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Plum Pointe Kitchen

Plum Pointe Kitchen

Plum Pointe Kitchen is a restaurant in Ocracoke on the Outer Banks. It is located at 1129 Irvin Garrish Highway. It shares space with the local brewery on the island. Customers get to enjoy tap beer from 1718 Brewery with their meals. The restaurant offers international cuisine and has numerous options for everyone. It opens every day at 12 pm.


The menu consists of many meal options, from appetizers to full-course meals. There is lunch, dinner and appetizer servings. Options on the menu include;

  • Crab Stuffed Jumbo Soft Pretzel - The jumbo soft pretzel is stuffed with a crab soup base and local blue crab meat. It includes parmesan and cheddar cheese. The pretzel is then dusted using Old Bay seasoning. The serving comes with an in-house beer cheese sauce. This option is enough to be shared. It costs $18.25.
  • Cheese curds – This costs $9. The cheese curds are fried with sriracha aioli.
  • Jumbo Soft Pretzel – This is a buttered and salted jumbo soft pretzel. It is served with either hot mustard or house-made beer cheese sauce.
  • Philly Cheese Streak – The ribeye is sliced thinly and seasoned with salt and pepper. This serving is topped with beer cheese sauce and served on a hoagie roll. The chef can include house-made sweet and peppery onions, sautéed mushrooms and red peppers. It is served with homemade chips. The meal costs $13.75.
  • Drunken Chicken Nachos – The beer braised chicken is added on to red bell peppers, black beans and beer cheese sauce. It also includes romaine lettuce, homemade salsa and sour cream. The serving is made in a high pile so it can be shared. It costs $18.
  • Chips and salsa – This meal costs $5.50. It includes tortilla chips and homemade salsa.
  • Panko Chicken Tenders – The hand cut chicken breast is dipped in Panko breadcrumbs and buttermilk. It is served with spicy barbecue, ranch or homemade honey mustard.
  • Shrimp Po’Boy – This is the local fried North Carolina shrimp. It includes lettuce and tomato. The meal is placed on a hoagie roll. It is served with homemade chips and the house cocktail.
  • Blackened Shrimp Tacos – These cost $16.25. It is blackened shrimp with sriracha aioli. It also includes a cabbage mix and mango salsa.
  • Local Fish Tacos – much like the blackened shrimp tacos, they are served with sriracha aioli and cabbage mix. It is made of local grilled fish with mango salsa.
  • Caesar Salad – This meal has a house-made Caesar dressing. The salad includes romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, croutons and local shrimp. The shrimp version costs $8.50 while the chicken version costs $7.50.
  • Plum Pointe Kitchen House Salad – This salad is specific to Plum Pointe Kitchen. It includes spinach, sun dried figs, walnuts and arugula. It has soft goat cheese and you can have your choice of dressing. Dressing is made in the house. The choices are balsamic vinaigrette, honey mustard and ranch. If you would like to add local shrimp, it costs $8.50 and chicken costs $7.50.

International Options

  • Korean Barbecue Plate – This costs $16.50. It is a slow apple wood smoked pork barbecue. This is known as the Traeger Smoker. It is paired with Korean barbecue sauce or house barbecue sauce. It also comes with Asian slaw, potato chips and poppy seed slaw.
  • Sautéed Zucchini and Carrot Noodles – The zucchini and carrot noodles are sautéed with Thai peanut sauce. This is then topped with cashews and lime. You can add grilled chicken for $7.50 or Asian grilled shrimp for $9.


Pick Three Sliders – For $13, you can mix up sliders at Plum Pointe Kitchen. These are served with homemade potato chips. It includes:

  • Hawaiian slider with pineapple red pepper chutney on brioche bun and cheddar cheese
  • Beef slider with caramelized onions on brioche bun with blue cheese
  • Korean pork slider with Korean barbecue sauce. It is placed on an Asian slaw pretzel roll.
  • House barbecue. It has a sweet and spicy barbecue sauce. It also has a sweet poppy seed slaw pretzel roll. The pork is cooked slowly over apple wood. The smoking is done with a Traeger Smoker.
  • Chicken slider. This is a beer braised chicken. It includes a 1718 beer and a house-made beer for braising. There are fried chicken skins placed on a pretzel roll.

Daily Specials

The menu at Plum Pointe Kitchen provides the chef with special meals every day. This option changes depending on the number of variants. The chef, day, and season influence which meal is served as a special. Daily specials are not provided on the menu. You can find them updated on the restaurant’s Instagram pages. The Instagram and Facebook social media handles are @plumpointekitchen.

When you visit the restaurant, daily specials are displayed on a blackboard just outside the restaurant.

The fish tacos were great! Excellent fresh catch of day seasoned so well paired with an awesome salsa. Great nachos, salads, and really huge soft pretzels. My kids liked the mini burgers (sliders) and the cheesesteak. Ate outside on a covered porch since I have two kids not old enough to be vaccinated. The orange wheat beer from the 1718 brewery was refreshing too!”

- Jeffrey T on Plum Pointe Restaurant’s website (

Plum Pointe Kitchen is a great brewery kitchen. Customers are able to enjoy a cozy ambiance next to a brewery. There are homemade beers served directly from a tap to be paired with amazing food options. The restaurant offers huge servings that can be shared among friends. The food is fairly priced, to allow customers to enjoy amazing food at cheap prices.

The brewery serves great beer options that pair well with the meals. Plum Pointe Kitchen has international options on the menu. This allows customers to enjoy different cuisine that is professionally made.

This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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