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Seavisions Charters

Seavisions Charters

Seavisions Charters is a boat tours agency. It is located in Beaufort County in North Carolina. The agency offers many on-site activities for the whole family. The tours are often to Shackleford Banks, Cape Lookout, and the Rachel Carson Reserve. Visitors gain the unique experience of learning about the region. This is through stories passed down by generations of Outer Banks natives. The experience offers an up-close tour of the region.

This tour accommodates a maximum of 10 people. It can be customized according to your liking. The tour typically starts at around 9 am. Timing is however flexible. Starting time can be adjusted according to what your group finds convenient.

Private Boat Tour

The total time for the whole tour is 5 hours. In that time, you will visit Cape Lookout and Shackleford Banks. Some of the activities you can take part in on the tour are:

· Going shelling

· Searching for and spotting wild horses

· Looking for dolphins

· Hanging out on the islands in the area

You can bring your pets if they are well behaved. They will however need to be on a leash during the whole tour. Bringing alcoholic beverages is allowed. Carry your own cooler. No glass containers are allowed on the tour to avoid accidents and pollution. The maximum weight on each tour is 2,880 lbs. This includes both passengers and luggage weight. Drivers enjoy free parking at the marina.

The total cost of the tour is $550. For you to go on tour, you have to make an appointment before arriving at the venue. Booking needs to happen one day in advance. This allows the tour guides to organize everything needed. They are able to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Sunset at the Sandbar Oyster Company

Oysters are a great source of revenue for the Sandbar Oyster Company. It is an aquaculture farm that is truly revolutionary in the industry. The company is located on the Newport River. You will need to wear shoes that you are comfortable getting wet in. At some point, the tour involves wading through shin-deep waters. You can buy Wild Ponies oysters to eat during the tour.

This tour is only suitable for individuals aged 14 and above. Those on the tour are allowed to bring alcoholic drinks. Remember, no glass containers are allowed at the company. There is free parking at the Marina.

The sunset tour is gorgeous and will be enjoyed by anyone who attends it. It costs $75. The tours take place on specific dates from 6 pm to 7:30 pm. It involves people standing by the water, watching the sunset, and having a good time.

Rachel Carson Reserve

This is located in the third oldest town in the state. Participants get to witness and learn from stories of the town and region. Beaufort offers a great variety of animal life and scenery. While on the tour, you may be able to see:

· 30 wild horses

· Dolphins

· 200 species of birds. These birds are usually migrating from one region to the next.

The tour takes a total of 3 hours. It is a private tour and accommodates a maximum of 10 people. There is a weight limit of 2,889 pounds on the boats. This limit includes both passenger and luggage weight. Those on the tour are able to get out of the boat and explore. The islands in the reserves hold lots of wonders. You can carry alcoholic drinks to the tour. Pets are allowed as long as they are well behaved. The tour costs $350.

Fishing Charters

There are two types of fishing charters offered at Seavisions Charters. These are:

1. Half Day Fishing Charters

This excursion accommodates a maximum of four people. The activities you will take part in are:

· Shore trolling

· Bottom fishing

The tour takes four hours and is led by Captain Greg Buttry. You will explore the shores of the Crystal Coast. You will also troll for numerous inshore species of marine life. Captain Greg is extremely knowledgeable on the bottom fish of the area. He explains and teaches participants all they need to know. The tour costs $575. Seavisions provide all equipment needed for the fishing excursion. These include;

· Tackle

· Bait

· Fishing licenses

2. Full Day Fishing Charters

Captain Greg Buttry leads this full-day excursion. You will go in search of various native sea life. Some of the fish you will search for are;

· Mahi

· Wahoo

· King Mackerel

The tour takes place in six hours. It involves trolling and bottom fishing excursions. It accommodates a maximum of four people and costs $1050. All the equipment is provided by Seavisions.

“Captain Monty was fantastic. My wife and I took our four kids out for a half-day. The highlight of our vacation. He was our own personal history teacher and marine expert all day. Super friendly and knowledgeable. Can’t say enough about the charters he guides. Thanks so much!” Quote by George Tiller from Google Reviews.

Captain Monty

Tours on Seavisions Charters are led by Captain Monty. He is a US Coast Guard and a licensed Master Captain. He provides guided tours to visitors. Captain Monty is extremely knowledgeable in the area. He grew up in the chain of islands of the region.

He is also an ordained minister, serving at the Universal Life Church. He performs marriages all over North Carolina. Captain Monty offered nearshore and offshore fishing charters in 2021. He worked on this project with Captain Greg Buttry and Kent Early. The three gentlemen have fished in the area all their lives. This makes them very knowledgeable in what they do.

Seavisions Charters is a fun place to explore the waters. There are breathtaking views and many activities to be involved in. It is a family and pet-friendly location. The area is well guarded and safe. Guided tours are offered to all who need them. Tourists get to see wild horses and dolphins. They also collect seashells and get a great marine experience.

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This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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