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North Carolina Family Vacation

North Carolina Family Vacation

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North Carolina is enriched with beautiful places to enjoy your vacation. New Hanover County Arboretum, Wrightsville Beach, and Salty Pirate Water park are some of the most beautiful places in NC. Places like these are examples of an ideal North Carolina family vacation.

Best Tourist Destination in North Carolina

North Carolina has many beautiful tourist destinations to visit with the entire family. North Carolina has beautiful beaches, gardens, parks, museums, and even battleships to name a few.

New Hanover County Arboretum

This is one of the most famous botanical gardens in North Carolina, located in Wilmington city. The beautiful garden attracts visitors from all over the country. You can also buy different types of plants from this Arboretum on sale. This garden also has:

  • Koi Pond.
  • Japanese Garden.
  • Bridges.
  • Walking Long Trails.
  • Native North Carolina Plants.
  • Tea garden.
  • Children’s garden.

Kids can learn about plants, animals, fish, and many more things while visiting here. It also has a little gift shop that is full of creative gifts that you can take home with you. To find out more about this garden, visit this website.

Salty Pirate Waterpark

This is a beautiful outdoor water park located in Emerald Isle, NC. The staff of this park is super friendly and helpful. The park has been open for almost 45 years now. You will not have to wait long for water slides.

The administration of this water park gives the highest priority to human life. So, there are lifeguards at almost every turn of the park. Some other facilities of the parks are:

  • Complimentary lockers to store your purse or wallet, cellular phone, keys, etc.
  • It allows you to bring your own food and cooler into the park.
  • Dedicated snack area.
  • Arcade games.
  • Water slide.

Salty Pirate water park is highly recommended for families with little children. The little children can enjoy a lot in the park on the water slide and other rides. Also, there is no problem with the security of the life of the children as there are plenty of professional lifeguards.

The Fayetteville Area Transportation and Local History Museum

This Museum is located in Fayetteville city of North Carolina. This museum is the focal point for history in Downtown Fayetteville. Everyone may find something to enjoy here, from history buffs to families seeking entertainment.

Two floors of interesting, artifact-filled displays are available at the museum. This museum also features the story of Fayetteville with additional displays. Other displays in the museum include:

  • Vintage cars.
  • Fayetteville’s 1880s Silsby steam pump engine.
  • Farm life.
  • The recreated gas station of the 1920s.
  • Plank roads.
  • Fire department history.

This museum has a lot of local history connected with state & national histories. This place is recommended to anyone who visits Fayetteville.

Also, on Saturday, a Farmer’s market is held on the lawn of the Museum. Farmers and vendors bring their handmade goods, fresh vegetables, etc on this day.

NC Baseball Museum

This museum is located in Wilson City in North Carolina and features exhibits related to North Carolina’s baseball history. This baseball museum has so much history in its little space. The museum is very well organized.

This museum also features information on North Carolina players who have played in the MLB(Major League Baseball).

This Museum also has a “Walk of Fame” where they show honor, remembrance, and memory to players and fans. The NC baseball museum also has a catalog where you can search for players to find their display. This place is especially recommended for kids and baseball lovers.

Wrightsville Beach

This beach finds its first mention in history when the whole place was awarded to Charles Harrison in 1725. The king awarded the beach to Charles Harrison to establish a city there. This beach is located just outside of Wilmington and is known for its cleanliness.

The length of the beach is approximately four miles. The beach also has:

  • 44 Access points.
  • Parking places.
  • Beach Museum.

Wrightsville Beach is a great place to enjoy with your friends and family. To know about more beaches in North Carolina, visit this webpage. If you are planning to visit the beach, you can stay at hotels located near the beach.

Shell Island Resort

Shell Island Resort is a renowned 3-star hotel. The distance of this hotel from Wrightsville beach is only 2.3 miles. Other facilities at this hotel include:

  • Indoor Pool.
  • Outdoor Pool.
  • High-speed internet
  • Refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker.
  • Comfortable beds.
  • 100% smoke-free rooms.

Location: 2700 N Lumina Ave, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina 28480.

Recommendation: If you are looking for a hotel closest to the beach, this hotel is the best choice. It takes only 6 minutes to arrive at the beach from this hotel. Also, for people who want to have an ocean view from their room, this hotel is a great option.

Reviews: “Beautiful resort with all rooms oceanfront. They've been doing some upgrades and things look fresh & new. My room was on the 6th floor with a wonderful view. It is clean and spacious. The staff was friendly, quick, & helpful when checking in.”

Belhaven Memorial Museum

It is a beautiful museum located in Beaufort, North Carolina. This famous museum owes Mary Eva Blount the majority of its existence (1869-1962), the first collection she amassed, which served as the foundation for the museum's activities.

There are many excellent exhibits in Belhaven Memorial Museum. For instance, you can see antique farm tools like potato planters, shovels, trowels, etc. You will also find a great collection of buttons which is 30,000 in number.

Besides that, you will also find nineteenth-century dolls that are made of porcelain and wood. You will see different types of dolls that were used in that period of time. Bisque dolls, Parian dolls, and Chinese dolls are found in the Belhaven Memorial Museum.

Belhaven Memorial Museum is a great place in North Carolina to visit with your friends and family. The collection of this museum will definitely amaze you.

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