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The Latimer House Wilmington NC

The Latimer House Wilmington NC

Museums preserve history. And there is a museum that not only preserves history but also makes us feel like we are a part of history too. Visit Latimer House in Wilmington NC, and explore history.

Latimer House locates at 126 S 3rd St, Wilmington, NC 28401. The museum neighbors many of Wilmington's major tourist attractions, like the Wilmington Riverwalk. The Riverwalk is only a 2-minute drive from Latimer House Museum.

So, if you are a history lover or anyone, Wilmington's Latimer House is a must-visit place for you. You can wander inside the historic house and cherish the opulent outlook of the home. Or you can stroll along the beautiful gardens and check out Victorian-styled centerpieces. Each choice definitely lures.

History of Latimer House

The local merchant, Zebulon Latimer, made himself famous in Wilmington. Soon Zebulon became rich. Wondering what makes him so rich? Owning naval stores and dredging Cape Fear River made it all. Now it was enough for him to go for the construction of Latimer House. It was the time when antebellum housing was on the boom in Wilmington. In 1852, Zebulon owned Latimer House. According to history, Zebulon Latimer enslaved many African American people. They used to live and work at Latimer House. Many of them were cooks, some of them were coachmen, and others were under leasing to work. Most of them used to live in small brick quarters in the gardens. In 1963 Lower Cape Fear Historical Society bought Latimer House. And now, it is the headquarter of LCFHS. The historic house is now open to the public six days a week.

Get to know Latimer House

It was during the Victorian era. Latimer House Wilmington NC continued to conserve the three generations of the Latimer family. Soon the four-story Latimer House became very popular for its Italianated- style symmetry. The square-sized building continued to portray elegance in Downtown Wilmington. The ornate building offers a hallway and the same number of windows and pillars on each side. Inside the house, it is like a lavish palace. Some of its features include the following -

  • 14 rooms
  • more than 600 antiques
  • neoclassical statues
  • nineteenth-century furnishing
  • hand-painted floral-patterned foyer
  • heart- pine grand staircase
  • marble fireplace
  • ornate chandeliers
  • rich carpets
  • velvety curtains
  • a fancy Victorian-styled formal parlor, and dining area

The gardens of Latimer House were unique too. The original stucco and lace-brick walls of the garden were rare indeed. The features are –

  • only Victorian-era plants planted in the gardens
  • an iron water fountain as the centerpiece
  • brick courtyard
  • many places to sit and relax
  • enslaved people's quarters

Regular Latimer House Tours

Latimer House Wilmington NC offers house tours from Tuesday to Saturday (10 am – 3 pm). The guided tours last 45 to 60 minutes. The last tour begins at 2 pm. Always make sure to schedule group tours. Tickets cost $14 per person. Kids under 5 cost no money to enter. Lower Cape Fear Historical Society archives are available from 10 am - 3 pm. Always call to schedule an appointment if you want to explore archives. Free street parking is also available for visitors. Mandy S from Google reviews says, "this guided tour is excellent."

Night Tours

Lower Cape Fear Historical Society has introduced a night tour program. The night tour is about the impact of gas technology on people's nightlife. They are the people who used to live and work in Latimer House until 1886 when the house was first electrified. The night tour starts at 8.30 pm. Tickets cost $20 per person. The tour accommodates ten people. So, it's better to reserve your place in advance. Jody M from Google reviews says, "night tour is so thrilling."

Historic District Walking Tour

Lower Cape Fear Historical Society presents a Historic District Walking Tour. The guided tour is all about strolling through the historic district. This 1½ hour-walking tour covers the surroundings of Latimer House. The tour shows Wilmington's classical architecture. The guided tour also offers stories about the 1898 insurrection. It shares local and national history too. Tickets cost $30 a person. The tour starts and ends at Latimer House. Reservation is a must for this tour. Danny M from Google reviews says, "this is an educational tour for everyone."

Holiday Candlelight Walking Tour

This holiday, experience Wilmington's favorite Candlelight Walking Tour of Old Wilmington. The tour is all about local history. Candlelight Walking Tour is for each member of the family. So, enjoy this special holiday tour with everyone. The walking tour offers exploring homes, places of worship, and other architecture. You will meet docents at each site to share stories with you. So, if you want to experience a magical holiday, don't miss this wonderful self-guided tour. Reservation is necessary to enjoy this event. Candlelight Tours will happen this year on December 10 (4 pm to 8 pm) and on December 11 (1 pm to 5 pm).

Latimer House for Every Event

Latimer House Museum offers seasonal events, musical concerts, and many more. Latimer House also hosts special gatherings. Nice art exhibitions or world-class tea parties in the formal tea room, the house is for every event. The Latimer House Museum is a popular place to celebrate. You can make your wedding memorable in the majestic Latimer Garden. Or you can enjoy any weekend event in the house. Latimer House Museum is busy in any season. So always book beforehand before you visit the place.

Latimer House Ghost Story

Is Latimer House Haunted? Many people believe so. Wilmington is an age-old city in New Hanover County. Because of its antiquity, the city has many haunted stories in and around it. Latimer House ghost story is one of them. As per history, many of Zebulon Latimer's children didn't make it until four. Even the employees reported missing things and a rotting smell in the basement area.

Want to know more about Wilmington NC? This article might help you.

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