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Mad Boar Restaurant & Pub Wallace NC

Mad Boar Restaurant & Pub is a stunning building packed with great people. It is the perfect place for a night out, a private dinner, or an event to host an event. Big or small, they’ve got you covered. They are able to host up to 225 people at their venue. This boar-themed restaurant & pub can be enjoyed in a relaxed, family-friendly setting.

Their menu consists of over 50 items for you to choose from and enjoy! It is all true American cuisine! Their specialties consist of Prime Rib Friday and Southern Comfort Sunday. Both of which I have tried and can tell you from my personal experience, MOUTHWATERING! Overall, their entire menu is very reasonably priced and definitely worth every penny. They also offer a large variety of drinks for kiddies as well as adults. If you are a beer person like me, try out the Voodoo Ranger IPA. This IPA is bursting with tropical aromas and juicy fruit flavors. It's perfectly bitter with a crisp, exquisite finish!

The great thing about this place compared to a normal restaurant & pub is they try to have weekly events. This brings in a crowd and allows you to meet more like-minded people. An online calendar is always available on their website. So be sure to look out for weekly events like live music night and trivia night.

Three adaptable spaces for private dining and events are available. These are:

  • The Renaissance Room
  • The Celtic Court
  • The River Lodge

Mad Boar has the space you need. Whether you need a small area for a quick business lunch meeting all the way to a large area for a wedding reception.

Do you drive an electric vehicle? Aren’t you tired of sitting at a charging station playing games on your phone while you wait? Now you don’t have to! With Tesla Motors, Mad Boar Restaurant & Pub is able to host a Tesla Supercharger station. There are eight Supercharger stalls accessible every day. For the convenience of all EV drivers, a standard EV stall is also accessible. So charge up your EV while you grab a scrumptious meal!

I know I make this place sound amazing and you’re thinking it’s too good to be true? Well, don’t just take my word for it, let’s look at some of its reviews.

Sam Edwards, a local guide wrote, “... delightfully delicious, it's a must stop now on my adventures to that area... it was outstanding! Our waitress... took really great care of us.”

Rob Delory wrote, “Unexpected surprise... servings were far larger than expected. The quality was very good and tasted wonderful...”

Natalee wrote, “...The atmosphere in this restaurant was really beautiful. The food was delicious and the server was very knowledgeable about the menu items... a great experience here...”

And now you have it not just from me, this is definitely a go-to place! Head on over to 111 River Village Place, Wallace, NC, and check it out!

Other Attractions In The Area

The Bistro @ Duplin Winery

Local NC cuisine and the best Duplin wines are mixed together for lunch at the Bistro Restaurant. Enjoy a wide range of menu options, including:

  • Specialty sandwiches
  • Gourmet soups and salads
  • Daily specials

The Bistro enhances your trip to the Rose Hill location. While celebrating Duplin wine. For a truly distinctive southern experience, join them. Let’s see what others have to say.

Lauren Kohler wrote, “I really enjoyed this place! We stopped by here on a quick trip from the southern Beaches of NC back to the triangle...”

Patricia Chapman wrote, “Had a great time. The wine tasting was worth the fee. The lady running the tasting was pleasant and knowledgeable…”

It should be noted that reservations are advised for sizable groups. Head on over to 505 North Sycamore Street, Rose Hill, NC to check it out!

The Chapel @ Duplin's Vineyards

The Duplin Winery in Rose Hill, North Carolina is a great place to honor true love with family and loved ones.

The Duplin Winery offers venues where every wedding becomes an unforgettable day. From small, Southern-inspired celebrations to formal affairs on a large scale. Your special day will be tailored by the Duplin Winery staff. This will be based on your individual preferences. They want peace and joy to permeate your wedding ceremony.

Their locations are examples of romance, elegance, and beauty. To check out this beautiful, Chapel head on over to 505 N. Sycamore Street, Rose Hill, NC

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This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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