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Best Things to Do in Kinston NC on a Rainy Day 

Kinston has been formally a city since 1762. With over 350 years under its belt, Kinston has grown into quite an interesting place […]
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Water Parks Rocky Mount NC

Water Parks Rocky Mount NC Summer is almost here, isn’t it? So, Water Parks Rocky Mount NC is ready to welcome you. This […]
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Lions Water Park Kinston NC

Mother and Child Having Fun Riding Water Park Slide Grab your swim tubes, slip on those flip-flops and prepare to get soaked! The […]
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Best Things to Do in Eastern NC on a Rainy Day

North Carolina Maritime Museum The museum at Beaufort is one of the best places to visit when it rains and you are in […]
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Winter Things to Do Near Kinston NC   

Just because winter is upon us does not mean that staying home is the way to go. The happenings don't cease due to […]
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Best Things to Do in Kinston NC

Kinston NC  Awarded the All-American City in 2009, Kinston, North Carolina is located in the east and is just a hop, skip, and […]
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Kinston BBQ Festival

The BBQ Neuse Fest is a festival that takes place every year in May. In the Lenoir County of Kinston, North Carolina. Where […]
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Sand in the Streets

Sand in the Streets has been a long-standing tradition of Eastern North Carolina. It was recently renamed to Kinston North Carolina Summerfest. The […]
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CSS Neuse II

The CSS Neuse is the only existing vessel of its kind. It is a replica of a Confederate ironclad in full scale. The […]
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Yoder’s Dutch Pantry

Yoder’s Dutch Pantry is a bakery and restaurant in Craven County, North Carolina. It is located in a rural stretch of the state […]
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The Historic Albemarle Trail

Founded in 1975, led by a lifelong resident of the area, the Historic Albemarle Trail (HAT) has today become one of the oldest […]
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