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Roanoke Island Festival Park

Roanoke Island Festival Park

Roanoke Island Festival Park covers a land mass of 25 acres next to the water. It is in the coastal town of Manteo in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The park offers an adventurous experience for all ages. It has small thickets of maritime forests, lowlands and wetlands. The island allows visitors to experience how life was for the first English settlers in 1585.

The Roanoke Island Festival Park pays homage to the rich history of the island. It acknowledges the many settlements that were successful along the coast, and the park shows how these settlers lived in their time.


Roanoke Island was the first English colony of North American soil. This aspect is the main source of pride of the island. In 1584, Queen Elizabeth gave to his close friend, Sir Walter Raleigh an exploration order. It instructed him to establish a colony in the New World. With two ships, his captains Amadas and Barlowe sailed west. They found Roanoke Island between the Outer Banks and North America.

The first attempts at settling faced some problems. The American Indians who inhabited the island were hostile towards the first settlers. The second ones became the Lost Colony and disappeared two years after settling.

Outer Banks History Center

The history of the last 400+ years of the Outer Banks are preserved in the Outer Banks History Center. The extensive research library is a collection of documents, journals, pictures and maps. It gives information on over four centuries. The History Center has been used by historians and journalists for resource material. Frequent visitors to the library are those working for media organizations. They include the History Channel, Weather Channel and National Public Radio (NPR).

Rent The Park

People can rent the park for various activities including concerts, birthdays, and weddings. There are many notable venues in the park, including:

· Pavilion Stage and Lawn

The outdoor pavilion is scenic with a Brazilian walnut stage. The glass windows provide protection from the wind. They also allow guests to still enjoy the amazing views.

· Elizabeth II ship

The ship is a gorgeous location for a wedding. It has a connecting deck that is perfect for standing and seating.

· Grand Mall

This space is 2,689 square feet wide. It is spacious enough for large gatherings. It also has a large outside deck, bar area, and restroom access.

· The Event Room

Located in the Administrative Building, the event room is 2,230 square feet wide. It has natural light to add to its serene setting. The space is great for a corporate meeting, retreat, dinner or reception. There is a piano in the room if the guests need music.

· Indoor Theater

The indoor theater provides a comfortable and intimate setting. Lighting and sound equipment are available according to specifications. It has 242 cushioned seats, a carpeted floor, and beamed ceilings. It also has a stage that is 18 inches high and 30 feet by 17 feet across and deep respectively.

Tours And Programs

Roanoke Island Festival Park is able to accommodate groups of various sizes. The park offers guided tours for some groupings, such as

· Group tours

· School tours

· Scout tours

· Children summer series

· Fall programs

· Outreach Program

Each tour and program is made to give participants the best Roanoke experience.

The Roanoke Island Festival Park is an amazing local attraction in Manteo. It gives historical tours, a historical archive and breathtaking views and nature trails. It also has some of the greatest seasonal shows of the Outer Banks. It offers a great historical learning opportunity for all ages. The fun exploration is suitable for school and social activities as well. It is this inclusivity that gives the park an edge over other destinations. You can take the kids to Manteo when you plan your next Outer Banks trip for an experience they are sure to remember. Be warned, they may have so much fun that they may not want to go back home.

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This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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