Historic Camden County

Camden County is located in northeastern North Carolina. It is adjacent to Hampton Roads in Virginia. It is in the American State of North Carolina. Camden County is part of Elizabeth City. The 2010 census lists the population at 9,980. There are a number of gorgeous North Carolina beaches in the area. These include; Nags Head, Hatteras, and Corolla beaches.

Camden County is a great place to live, work and play. It is equipped with miles of waterfront along the Pasquotank River. Other water-based attractions are the North River and the Albemarle Sound. It has large farms and wild swamps. Camden County offers a paradise for both the hunter and fisherman. It is also a haven for bird watchers. Those who enjoy wildlife can also find something worthwhile to look at. The County is known for excellent schools and strong community spirit. Camden County is ideal for family vacations.


The northeastern part of Pasquotank County formed Camden in 1777. It was named in honor of Charles Pratt. He was the first Lord of Camden and opposed the Stamp Act. The county holds the southern terminus of the Dismal Swamp Canal. During the American Civil War, it was the site of the Battle of South Mills. The battle happened on April 19, 1862. A minor victory was enjoyed by the Confederates.

In 1727, Paul Palmer founded the Shiloh Baptist Church. It is the oldest Baptist Church in North Carolina and is located in Shiloh township. In June 2006, Camden County became the first consolidated city-county in North Carolina. The country is the location of Academi’s Blackwater Lodge and Training Center. The center is used for paramilitary and security operations.


According to the 2010 census, the people who lived in Camden County at the time were 9,980. There are 2,662 households and 2,973 housing units. The racial makeup of the county includes;

· White – 82.1%

· Black/ African American – 13.2%

· Native American – 0.3%

· Asian – 1.5%

· Pacific Islander – 0.1%

· Hispanic/Latino – 2.2%

The population is made up of a median age of 39 years.

Registered Sites

There are many properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These sites include;

1. William Riley Abbot House

2. Camden County Courthouse

3. Camden County Jail

4. Dismal Swamp Canal

5. Caleb Grandy House

6. Lamb-Ferebee House

7. Milford


Camden County is governed by five County Commissioners. Each commissioner serves for four years. Three of the five are nominated by township and to at-large. All five commissioners are elected on a countrywide vote.

The chairman of the County Commissioners is elected each December. He or she serves two-yearly terms consecutively. The Commissioners employ a County Manager and staff. These employed people carry out the daily county functions.


To help the county run smoothly, Camden has a number of departments. These are strategically placed units that focus on specific duties. The departments include;

1. Administration

The Administration Department implements policies established by the County Commissioners. The County Manager monitors and coordinates the activities of other departments. It implements budgets and oversees County finances. The administration also provides public information and interacts with other governments. Additional roles include;

· Advocating County positions

· Preparing grant applications

· Making policy recommendations to Commissioners

2. Board of Elections

The Board of Elections conducts elections in Camden County. There are 5 members on the board. There is a Director who oversees the daily office administration. The board meets once a month.

3. Dismal Swamp Welcome Center

The welcome center provides tourism information to visitors. The capable staff assists tourists with a number of services, including;

· Directions

· Maps

· Tourism suggestions

· Boating information

The center also doubles as a rest area. Tourists who wish to take a break can find various amenities. Amenities on the properties include;

· 24-hour restroom facilities

· Vending machines

· 150’ face dock

· Dog park

· Visitor lounge with Wi-Fi

· Picnic tables

4. Economic Development

This department’s mission is to promote and foster commercial and industrial growth. It seeks to establish a framework for the government to provide basic resources. These resources are used to develop facilities and programs. These are essential to promote economic growth. The Camden Economic Development Commission (CEDC) develops, operates and coordinates these programs.

Some of the objectives of the economic development include;

· Promoting activities to provide quality land development and job opportunities. These activities are also aimed at an increased tax base throughout the County

· Designing and implementing programs that stimulate the growth of new and existing businesses.

· Promoting an improved general economic situation. This is aimed at ensuring the wellbeing of the County

5. Fire Protection

There are two departments dedicated to fire fighting in Camden County. These are;

· South Mills Volunteer Fire Department

· South Camden Volunteer Fire Department

6. Parks and Recreation

This department is committed to coordinating and providing many healthy, wholesome activities. It is also dedicated to preserving and maintaining parks, facilities, and open spaces.

There is a parks and recreation advisory board. It has eight members. The board is headed by a chairman and a vice-chairman. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meets on the first Thursday of every other month.

7. Planning, Zoning, and Flood

The Planning Department conducts long-range community planning initiatives. It also holds special projects for the County. It implements zoning, sub-division, and nuisance abatement. Other roles of the department include;

· Preparing and administers state and federal grants

· Performing floodplain management functions

· Assisting people who want information about future development

· Helping those looking to start businesses in Camden County

The Department gives support to staff on various boards. These include the County Planning Board and Board of Adjustment. It provides support to the County Manager and Board of Commissioners. It also helps periodic volunteer committees.

8. Sherriff

The Camden County Sheriff’s office operates by three virtues. These are Integrity, Transparency, and Professionalism. Its mission is to provide a safe and secure environment for residents and visitors.

9. Public Works

This department includes the South Camden Water and Sewer District. It comprises the following sub-divisions;

· Water and Sewer Office

· R.O. Water Treatment Plant

· Distribution and Collection

· Wastewater Treatment Plant

· Maintenance Department

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