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Things for Couples to Do in New Bern NC

Things for Couples to Do in New Bern NC

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Today we are going to check out what are some of the things for couples to do in New Bern NC. Let’s jump straight into it!

Stillwater Kayaks

It can be challenging to think of interesting and creative date ideas. You might enjoy Stillwater Kayaks if you and your date enjoy being outside. Kayaking on a date ought to be simple, enjoyable, and unwinding.

The goal of your date should be to spend quality time with each other. However, going kayaking is more about unwinding and recharging. Although some kayakers may be interested in getting a good upper-body workout. The majority of people kayak for fun.

When you are not surrounded by daily distractions, you slow down and focus more on where you are and who you are with. One of the best aspects of kayaking is this.

The ideal setting for both of you to hang out is Stillwater Kayaks. Enjoy the beautiful scenery nature has to offer. This is as you cruise along the stunning Northwest Creek Marina. All while sharing a tandem kayak throughout your journey. This gives you two the ideal chance to spend some quality time together and have a lot to talk about. You have two options to choose from, including:

  1. Two-hour kayak trip
  1. A half-day kayak trip

Depending on your choice, prices will change. Be sure to check their page for the most recent information. So spend a couples’ day at 105 Marina Dr. in New Bern, NC.

Brice Creek Trail

Brice's Creek is part of the Saltwater Adventure Trail. It is distinctive in that it is the only saltwater trail in a national forest in the country. The historical significance is showcased along this water-based trail. The journey can last up to seven days. It includes visits to numerous tourist attractions and is appropriate for beginners.

The route almost completely encircles the Croatan National Forest. It is about 100 miles long. There are lots of options for recreation. This trail's main priorities are exploration, adventure, accessibility, and a distinctive environment. Many of the trail's features are accessible by car as well.

Access is free and is open all year round. The 3 types of activities for you are:

  1. Water activities
  1. Nature viewing
  1. Fishing

The Brice Creek Trail can be accessed from 951 Perrytown Rd, New Bern NC. So check it out!

New Bern Firemen's Museum

The New Bern Firemen's Museum, which opened in 1955, offers a distinctive experience. Everyone is welcome for a fun and educational learning day! Learn about the special programs and fire history of New Bern. So, discover the history of the oldest fire company in the state! Or also relive the Great Fire of '22, which destroyed over a thousand downtown buildings. You can also converse with Fred, the cherished fire horse, and take part in an experience unlike any other!

It is a completely different type of couple’s thing to do but that’s what makes it so great! After all, repetition becomes boring! Head on over to 420 Broad Street, New Bern, NC to check it out!

Poppy's Bites And Barrels

It used to be known as Beer Army Gastropub, Poppy's Bites and Barrels offers creative drinks such as:

  • Cocktails
  • Bourbon
  • Wine
  • Beer

Along with modern variations on classic southern cuisine.

The Poppy flower and Corporal Ben DeFonce, who was given the nickname, are the sources of the name. He tragically died in September 2021.

Did you know that Americans have worn red poppies since World War 1? It serves as a symbol of sacrifice for the country. This is a memorial for those who fought and lost their lives defending our country.

Veterans who have served this country are honored at Poppy's Bites and Barrels. It serves as a living memorial. Additionally, the general public who are curious about the security personnel.

North Carolina History Center At Tryon Palace

For those couples who enjoy all things historical. There's Tryon Palace's North Carolina History Center.

You can see changing exhibits, and rare artifacts, and purchase a few mementos here. Have you been here before? That is not an issue. You can participate in a wide variety of interactive historical activities here. Each visit is exciting and novel because of it.

For this historical adventure, proceed to 529 S Front St in New Bern, North Carolina.

Tap That Craft Beer, Wine Bar & Restaurant

To end this list of things for couples to do in New Bern NC we have Tap That.

This is the largest restaurant and bar in New Bern! Tap That’s the atmosphere is unmatched! They have a delicious menu to choose from and weekly events. Events are all posted on their site to check it out.

Tap That also offers loads of indoor and outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy. Their On Tap menu consists of the best of the best beers and drafts. Tap That is the perfect place to go as a couple for a relaxing but entertaining time! Head on over to 901B Pollock St, New Bern NC.

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