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Shuck, Rattle, and Roll

Shuck, Rattle, and Roll

Shuck Rattle, & Roll is an event used to showcase seafood. Those involved are usually alumnae and current students of Carteret Community College Aquaculture. All the proceeds received from Shuck Rattle and Roll go to helpingCarteret Community College. It supports students and all the programs they are involved in at the institution.

The students and alumnae harvest and serve the seafood. Booths are set up by local and oyster farmers in the area. The farmers provide locals with the chance to sample and taste different seafood. Students from Carteret CC Culinary work with local restaurants to prepare the food for the event. The event organizers welcome guests who would like to enjoy themselves at the event. Guests will find craft beer, wine, live music, and the freshest seafood.

Virtual Auction

The Shuck Rattle and Roll Virtual Auction came to be due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hosting events were greatly influenced by the pandemic. This forced Carteret Community College to change how they host events. Normal walk-in events became impossible, so the unique events like Suck, Rattle, and Roll had to be canceled for two years.

To recover from this, Carteret Community College aquaculture students came up with an idea. They opted to hold a Virtual Auction in place of the event. The virtual experience was made to be as similar to the real thing. The event received great support from numerous sponsors. Bidding was on for everything that went on at the event. Some of the things placed for bidding include;

  • Seafood Dinners To-Go: Like at the event, the dinners were harvested and served by Aquaculture students from Carteret CC
  • Gift cards: These came from local restaurants that helped prepare the dinners. They were paired with the dinners.
  • Sunset cruise aboard the Rebel: The Rebel is a motor yacht from 1928. It is 50 feet long and is found on Taylor’s Creek. The yacht is catered for by a restaurant in the area known as 34 degrees.
  • Air tour of the Crystal Coast: This tour would last for forty-five minutes.

The Virtual Auction opens on 26 March and closes on 9 April. It is a great chance to support Carteret Community College. The programs and students at the college gain a lot from the event.

Carteret Community College

The college was founded in 1963. It is located in Morehead City in North Carolina. Carteret Community College is on the shores of the gorgeous Bogue Sound. It is on a section of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway.

When it started, the college offered a few vocational and technical courses. These were;

  1. Marine Diesel
  2. Small Engine Repair
  3. Air Conditioning and Heating
  4. Electrical

Now, numerous technical, educational, and vocational programs are offered at the institution.


There are many courses that students can pursue at Carteret Community College. These lead to the attainment of either a certificate, diploma or associate degree. Programs that can be pursued at the college include;

AquacultureMarine Propulsion
Internet TechnologiesCulinary Technology
Business AdministrationElectrical/Electronics
Construction TradesEmergency Medical/Paramedic
Office Systems TechnologyEsthetics
Paralegal TechnologyFine Arts
Early Childhood Associate/Teacher AssociateFirefighter Training
Basic Law EnforcementInformation Systems
Photographic TechnologyHotel and Restaurant Management
Criminal JusticeTherapeutic Massage
WeldingHealth Science programs

College Transfer Curriculum

One of the most popular programs is the college transfer curriculum. It provides students with the chance to obtain an associate in arts or science degree. They get to transfer to a four-year institution. The college also provides different Corporate and Community Education courses. This enhances general education opportunities. Students are able to upgrade job skills, gain certification, and satisfy personal interests.

The courses are offered continually. They include:

  • Pre-licensing courses
  • Computer applications
  • Desktop publishing
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Emergency medical technician certification
  • Basic Skills courses - i.e. learning English as a second language

Shuck, Rattle, and Roll Sponsors

The Shuck, Rattle, and Roll event includes many different sponsors. The event attracts a lot of local businesses that are interested in helping the community. They supply the event with drinks like craft beer, wine, and other drinks. It is also a chance for them to gain new customers. Some of the sponsors who help host the event are:

Amos Mosquito's Restaurant and Bar: t-shirtsCaribsea: local restaurant
First Flight Federal Credit Union: t-shirtsRed Fish Grill: local restaurant
Beaufort Home: oyster tablesBlue Ocean Market: local restaurant
Fishtowne Brew House: craft beersSnapperz Grill and Steam Bar: local restaurant

Carteret CC Foundation Events

The college hosts various events each year. All proceeds from the events go to supporting students at Carteret CC. The events are held annually. Often, they highlight programs taught at the college. Some of these events include:

  • Carteret College Golf Tournament - October 15, 2021
  • Spanish Mackerel and Dolphin Fishing Tournament - July 9-11, 2021
  • Savor the Summer Soirees
  • Educational Lecture Series
  • Let’s Reconnect - Culinary Tasting and Tour
  • Escoffier Dinner Series
  • Shuck Rattle and Roll

Carteret Community College has a student body of 1900 students in the curriculum. There are 4,500 students in continuing education. This number reflects the rich diversity at the college. There are students of different ages, ethnicities, incomes, and educational backgrounds.

The college is a central part of the community. It also works closely with many community agencies to support its activities. It has partnered with the Carteret County Tourism Development Bureau Board, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Economic Development Council. These organizations help in encouraging economic growth in the region. To cater to the area’s growth in the hospitality and tourism industry, new programs have been introduced, including their newest program, Hospitality Management training.

Shuck Rattle and Roll is an event that focuses on promoting seafood among local communities. It allows people to attend and taste while learning from the Aquaculture students.

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This place is for Publicity

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