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Spa Weekend North Carolina

Spa Weekend North Carolina

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When was the last time you really spent time on yourself? That's the question that often gets thrown by the wayside when life takes over. We're so busy with so much and so many others that we forget about ourselves. Well, this is your reminder that you, too, are important and deserve some self-love.

To celebrate that, pick out a weekend to take off that will be spent on body treatments and services to reinvigorate each part of you. We put together a spa weekend NC itinerary for you to make the most of, plus a list of places you can do just that.

Destination: Spa!

Day 1: Check-In & Relaxation

On the way to the spa resort where you're staying, it would be a good time to decide your priorities. What kind of weekend are you looking for? Want a steam session, beauty treatments, or some retail therapy with a massage? Perhaps a little of everything? Regular hotels only offer you a place to sleep. This weekend is going to blow that idea out of the water.


To make the most of the experience, you'll want to check-in on Friday as early as possible. 3 pm is the most common check-in time, so aim as close as you can to that. Many resorts have an online process, so you can let them know you're there before you arrive.

That way, you can just walk directly to the counter and ask for keys. Some locations have even eliminated that wait by placing the keycards in an assigned spot near the front counter. Once you get to the room, it's time to freshen up, then head to one of the on-campus restaurants for a light snack and beverage.


If you've had a long drive, or not, this is a good time to get a full body massage. Check the times and make sure the spa is open later so you don't have to feel rushed. Book an appointment before you leave, so you won't have to worry about there being a slot available.

Steam Room

Depending on the type of massage you got, you might just want to sit for a while and do nothing. What better place is there to do that than a steam room? That's actually the beauty of the experience. You just go in and sit while the worries and cares of the day roll off your back. Literally.

After a quick rinse, your body will be longing for bed.

Day 2: Pamper

You'll want to be up early but not obnoxiously early. It's Saturday on your spa weekend, after all. Use room service as a way to ease into the day. We're going to start with beauty services this morning. This is about both looking good and feeling good, so pick a place with a salon, too.

The day will be in two parts; inner rejuvenation followed by outward beauty. Here are some of the options you have to choose from for the first half:

  • Inner Rejuvenation
    • Facials
    • Body Treatments
    • Aromatherapy
    • Massages

Now, this is a list of services to pick in the second half:

  • Outward Beauty
    • Hair Trim & Style
    • Blow Out
    • Manicure & Pedicure
    • Waxing
    • Eyebrows

Getting Out

You've spent the day moving around between this service and that. Now it's time to walk it off by checking out the local scene. Many resorts have shuttles that offer rides to and from nearby restaurants or retail centers. Whether you're window shopping or ready to spend, this is a good time to show off the updated you. Look into local attractions before departing, so you can plan this time wisely.

Hot Tub

After a day of focusing on feeling better inside and out, you'll be ready to melt onto the floor. However, the night isn't over! Get a light dinner then head back to the room to change into your swimwear. It's time to wrap up the night with a little hot tub action. By the time you are ready to get out and call it a night, you will be asleep before your head hits the pillow.

Day 3: Deep Breath Breakfast & Check Out

We aren't really on the last day yet, are we? Well, yesterday was so exhausting that going to bed a little early was acceptable. We're not going to focus on the truth that it's Sunday. We're going to live like it's Saturday but on a tighter schedule.

To get into the groove, get dressed for breakfast so you can start the day afterward. This is a reminder that just because check-out is at 12 does not mean that the day has to end at 12. You know how long it will take to get back, so use that as a gauge for when it will be time to head home.

Sunday is a free day on a time constraint. What would you like to do that you didn't have time for? Go take a swim in the ocean. Use the indoor swimming pool just to dip your toes in the shallow end. Get the body wrap in the spa. Take this time as the last gift to yourself before closing out the lovely spa weekend. The front desk will hold onto your luggage.

Where to Spend Your Spa Weekend in North Carolina?

Okay, the schedule is complete. So, where in North Carolina can you implement it? Below are a few resorts that give you the full experience suggested in the list above. Not all resorts have spas but they usually are very close by. The restaurants and services may vary slightly, but all around it will be the treat yourself weekend you're destined for.

  • Atlantic Beach Resort, Atlantic Beach
  • The Winds Resort Beach Club, Ocean Isle Beach

This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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