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North Carolina Best Beach Towns

North Carolina Best Beach Towns

North Carolina Best Beach Towns

North Carolina Best Beach Towns are ready for the summer. Are you ready too? This summer, forget glittering cities or sparkly downtowns. And make "North Carolina Best Beach Towns" your ultimate host for your biggest summer adventure.

Eastern North Carolina, is familiar to most as a coastal region of the United States. It includes five subregions,

The coast makes up 45 percent of the state's total land. The Atlantic Ocean bounds the coast on the east side.

North Carolina’s best beach towns are always happening. With the blue water, the beautiful beaches, a great collection of shops, or fun fishing, the place will never let you down.

Nags Head

Nags Head is the busiest beach town in Dare County Outer Banks, North Carolina. The history of the land recounts folklore of how the lights would have hung around horses' (nags) head to trick ships. Nags Head exhibits a deep suburban feeling. Most people have their own homes. Experience beautiful beaches on the Outer Banks or go fishing in the blue water, the choice is yours. With diverse restaurants, cafes, shops, and parks, Nags Head offers a splendid culture to celebrate a happening summer.

  • Wondering what to see in Nags Head? Options are many. Experience the tallest sand dunes in Eastern US, Jockey's Ridge State Park. Bodle Island Lighthouse, a 170-foot-tall brick tower lighthouse, is one of few existing lighthouses in the US. Jennette's Pier and Nags Head fishing pier are the hottest destinations.
  • Want to get some extra thrill, then enjoy Tracks in the Sand, Full Throttle Speedway, First Flight Adventure Park, and Outer Banks Horseback.
  • If you are an art lover, Sea Side Art Gallery is there.
  • Shopping is always fun at outlets in Nags Head.
  • Eat local seafood cuisine or classic American fast food; Nags Head serves you the best food around. Mahi Mahi's Island Grill, Grits Grill, Miller's Waterfront Restaurant, and many more
  • Don't worry about where to stay. Ranging from posh oceanfront hotels to classic Victorian-style inns, your stay at Nags Head will be remarkable for sure.


Duck, the newest town on the Outer Banks, is here. The town is between the Atlantic Ocean on the east and Currituck Sound on the west. If you want an affordable beach town experience, Duck is your place. So, come, visit Duck and enjoy everything you need for summer.

  • Duck Town Park is nature's place where you can experience a gorgeous sunset, sound-side view, open green woods, and willow swamp. The park has access to the boardwalk. Enjoy a fun day on the boardwalk, stop at many shops or hop inside a restaurant.
  • Want to have some thrill! Then enjoy Nor'Banks Sailing watersports or visit Coastal Kayak touring company.
  • Relaxation at the beautiful beaches is a must. Though spas are also there. Aqua Spa, Spa at Sanderling, and many more.
  • Get some extra charge at Vineyard Voyage with boat tours and wine tasting.
  • Starving in Duck? No way! Plenty of restaurants, many cuisines, seafood, bars, grills, and waterfront pubs to make you full.
  • Now, don't miss shopping at The Waterfront Shops.

Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk is the other North Carolina Best Beach Town on the Outer Banks. The history of Kitty Hawk is world-famous after Wright Brothers flew their first flight four miles south of the town. Kitty Hawk has been rated as one of the safest towns in Eastern North Carolina to live in.

  • There are plenty of things to see in Kitty Hawk. It's best to stay in Hilton Garden Inn if you want to be close to the pier. Hilton owns the pier after it got devastated by the hurricane.
  • Salty Waters OBX is the place for you if you want to go fishing.
  • Kitty Hawk wildlife reserve is the place to see wildlife.
  • Eat at Black Pelican Oceanfront restaurant, the best seafood cuisine ever.
  • Shop in OBX Beach Shop or Superwings for some fancy souvenirs.

Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle is one more of North Carolina’s best beach towns on Bogue Banks. The beautiful beach town offers homes, condominiums, and hotels. History shows native Americans used to live on the isle. Now the place is for fishermen.

  • Watch the prettiest beach in North Carolina with the cleanest emerald water
  • Enjoy Bogue Inlet fishing pier for the lovely view of the sunset from the coast or enjoy fishing.
  • Restaurants are plenty. Enjoy southern foods, seafood, or subs.
  • Stay in the Islander Hotel and Resort if you want to stay close to the water.

Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach is one of North Carolina’s best beach towns in New Hanover County. History says the town was devastated by hurricane Hazel in 1954.

  • The beautiful Carolina Beach with the blue water is the best thing to see.
  • Experience the Carolina Beach boardwalk with shops, candy stores, and Britts donuts.
  • Get some adventure in Carolina Beach State Park with wild carnivorous plants, hiking trails, a marina, and picnic areas.
  • Visit Carolina Beach fishing pier to view the sunset from the coast.
  • Explore with Tasting History. When moving around, taste clam chowder and wine, and learn history too.
  • Stay in oceanfront hotels or book vacation rentals.

Wrightsville Beach

And finally, here comes Wrightsville Beach, named for the south's best beach. The beautiful beach is famous for clear blue water, white sand, and picturesque settings.

  • Fishing on Johnnie Mercer pier or surfing with world-class waves, or exploring a scenic cruise, the choice is yours.
  • Enjoy seafood to live music at the pier under the sun or after dark.
  • Shopping at beach boutique shops.
  • Stay at full-service resorts or condo rentals.

Topsail Island

Another one of the most beautiful beach towns in North Carolina is Topsail Island.

  • Topsail Beach is famous for a happy family vacation. Even dogs are happy at the beach.
  • The island has a sanctuary for sea turtles.

"North Carolina Best Beach Towns" should have something to suit everyone. So, come, see, and enjoy what are considered the best beach towns ever.

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