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Port City Taste

Port City Taste

Port City Taste is an event hosted by Port City Daily. The event is a premier restaurant week held in southeastern North Carolina. It takes place in the winter and is a 2-week-long celebration. Port City Daily is the local news source. Port City Taste is an appreciation of the local eateries and drinkeries. The event celebrates the delicious specials and incredibly crafted menus of the region. 


The 2-week-long celebration took place in different towns across southeastern North Carolina. 

The towns that participate in the event include;

    1. Downtown

    2. South Wilmington

    3. Carolina Beach

    4. North Wilmington

    5. Wrightsville Beach

    6. Midtown


You don’t need any special reservation to enjoy the 2 week-long celebration. You can simply walk up to a restaurant and place your order. The list of participating restaurants is released before the event begins. This list is usually available on the internet. It includes menus from the eateries and drinkeries involved. Some of these restaurants include:

  1. Front Street Brewery - This is the original brewery and restaurant in Wilmington. It serves local craft beers and food. There are about 460 premium whiskeys at the bar. The restaurant’s signature cocktail is The End of an Era. It includes the End of Days gin, simple syrup and sour mix. Added in are mint, a dash of water and muddled blackberries. The drink is shaken over an egg-white Port City Daily.
  1. Pour Taproom: The bar manager, Chris, prefers crafted cocktails served. The menu is filled with surprising pairings that are new takes on classic recipes. Some of the signature cocktails served at the restaurant are:
    1. The Morning After - This is meant to cure the “no regrets night”. A few of them ensure you are drunk enough to make memories.
    2. Fashion Forward - This is the ordinary Old Fashioned.
    3. EOD Negroni - This cocktail has a big juniper with a balanced bitter ending. 
    4. Coco Loco Kiss - This drink is their version of a chocolate martini.
  1. Yo Sake: The drinks menu at YoSake is quite inviting. It includes sake, fine imported Asian beers, wine and specialty drinks. The restaurant offers Asian-inspired dishes and vegetarian options. Some of the cocktail recipes include;
    1. Rising Sun - Including End of Days vodka and Joto blue sake mixed with simple syrup, fresh lemon and raspberry puree.
    2. Pomegranate Ginger Mojito - Rum is mixed with pomegranate ginger juice. Added to it is the middle mint, soda and fresh lemon.
  1. Mariposa: Owned by Bobby Zimmerman, this restaurant has a Spanish twist. There is an international wine list and an intimate ambience. 
    1. Their signature cocktail is the True Blue Cocktail. It is made with pear vodka and St Elder liqueur. A splash of champagne, fresh blueberries and sparkling mineral water are then added.
  1. Salt Fish: The restaurant offers a local dining experience. Dishes are inspired by international recipes from Polynesia and the Caribbean. Liquor is served at the restaurant in the form of;
    1. Asian Spud Blossom - Domaine de Canton is mixed in with End of Days gin. Lemon juice, Asian purple potato syrup and clover blossom garnish are added on top.
    2. Shipwreck-a-Rebecca - End of Days rum is mixed in with muddled cilantro, red chilies and lime. The drink is then shaken and double strained. It is served with club soda.
  1. Ceviche’s: This is a local spot that is quaint and welcomes everyone. All drinks are fruit-based and include twists using tropical flavoring. Each costs $12. Some of the special drinks at Ceviche’s include: 
    1. The Lost and Found - Including End of Days gin mixed with fresh apple juice and syrup. It also includes freshly squeezed lemon juice. The drink is garnished with dehydrated apple and served with an absinthe rinse.
    2. Old Fashioned Passion - This muddled orange and a splash of simple syrup. It is garnished with cherries and orange peel. The main ingredient is the Brugal 1888 rum that is infused with passionfruit and cherries.
    3. Gingered Pear - End of Days vodka is garnished with candied pear. There is also freshly squeezed lemon juice, egg white and a dash of ginger bitters. Looza pear juice is the main ingredient in this drink.
  1. True Blue Butcher and Table: Meals are prepared by Chef Bobby Zimmerman. He uses the best locally sourced ingredients to prepare full local delicacies. The restaurant offers an elegant setting to enjoy craft beers, liquor and wines. There is a full-service butcher shop on the premises. 
  1. Poe’s Tavern: Located on Sullivan’s Island, Poe’s Tavern opened in 2003. It began as a 1900s beach cottage that was converted. There are gourmet burgers served with unique toppings. The tavern has some of the best craft beers in the region. Some of the signature drinks here include:
    1. Marie Roget - This has fresh lime, orange and pineapple juice mixed in with End of Days rum. There is also grand marnier, nutmeg and coconut syrup.
    2. Masque of the Red Death - Sweet vermouth is added to End of Days rum and muddled orange. Aperol and cherry juice are also added to the concoction.
  2. End of Days Distillery: This establishment offers two specialized drinks. These are the Rum Old Fashioned and the Castle St. Mojito.

Craft Cocktail Week

This is a new addition to Port City Taste’s events. Port City Taste hosts other events outside of the winter edition. These include the weeks of specialized dining celebrated across the region. 

The first edition of Craft Cocktail week took place October 4-10, 2021. The event was sponsored by End of Days Distillery.

Port City Taste is a 2-week-long celebration of the port region’s culture. There are many eateries and drinkeries in the area that participate. You get to enjoy a series of craft cocktails made with special twists.

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