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Long Weekend Trips in Washington NC

Long Weekend Trips in Washington NC

Searching for a captivating and thrilling spot to spend your extended weekend holiday? Washington, NC, is the answer! Found in the center of Eastern North Carolina, Washington, NC, is a great site. This beautiful waterfront city has amazing scenery, lots of fun things to do, and lots of places to eat. It's perfect for a weekend getaway. In this article, we’ll talk about the several things you can do on long weekend trips in Washington, NC.

Places to Stay

There are many lodging alternatives in Washington, NC. Suitable for every taste and travel type, ranging from bed and breakfasts to resorts. A bed & breakfast is the ideal accommodation for individuals seeking a peaceful stay. These inns can be great for a romantic retreat. These inns provide cozy lodgings, scrumptious handmade meals, and welcoming service.

Elmwood 1820 Bed & Breakfast Inn

This place offers guests a cozy, homey setting. And an incredible view of the Pamlico River. The inn lies in the heart of Washington, North Carolina. Top eateries, stores, and attractions surround the place. You can expect to find a pleasant and warm staff. They’re always happy to assist and guide you on your trip! Elmwood can be a great place to stay on a romantic getaway. The place is also quite suitable for a fun family vacation.

Hampton Inn Washington

This hotel offers the fusion of amenities found in large cities with small-town charm. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life is the ideal choice. There are many features and services available to guests at this place. All make their stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The hotel features an indoor pool and fitness facility. Besides roomy guest rooms with a flat-screen TV and complimentary Wi-Fi. Also, it is close to a lot of Washington's attractions. These include museums, shopping, and entertainment.

Tranters Creek Resort and Campground

Visitors to this campground can spend a weekend or a longer holiday in a serene, natural location. There is plenty of room to explore and take in the breathtaking views of the surroundings. With a wide variety of activities to keep everyone entertained, the place is great for all. There are nature walks, a fishing pond, and a swimming pool. To accommodate guests' demands, the resort also has a selection of cottages and tent sites.

Places to Eat

On your long weekend trip, we encourage you to explore the local cuisine. There are plenty of top eateries and some luxurious ones. They offer top-notch food and service. Below are the city’s major attractions for food!

  • Grub Brothers Eatery

Grub Brothers Eatery has a lively but laid-back environment. The staff is welcoming and helpful, making sure you and your visitors feel at home. You can opt to eat inside or outside the restaurant due to its spacious seating area.

  • The Mulberry House

The Mulberry House lies in the 1818-era Historic Fowle Building. The inn has served locals and visitors for over 50 years. And now serves as Washington's social hub and culinary destination. The place borrows coastal cuisines from around the world. And collaborates with North Carolina's best growers and producers.

Fun Things to Do

Washington, NC, welcomes visitors with open hearts! For this reason, you’ll find plenty of cultural, historical, and fun activities to do while here! Below we explore a few of the top attractions of the city.

Visit the North Carolina Estuarium

The first estuarium in the world lies in North Carolina. There are many water animals that live there. These include different fish species, crabs, and birds. Two hundred exhibits and displays are available for visitors to examine. There is also a touch tank where you can interact with some animals. You can also take a guided tour of the facility while you're there.

The Estuarium also offers many educational activities and programs. Its purpose is to further educate tourists about the species and their significance. By holding workshops, they make the learning process entertaining and interesting.

Visit Turnage Theatre

In Washington, there is a historic movie theatre called the Turnage Theatre. For all movie buffs; it offers a distinctive and nostalgic experience. The theatre opened for business in 1947. After much renovation, it finally returned to its previous state. Old movie posters and other artifacts hang around the room. The furnishings take visitors back in time. It's a great spot for a romantic date or an opportunity to travel back in time. The Turnage Theatre screens both classic and contemporary movies. There is something here for everyone.

Visit The Lemonade Art Gallery

The Lemonade Art Gallery has something for everyone. No matter if you love art, are a curious traveler, or want to have fun. Excellent works are present in the Lemonade Art Gallery's colorful and dynamic environment. from regional, local, and even international artists and craftspeople's creations. Here, you can find unique jewelry, paintings, sculptures, and more. Also, you may buy handmade items, including ceramics, glassware, and home décor. Visitors to the gallery can engage with art and learn about it. It offers unique events like classes, workshops, and other activities.

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This place is for Publicity

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