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Things for Couples to Do in Jacksonville NC

Things for Couples to Do in Jacksonville NC

For couples, Jacksonville is a fantastic place to roam around. This city has lots of exciting places for couples. Today we will discuss things for couples to do in Jacksonville NC.

Lynwood Park Zoo

The Lynwood Park Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in the Jacksonville area. The Lynwood Park Zoo was founded in 1990. It is a veteran-owned and controlled park. The facility's goal is to introduce people to animals through education.

The animals come from a variety of backgrounds. For instance:

  • Private owner surrenders
  • Rescue situations
  • From downsizing or closing of other facilities
  • Recovered animals unsuited for release back into the wild
  • Relocated animals

This makes them stand out from other sanctuaries. It is said that every animal is unique and has a different story. You can ask the volunteers and keepers in the zoo for information about specific animals.

The zoo exhibits more than 50 animals. They feature a wide variety of animals, including reptiles, birds, mammals, and more. Another interesting thing about the animals is their activity changes throughout the day.

Visitors can wander slowly along the paths that connect the exhibitions. There are several rest breaks along the road. Children get to have a hands-on experience. Some animals are not on show during the colder months keeping in mind the conditions.

Website & Location: 1071 Wells Rd, Jacksonville NC 28540.

For couples with children, this zoo is a dream destination. The children get a lot of enjoyment from seeing these animals.

Montford Point Marine Museum

Another couple thing to do in Jacksonville was to visit this museum. This museum is a beautiful museum that was founded for a special reason. It was founded to remember the history of the Montford Point Marines.

This museum's objective is to collect and preserve history for public education.

The museum is always looking for content for its next displays. There are over 60 artifacts in store. The two contribution methods of this museum are as follows:

  • Permanent donations
  • Short and long-term loans of anything relevant to the history


The museum also holds a few public services for veterans. It provides scholarships to students, and they also have a hall of fame.

Overall, it's an excellent place for the couple to spend their day out.

Website & Location: Bldg M101 Camp Johnson, Jacksonville NC 28542.

Jacksonville Mall

Jacksonville Mall has been around since 1981. They provide name-brand stores, a food court, and a kids' play area. They have in-store shopping. The mall has a private parking lot.

Jacksonville Mall has a huge selection of shops. This includes well-known major brands and tiny boutiques. It's ideal for mall strollers; plenty of people shop here, and there aren't many closed stores. The mall also features an arcade and an AMC theater.

Aside from Chick-fil-A, the food court also offers:

  • Fresh juices
  • Ice cream
  • Chinese food.

Outside of the mall, you may find a Starbucks too. The mall has approximately 60 stores. The mall has clean restrooms too.

Jacksonville mall has made it easy for visitors to bring kids. This is because the mall has a mother’s room. A sink and a changing table are included, so it is an excellent place to nurse or feed a baby.

This mall has baby feeding facilities, so parents can come here with the toddlers too. A visitor named David visited the mall with his wife and wrote, “Small mall with a decent variety of stores available. Usually not overly crowded. Many stores... Good eating options... a nice afternoon with my wife.”

Website & Location: 375 Western Blvd, Jacksonville NC 28546.

Altitude Trampoline Park

Families, groups, and individuals may enjoy active, healthy fun at Altitude Trampoline Park. They feature more attractions and indoor trampolines across 30,000 square feet. There are dodgeball courts, basketball courts, and a special court for small children.

This park has no age restrictions. A waiver must be signed by jumpers. They must wear special Altitude Grip Socks, which are sold there.

Parties and Events

You can call or book your party online in this park. The park is also suitable for group events such as youth groups, school groups, college groups, etc.

If you want an exclusive event, you can also book out the entire park. Here is a list of what’s included in the “Book the Park” event:

  • Throughout your Book The Park event, no more visitors will be allowed
  • Access to every feature in the park
  • Use of the public tables and/or the exclusive party areas
  • Altitude Park Attendant with dedication

Among couple things to do, visiting a park is a great idea. There are lots of things to do for couples in the park. Read this article to find out the best parks in Jacksonville NC.

Website & Location: 1030 Henderson Dr, Jacksonville NC 28540

So, these are the things for couples to do in Jacksonville NC.

This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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