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Grave Digger's Dungeon

Grave Digger's Dungeon

Grave Digger’s Dungeon is a destination spot for monster trucks. It is located in Poplar Branch in North Carolina. The spot is along the Caratoke Highway. The dungeon is in the hometown of the driver to the Grave Digger truck. His name is Dennis Anderson. It is near other Outer Banks attractions. These include Kill Devil Hills and Currituck Beach Lighthouse.

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The Dungeon Garage Attractions

The dungeon includes a working garage for the trucks. The garage maintains the trucks that are operated by members of the Anderson family. Former Grave Digger trucks are placed on display in the garage.

The displays include the Grave Digger 1. It was the original truck driven by Dennis Anderson. There are different parts from Grave Digger trucks on display. These come from trucks that are damaged from various accidents.

A Grave Digger has also been converted to allow visitors to sit in the driver’s seat. It allowed visitors to get some sense of what it feels like for the drivers. This display was however removed and sold.

Life Before the Grave Digger

Dennis Anderson assembled his first vehicle in 1981. This was the first mud-bogging vehicle. He combined a high-performance Chevy engine with a chassis of a 1952 Ford pickup. Anderson also welded together parts he found in a junkyard.

He performed some experiments on the car over a few years. This time was spent learning to drive the vehicle. He perfected his racing style and gained enough confidence to find opponents. While talking to his mates, Anderson spoke in a manner to provoke their competitive side. He was heard saying “I’ll take this old junk and dig your grave”.

The Grave Digger

The Grave Digger is a monster truck worth its name. There have been a number of subsequent versions. The original version was a mess. It had a dull orange paint job and headlights that were plucked from old school buses. Over the years, the Grave Digger has faced numerous renovations and improvements. The old truck goes to the dungeon and makes room for a new Digger. The current truck had a signature black body in the old style. Its sides were decorated by;

· Green flames

· Skulls

· The grim reaper

The vehicle and its driver quickly gained favor with the crowd. When he first started, there were spectacular finishes and devastating crashes. He was however a quick study and he harnessed his strengths. He was specifically skilled in;

· High flying antics

· Trick driving

· Car crashing

He took these skills and created a Freestyle Jam that closed each rally. It was the final element that people looked forward to.

The Grave Digger is a name that has been passed down to new trucks. It is necessary to have more than one Grave Digger. This is because the vehicles face rollovers, demolition, and general wear and tear. There have been more than 20 Grave Diggers from the first one. There has also been one monster truck used for passengers. It allows visitors to take rides for a small fee.

Digger's Dungeon

Later monster truck models are placed at the Digger’s Dungeon. The dungeon also acts as a home base for truck drivers and mechanics. Grave Digger drivers are often found at the dungeon when they are not at the rally.

The Digger’s Dungeon brings a childhood fantasy to life. The ceiling is decorated with displays of parts of the trucks. They hang from the ceiling as priceless and permanent fixtures. It has all the previous monster trucks that are no longer functional. Children and adults are allowed to climb onto the vehicles. You can take pictures with all the previous Grave Diggers at the Dungeon.

Other Feld Motorsports trucks can be serviced and housed at the Digger’s Dungeon. A truck owned by OBX Monster Trucks resides at the Dungeon. It is known as the R.I.P Tide. It offers rides to visitors. They get on the truck and travel a substantial distance. The truck uses a figure-eight track. The track has a huge dirt ramp that allows the truck to go over a school bus painted red.

Dennis Anderson visits the Digger Dungeon often. He writes autographs for lucky visitors who are there when he visits.

Monster Jam Championships

The Grave Digger has competed in many Monster Jam championships. Anderson has won 4 total tiles at the Monster Jam World Finals. These include;

· The racing title in 2004 and 2006

· The freestyle title in 2000 and 2010

Anderson competes at the Monster Jam with a capable team. It includes;

1. Adam Anderson

2. Carl Van Horn

3. Charlie Pauken

4. Jon Zimmer

5. Pablo Huffaker

6. Randy Brown

7. Morgan Kane

The Dennis Anderson Extreme Monster Truck Experience is a special attraction that is set to open in 2021. It is to take place at Digger’s Dungeon, which is owned and operated by the legend Dennis Anderson. The experience is to be similar to popular Nascar rides. It is an attraction that allows fans to ride along with Anderson himself. It is to include the Extreme King Sling monster truck.

No Limit R/C Monster Truck World Finals

This is the largest RC monster truck race in the world. It is held every year at Digger’s Dungeon. The first event was held on May 29-30th 2010. The event has been held annually at the Digger’s Dungeon.

Monster trucks are probably the most American thing on the planet. It is an engaging and dangerous sport that requires a lot of restrictions. Monster truck rallies can be a lot of fun. They bring crowds together for the ultimate American experience. Dennis Anderson created a fun and interactive place for all ages to enjoy the sport. He has trained numerous people and made his dungeon into a tourist destination.

The Grave Digger’s Dungeon is great in preserving the history of monster trucks. Visitors are able to see the different versions of the trucks over the years. The Grave Digger has gained popularity and is among the greatest stars in the sport. Its driver and maker, Anderson has also enjoyed this fame.

This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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