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Family Things to Do in Elizabeth City NC

Family Things to Do in Elizabeth City NC

Elizabeth City is a small city in Pasquotank County. This city is the economic and cultural center of the historical Albemarle region. Elizabeth City has a population of 18,683 people according to the 2010 census. Today we will discuss family things to do in Elizabeth City NC.

Albemarle Family YMCA

It is a wonderful family-oriented activity center. Here, visitors can do lots of activities, like attending fitness classes, swimming, etc.

Visitors can also do fun activities like water aerobics. This water aerobics requires participants to be submerged in water. Reservations are required for lap swimming. Families can also have access to the gym here.

Albemarle Family YMCA also has after-school care for the children. Some other amenities of this Albemarle Family YMCA include:

  • Locker rooms
  • Coffee bar
  • Interactive zone
  • Family changing rooms
  • Cardiovascular equipment
  • Group cycling
  • Stretching area.
  • Rock wall

Website & Location: 1240 N Road St, Elizabeth City, North Carolina 27909.

Fun Junktion Park

This park is a hidden gem in Elizabeth City. This fun & amusement park has lots of activities to do for people of all ages. The park also has slides and swings for the kids.

There is a playground with different sections for different age groups. The park also has 2 ponds. Visitors can catch and release fish in these ponds. Visitors can do paddle boating during the summer. Some other amenities of this park include:

  • Walking trails
  • Splash pad
  • Basketball court
  • Disc Golf Course
  • Skateball Park
  • Volleyball net

The park has two covered pavilions for arranging picnics. The pavilions have picnic tables and grills for a picnic. In a nutshell, this park is a great place for families to spend their holidays.

Website & Location: 983 Simpson Ditch Rd, Elizabeth City, North Carolina 27909.

Museum of the Albemarle

Another great family thing to do will be to visit this excellent museum. In an 18th-century farmhouse, this museum displays regional history. The Museum of Albemarle is enriched with lots of interesting exhibits. Some of the exhibits in this museum include:

  • The story of life in the Albemarle region
  • North Carolina Shad Boat
  • Stories of Indigenous Americans and more such exhibits

A Voice tour is also available in this museum. The museum has lots of information on the history of the area and current events. It has information from the civil war to colonial times. It even has information about when this area was used as a secret hideaway for pirates.

There are many cool objects in the Museum from the early 1900s. These objects give visitors an idea about life in a small southern farm town at that time. The displays are set up very nicely in the museum.

The museum also has professional staff to accommodate anyone with disabilities. It has a kid's play area too. Also, this museum has gift shops with unique items at very reasonable prices. Various events are held in this museum throughout the year.

Website & Location: 501 S Water St, Elizabeth City, North Carolina 27909.

Albemarle Bowling Center

Another wonderful place for spending a weekend with family. Albemarle Bowling Center is a nice little bowling alley. The place is clean with fun games for the kids. They have 12 lanes with electronic scorekeeping.

In a nutshell, a great place to bring your family for 10-pin bowling. Visitors are allowed to order or bring their food here. But no outside drinks are allowed here. Albemarle Bowling Center also has pool tables and some arcade games.

Website & Location: 603 S Hughes Blvd, Elizabeth City, North Carolina 27909.

Waterfront Park

Another great family thing to do in Elizabeth city is to visit this park. It has lots of activities to do for the family. This park is located beside the Pasquotank river. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful sight of the river, watch boats going by, and more such scenarios.

Walking Trail 

Visitors can enjoy the amazing wind of the river while walking alongside the river. Children have plenty of space to run around. The walking space is maintained with excellence.


Many restaurants are located nearby and are within walking distance of the park. Visitors can have their food at these nearby restaurants while visiting the park. They can also bring their lunch here. The park has plenty of shades of trees under which visitors can have their lunch.

Family Picnics 

With the beautiful view of the Pasquotank river, visitors can also arrange a picnic here. The park has some picnic tables for visitors to enjoy a picnic.

There are plenty of spaces for car parking in this park. The park also has lots of benches to sit and relax on. The park also has a gazebo. Visitors can also feed the birds in the park. Overall, a beautiful, scenic place to enjoy the day with your family.

Website & Location: 508 S Water St, Elizabeth City, North Carolina 27909.

So, these are the family things to do in Elizabeth City NC. Families can have fun and enjoy themselves in these beautiful places.

Read this article to further explore some other things to do in Elizabeth City NC.

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This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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