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Summer Festivals in Fayetteville NC

Summer Festivals in Fayetteville NC

There are so many things to do both indoors and outdoors in Fayetteville that you might forget there are other activities happening in the city. One of our favorites just so happens to be the season of festivals. Yes, summer is a great time to meet new people, enjoy the fresh air, and eat some funnel cake.

We're here to make sure you don't miss out on the fun by going through a list of what you can expect to fill your schedule with when the kids get out of school.

4th Friday Fayetteville

When: July 22nd from 6 to 9 pm

Where: Downtown Fayetteville

Cost: FREE

Get to know the streets and shops of downtown by coming out for 4th Friday Fayetteville. There will be food trucks, activities for all ages, and a plethora of vendors to cater to a variety of interests. Don't forget the musical performances and live art happening in your face.

If there's a specialty shop downtown that you've been thinking about checking out, look at the list. It's likely they will have a booth or be open to wanderers during the upcoming event. Go on in and check out the specials!

This particular 4th Friday will have something to get you in the spirit quick, the Anderson Street Block Party! The whole night, DJ Tommygeemixx will be on the turntables bustin' a groove for the crowd.

If this was a worthy way of spending a Friday evening, get your calendars out! 4th Friday runs once a month from March through November.

Wine and Pie Tasting

When: July 28th from 5:30 to 8 pm

Where: Fayetteville Pie Company

Cost: $25

Fayetteville is giving the people what they want; wine and pie. This is an elegant event for adults. The evening will start with three wines to be paired with two savory pies plus a sweet one. Pick which wine you like the best and get a whole glass of it that you can venture out with.

Let the wine put you in the mood to enjoy the saxophone player in attendance to make the time spent even that much classier. Michael Hine will show off the treasures from his local photography business. If you see something in particular that catches your heart, prints will be available for purchase.

The wine and pie menu will be listed online ahead of the tasting.

Midsummer Magic

When: July 29th and 30th from 11 am to 6 pm

Where: Fayetteville Downtown Historic District

Cost: FREE

Want to do something epic with your children before school starts back? How about a downtown scavenger hunt? Not only will it be a magical time, but it's also a great opportunity to get to know the town better. Everyone meets up in the morning to get acquainted and pumped about the two days worth of activities. Then, your group goes to participating businesses to get a fairy journal that includes a map and instructions.

While half of the categories participating are for kids, the others are for adults, groups, and pets. Yes, this is a pet-friendly event! Dressing up as a fantasy character is also strongly encouraged. Prizes will be given out and Llamas will be at the history museum, which is a prize in itself.

If that's not a unique way to get outdoors, what is?

Go-Go BBQ Festival

When: August 13th from 2 to 8 pm

Where: Festival Park

Cost: $25 to $55

Of all the food festivals, this one is going to be a blast! Because who doesn't love good BBQ? Brotha's BBQ has agreed to bless attendees with their heavenly brisket and more all day. That's the kind of food that will have you doing the jig. You won't have to do it to the music in your head, either. There will be a live DJ flipping the script on what you expect at a BBQ festival.

Feel free to bring picnic blankets and chairs. If you'd like to keep yourself entertained during the festivities, you're free to bring mild activities to enjoy between sets.

Who else can you look forward to seeing at the Go-Go BBQ? Here's a sample:

  • Black Alley
  • Blacc Print Experience
  • Suttle
  • DJ Slice
  • Goldsboro

Summer in the City

When: August 27th from 7 to 11 pm

Where: Skyview on Hay

Cost: $40 to $424

Next stop, Fayetteville! That was the name of a three-disc album released the year prior to Elvis Presley's passing. The record was going to be promoted during a 10-city tour, the last stop of which would have been Fayetteville. Since it never came to fruition, CityView brings the Elvis Experience to life!

A general entry ticket will come with one alcoholic beverage and endless finger foods. A VIP ticket includes seats for six at a reserved table along with a litany of snacks and two alcoholic beverages each for all of your guests.

See a New Side of Fayetteville

With such a variety of festivals going on throughout the city this summer, it might be hard to narrow the list. There is most definitely going to be something to spark the interest of everyone in the house. Don't forget to share this list with those you care about. There might be a magical event that makes everyone want to meet up together. Who couldn't use an impromptu family reunion?

What upcoming event has you marking YOUR calendar?

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