Historic Plymouth

Our contemporary world is vast and beautiful, yet only a countable number of places can be home. Historic Plymouth is one of these places for many. It is not only a place of abode but also a place of core principles and values. In recent times, Plymouth has become the trailblazer to other locations of the world; they have set the standards for the preservation of an area’s historical and cultural heritage.

Interestingly, Plymouth is a decently sized town in North Carolina. The town has a population of approximately 4,000 people as of the recent census. The area covered by the town is 3.9 square miles, of which 0.26% is water.

Historic Plymouth NC runs along the Roanoke River, and seven miles away from the Albemarle Sound region of North Carolina. According to the census, the town’s population is well diversified and very reflective of the times.


This beautiful town was founded in 1787, by Arthur Rhodes. He developed the town of Plymouth upon the establishment of his brick plantation. Subsequently, Plymouth was then named the “port of delivery” and then, the “port of entry.” In 1823, the premise of Washington county historical society was relocated to Plymouth.

Plymouth is known to be the historical center of the second-largest war in North Carolina, as well as the place of the latest victory of the confederation. Although the CSS Albemarle attacked and sank the USS Southfield in April of 1864, this battle remains a crucial part of Plymouth history.

Presently, the Plymouth History Museum situated in the circa of the 1923 former coastline, along with the road station in Plymouth, stores the greatest collection of civil war equipment, including the best button collections and the most desired belt-buckle in the United States.


Plymouth NC can easily boast of beautiful features that are enough to make it a tourist destination. Some of these features include:

Four different museums at the water street on the path of the river.

The Plymouth Marina with, water, electricity, washing machine, dryer, pump out, and various boat slips.

Hospitable retail shops and cafes.

Lots of boat ramps, tables for picnics, public piers, etc. which can be found halfway off the waterfront.

The Roanoke river lighthouse and the Maritime Wildlife Museum.

The above-listed features are part of the factors that distinguish Plymouth NC from many other towns. The populace does not need to worry about where to have fun, as the town has been properly structured to help everyone do a fun-filled life.


This great town is majorly built around a strong paper company, best known as Domtar paper company. This is because this company has been crucial to the employment of the residents. But, Domtar announced the end of the paper machine, in 2009.

This led to a 33% reduction in the workforce of the company, which also affected the town as a whole. Furthermore, it led the town to rebrand Plymouth NC as a place for tourism. This was facilitated by her natural environment.

The town presently hosts the black bear festival of North Carolina, which usually holds annually, in a three days program. The major player of this event is the bear, as everything done during the festival is usually about the bear.

Despite the population of this town, there is a proper structure that caters to the needs of every resident. The most interesting fact about Plymouth NC’s economy is her strictness to the maintenance of the environment.

Places To Visit

Historic Plymouth NC is a beautiful place for everyone. It is best described as a home, as a result of its friendly and accommodating environment. A visit today will afford you the experience of a lifetime. At Plymouth, every day is simply blissful.

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