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Romantic Things to Do in Washington NC

Romantic Things to Do in Washington NC

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Sometimes your romantic aspiration needs something special to make it great. That's why you must read this article. This article is all about an exceptional city in eastern North Carolina. The place is Washington NC. In Washington, love is always in the air. So, this season, visit Washington. And explore amazing romantic things to do in Washington NC.

The Best Romantic Places in Downtown

Washington Waterfront Docks

There are many romantic things to do in Washington NC. But spending time at Washington Waterfront Docks with your partner is unique. The long walkway along the Pamlico River is perfect when you want to stroll for some time. And don't worry when you want to take some rest. There are plenty of benches available on the walkway. So, you can sit and enjoy togetherness. While you relax on the walkway, many beautiful events will inspire your romance for sure. Recharge your mood with the beauty of the Pamlico River. Or amuse yourself with the wobbling boats at the dock, turtles on your way, birds, and many more. You can also see a lovely, lawned park next to the walkway. The nice green park is great when you want to rejuvenate your romance in nature.

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Location: 301 W Stewart Pkwy, Washington, NC 27889.

Historic Downtown Tour

Once you have enjoyed the Pamlico River, now it's time for you to explore the historic downtown. The Downtown Washington tour is a part of the historic Albemarle Trail. Wondering what's more to do in downtown Washington? You can enjoy many shops, boutiques, bars, art galleries, and more. Stop by Underground Railroad Museum or the world-famous Estuarium. Want to enjoy shows and concerts with your partner? Turnage Theater is there for you. After strolling downtown, a cup of coffee would be fantastic, right? So here it is, Harbor District Market, a popular destination in Downtown Washington. In the marketplace, you can find plenty of cafes. Inside those cafes, you can spend quality time with each other and enjoy a warm sip of coffee.

Casey K from Google review says, “My husband and I love to visit downtown Washington.

The Lemonade Art Gallery

Wondering what could be the best romantic thing for your partner? Visit The Lemonade Art Gallery and buy something precious for your partner. Here you can explore or shop for exquisite art and crafts by famous local artists. The Lemonade Art Gallery offers fantastic art collections, including –

  • Jewelry
  • Watercolor/oil paintings
  • Woodwork
  • Pottery

Danny B from Google review says, "I bought freshwater pearl embedded earrings for my wife. They were gorgeous.

Location: 201 W Main St, Washington, NC 27889.

Make Romance More Exciting at Goose Creek State Park

There are many romantic things to do in Washington NC. But exploring Goose Creek State Park is the most exciting among them. Goose Creek State Park is a natural haven where you can escape to some quiet time in nature. The park locates off the shore of the Pamlico River. There is a long boardwalk in the park from where you can view the park’s marshlands. Goose Creek State Park is a unique place where You can enjoy the park’s estuarine habitats by walking. You can also spend a quiet afternoon paddling on the river. Oh yes, this state park is perfect for hikers. Swimming and fishing are the other options that you do at the park. Also, the park is home of many reptiles, amphibians, and insects. The park features a nice clean campground where you can spend a peaceful night together. What else could be better than this for a romantic night? There are more things available at the park, including:

  • Boat ramp
  • Auditorium
  • Picnic shelters
  • The Visitor Center
  • River Beach access

Bailey H from Google review says, “exploring the park is the best romantic thing to do."

Location: 2190 Camp Leach Rd, Washington, NC 27889.

Romance at the Restaurants

Pitt Street Brewing Company on the Pamlico

Want to experience something splendid on your most romantic day? Then visit Pitt Street Brewing Company on the Pamlico. This brand-new brewery has over 80 feet of riverside seating. Enjoy the fancy vibe of the place and taste their exotic collection of beer and wine. They also offer a permanent food truck at the same location – Savour. Savour offers a delicious handcrafted menu that features Caribbean and international cuisines.

Melissa T from Google review says, "the combo of the food truck and brewery is fantastic."

Location: 307 W Main St, Washington, NC 27889.

The Mulberry House

The Mulberry House is one of the most lavish restaurants in downtown Washington NC. So, no wonder the lovebirds will love this place so much. The famous handcrafted cuisine led by chef Mike Persson will allure you for sure. The Mulberry House brand new brewery is also coming up. For more updates, follow their Facebook Page. A sixteen-room boutique hotel, including a honeymoon suite, is also arriving soon. When you want The Mulberry House to host the most glamorous date night for you, it's all possible. Enjoy seating on a covered patio or rooftop; the live music will amaze you like nothing else.

Damien C from Google review says, "our first date night was here. And it was amazing."

Location: 189 W Main St, Washington, NC 27889.

Romance-filled Stay at Elmwood 1820 Bed & Breakfast Inn

Elmwood 1820 Bed & Breakfast Inn locates at the Pamlico River's waterfront. Elmwood Inn is a luxurious inn in Washington NC. They offer unique Romantic Suites where your romantic nights could be unforgettable. Each romantic suite features a king-size canopy bed, a sun porch, and a lavish bath. Also, the vast romantic suites are perfect for bridal parties and anniversaries.

Samantha H from Google review says, "this place is perfect for couples."

Location: 731 W Main St, Washington, NC 27889

Want to know more about Washington NC? This article might help you.

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