenville NC' will be an excellent guide to visiting Greenville city.

Things to Do in Emerald City, North Carolina

Emerald Isle, North Carolina is a very beautiful city. You can visit uptown Greenville, which is the heart of the city. You can also visit the art galleries in this city. Besides that, there are other places to visit, like the Greenville Mall, River Park North, East Carolina University, etc.

River Park North

River Park North is one of the most beautiful places in this city. If you are a birdwatcher, you will just love this place. There are a lot of birds of different types here. River Park North also has-

  • Plenty of wildlife
  • Wetland
  • Picnic Area
  • Playground
  • Volleyball area
  • Sandpit for kids to play on
  • Walking trails

Furthermore, if you are interested in fishing, River Park North is a great place to do that. You can also rent a pier and paddle boat in the summer. This park is a great place to get away from the busy city life. Overall, it's a great, quiet, nice place to enjoy yourself along with family and friends.

Greenville Mall

This mall remains open from 11 AM to 7 PM. This mall had a total of 59 stores. There are stores of health and beauty, women’s clothing, jewelry & watches, men’s clothing, shoes, and sports & fitness stores, etc. Moreover, you can enjoy the tasty foods at the food courts in this mall.

East Carolina University

East Carolina University is the fourth-largest university in North Carolina. The quality of education at this university is excellent. The faculty of this university is highly educated and well experienced.

Many sports events take place at the university throughout the year. Soccer, volleyball, golf, Baseball, etc sports are played at East Carolina University's campus. A visitor can enjoy these events at the large stadium of the university.

Emerald City, North Carolina is a truly beautiful place to visit. Let us know your thoughts about the city and when you are planning to visit it.

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