Marty's BBQ

Marty’s Barbecue restaurant is located in Red Springs. It is in the town of Wilson in North Carolina. The restaurant specializes in barbecue cuisine that is native to Eastern North Carolina. The history of the restaurant can be traced back 30 years. It is named after Marty Ellis. The owner of the restaurant is Lawrence Ellis. He is the son to the late Bill Ellis and brother to the late Marty Ellis. Bill was a restaurant genius. He had a restaurant that was known nationwide for its food and service.

After Bill Ellis passed away, Lawrence followed in his footsteps. He spent 2 years visualizing a restaurant just like his father’s. He joined forces with his business partner. Together, they opened their own barbecue restaurant. They started with a convenience store that was boarded up. The business partners have managed to turn the building into a busy restaurant. Their barbecue pork is similar to Bill Ellis’s cooking. Many customers were once loyal to the Bill Ellis Barbecue and Chicken restaurant.

The Menu

Marty’s Barbecue has a number of great choices on their menu. Their recipes are mostly recycled from Bill’s menu. Some of the great options include;

1. Marty’s Family Pack

This is probably the most common option for large groups. Marty’s Family Pack comes in three options;

· Small – Includes a half fried chicken, barbecue, coleslaw, and potatoes. You then get to choose between string beans or stew, and 12 hushpuppies or corn sticks. The choice between white and dark meat varies. This is because both types of meat are priced differently. The white meat option is $13.99. If you need dark or mixed meats, you will pay $13.50.

· Medium – The medium portion includes everything on the small portion. The only difference is the chicken comes whole. You also get to choose between 18 hushpuppies or corn sticks. The medium meal goes for $25.95.

· Large – The large portion has 2 whole fried chicken. It also has 24 hushpuppies or corn sticks. It is priced at $45.95.

2. Value Meals

3. Sandwiches

4. Sides

No matter which side you decide to go with, you are sure to get the best at Marty’s Barbecue. Served in between half a pint to a full gallon, the side options are;

· Coleslaw

· Collards

· String beans

· Potato salad

· Mac and cheese

5. Dinners

6. Dessert

The banana pudding is great. It is served in portions. You can get it from half a pint to a full gallon.

7. Drinks

There are two options when it comes to drinks. You can get the Fountain Drinks or Marty’s Ice Tea. The Fountain Drinks are served in small and large portions. Marty’s Ice Tea is served in either a half a gallon or a full gallon.

Friendly and Cheerful Service

All the employees at the restaurant are locals of Red Springs and Wilson. They all know each other and are like family. This brings a friendly atmosphere to the restaurant. The staff are always in a good mood and serve customers well.

Catering and Delivery

The restaurant offers both catering and delivery services. They have various trucks and vans. These vehicles are able to transport food all over North Carolina. It is a great alternative for those who are busy or simply do not want to go to a restaurant.

Marty’s also offers catering services for events. You will need to make prior arrangements with the restaurant. They cook everything you request at the restaurant then bring them wherever you wish. The restaurant is almost always full of customers. The catering option is great for events. Instead of having the invited guests go to the restaurant, the food can come to them.

Bill Ellis Barbecue and Chicken Restaurant

Lawrence’s father, Bill, was a hardworking man. He built a barbecue franchise from a simple hot dog stand. He started a restaurant at the age of 29. The restaurant, at first, could only seat 26 people. By the time he was retiring, he had an 850 seat space that was full each night.

Bill died in 2017 from complications due to a broken hip. His restaurant was facing some trouble by then. After he died, his widow tried to keep the restaurant open. It was soon clear that the doors to Bill Ellis Barbecue and Chicken needed to close. The family made the heartbreaking decision after three years of trying to avoid it.

All 50 employees were compensated accordingly. The restaurant had become home for many, after having been open for more than 56 years.

After the restaurant closed, Bill’s son, Lawrence, began thinking of ways to keep his father’s dream alive. It was then that he came up with Marty’s Barbecue restaurant.


Marty’s Barbecue restaurant has received a lot of great reviews. Most of the people who have visited the restaurant compare it to Bill’s restaurant. They do this with fondness, claiming it reminds them of simpler times. They see a part of Bill in Lawrence. They have the same work ethic and mannerisms. It is no wonder Lawrence’s restaurant is growing at the rate it is. He has put in a lot of great managerial and operational ideas. Many of the customers agree that Marty’s has the same, if not more success as Bill’s.

Lawrence perfected the art of cooking barbecue. He uses a version of his father’s recipes. This is mainly the thing that keeps bringing locals and people from other states back. Marty’s Barbecue tastes similar to Bill’s and it takes people back to the good days. Cars line up from the time the restaurant opens to when it closes. Marty’s Barbecue is easily the best in terms of food and service. Customers can enjoy mouth-watering options. The food has been called the best in Eastern North Carolina.

The restaurant honors both Bill and Marty Ellis. They were prominent members of the society in Wilson. It gives them a presence that is fitting for the lives they lived. For out of towners who did not know both, you can visit the restaurant solely for the food. The restaurant offers the best fried chicken and barbecue. You will also receive mouthwatering sides that are traditional in the region. It also helps that the restaurant is a family-friendly atmosphere.