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N Sea Oyster Company

N Sea Oyster Company

With the dedication to raising, crafting, and sustaining oyster shells, that delivers a great taste of North Carolina seafood. N. Sea Oyster company, founded and owned by Conor MacNair, looks to maintain a positive impact on the environment. While also serving the local seafood market of Hampstead, North Carolina.

Hampstead, North Carolina

A small community town on the edge of North Carolina that is located between Wilmington and Jacksonville, North Carolina along route 17. Named after Hampstead, England, which is in the region of London.

Also known for having three golf courses named: Castle Bay, Olde Point Golf, and Iron Clad. As well as hosting an event each year on the last weekend in September called the North Carolina Spot Festival. Where thousands attend to raise money for schools and the community.

The Farm

N Sea Oyster farm lies on the coast of Hampstead, North Carolina, close to Topsail Island. Where the nutrient waters wash over the farm twice a day from the tides to maintain a high saltine and healthy diet for the oysters they raise.

Topsail Island is a long barrier that separates the Intracoastal waterway from the ocean. The name is fashioned after famous pirates like Blackbeard, who were known to pillage the area of any ship going past the island.

By hiding in shallow waters, they would wait until merchant ships were close for them to strike. To prevent this from happening, merchant sailors created a technique where they would look for the topsails of their ship to identify them easily.

The Oyster Farming Process

Using a mixture of both Australian and French farming techniques. The sea oysters are grown on a 300-foot suspended longline. Where they endure a dry and tumble schedule, facing exposure to air to develop a thick and clean shell.

They are sorted and washed eight to twelve times a day before reaching an appropriate size to be sent to the market. After they have reached their appropriate size, they spend time in tide tumbling gear to be groomed to perfection.

Once the washing and grooming are done, each sea oyster is packaged by hand and then washed with seawater to ensure high quality, and to be ready to sell and ship to anyone ready to buy.

Farmers Market and Oyster Shipping

Not only can you order sea oysters from this farm. They also have other products that they sell here too. For example, the Dukes of Topsail Sound or Topsail oysters, which is either a sea oyster cocktail or select sea oysters that are packaged in either 12, 24, 36, 50, and 100 counts.  

• The difference between the cocktail and select sea oysters is that the cocktail is recommended to everyone with a high salinity of 34 PPT (parts per thousand). Where the select sea oysters are the perfect balance of sweet and salty and better for cooking. It also has a high-medium salinity of 32 PPT.

They even offer rubber-dipped shucking gloves, and the Dexter Russel Oyster shucking knife for a low price of five and fifteen dollars respectively.  
Fan of straw hats? N Sea Oyster company sells straw hats with their logo on them with adjustable string, with one size fits all, that makes it the perfect traveling companion.  Even if you are not a fan of straw hats, they have classic snapbacks with a snap to adjust for size. Both products have been tested on the farm and the field.

If none of the other merchandise, besides the sea oysters, catches your attention. You can’t go wrong with a T-shirt with the company logo ranging in sizes from extra small to 2XL.

Recipes and Oyster Eating Guide

If you’re new to eating sea oysters and have no clue about what to do. N Sea Oyster has you covered with a few, recipes like the “Conor’s Cast Iron Oyster Chowder,” or “Conor’s Oyster Sliders.” If that doesn't interest you, then they provide you with a top-notch guide on how to open sea oysters called “Shucking 101.”

N. Sea Oyster carters to special events and private parties. Creating opportunities for them to work closely with their guests and provide them with an amazing farming experience. Where they provide the sea oysters and do all the shucking and recycling of the shells.  If you would like to know more, you can go to their website and fill out the form.


People have recommended trying out their raw oysters, with some talking about how nice the staff are to their customers.

If you ever find yourself in Hampstead, North Carolina, know that it’s a small town with a short drive to Wilmington if you want to find endless dining and entertainment during your visit. However, before you do, it’s recommended that you pay a visit to Topsail Beach.

There you can enjoy all your beach activities, like sunbathing, swimming, and fishing, to name a few, during your visit there. If not, you can also pay a visit to the historic Lea-Hutaff Island to explore, but it’s only accessible by boat and is said to have a less crowded beach.

If, by the off chance, the infamous pirate Blackbeard caught your attention. Then it’s recommended that you visit Missiles & More Museum at Topsail Island, North Carolina. Where you can learn about pirates and the secret missile assembly program that took place there years ago.

With so much to explore and you can’t go wrong by paying a visit to N. Sea Oyster Company. With the farming experience and the amazing taste of raw oysters. To go along with the historic sights of their islands and beaches for all to enjoy.

This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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