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Things for Couples to Do in Wilmington NC

Things for Couples to Do in Wilmington NC

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So as a couple, you are always looking for new and fun things to do. That’s how we get to know each other. I have compiled a very short list. Just 3 places for you to visit. I know, not many options, right? But don’t worry. As you read through them you will realize you have found the best 3 places to visit with your special person! This is Things For Couples To Do In Wilmington NC.

Carolina Beach Boardwalk

Want to spend the day out as a couple in Wilmington? Then Carolina Beach Boardwalk is for you! There are shops, restaurants, and attractions along the boardwalk. Which if I haven't already mentioned, is more than half a mile long. It's the perfect spot to spend the day. At Carolina Beach Ave S in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, you can find the beach boardwalk.

Two of the most well-known shops on the Boardwalk, which sell a range of beach equipment and supplies, are:

  • Island Tackle
  • Hardware

At The Fat Pelican, there are about 350 different types of beer! So beer tasting will also work for a great date idea. The stalls along the route sell a variety of presents and mementos.

Some fantastic restaurants to check out are:

SeaWitch Cafe & Tiki Bar

A fantastic option for things for couples to do is try out SeaWitch Café & Tiki Bar. You can listen to local musicians perform live music. This happens every day from Tuesday through Sunday. They really know how to make you laugh and make sure you have a great time. Additionally, a date isn't complete until you two have shared a delicious meal! Check out the seasonal specials on their website! And definitely add this to your list of couples things to do in Wilmington NC.

Ocean Grill & Tiki Bar

Want to impress your partner? Then this one is for you! Ocean Grill & Tiki Bar was recognized by as one of the top beach bars in America! Here you get to enjoy a breathtaking view of the ocean with your lovely date. The most flavorful coastal cuisine is served at Ocean Grill & Tiki Bar. So place a drink order, settle in, and unwind with your partner with this couples activity!

Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach, is one of the best American beach towns. It is renowned for its clear, wide beach and picturesque surroundings. No matter where you are you can enjoy beautiful views while strolling around. The sun rises and sets over the water there because it is such a magical place. This beach resort has been voted the best beach in North Carolina by generations of people.

The coastal experience is enhanced by:

  • A historical square
  • Narrated harbor cruises
  • A sanctuary for waterbirds
  • A variety of premier watersports competitions, and other events

Wrightsville Beach is one of the best surfing and standup paddle boarding places. And I'm talking about in the world. The shops along the beach and the shopping village are popular with shoppers.

History buffs enjoy the neighborhood museum and narrated scenic cruises. It provides a glimpse into the island's past. Boaters launch from full-service marinas. Masonboro Island is a barrier island with an undeveloped length of eight and a half miles. It is south of Wrightsville Beach and is a favorite destination for birdwatchers.

As you can see, Wrightsville Beach is for people of all interests and hobbies. Planning a day out as a couple in Wrightsville Beach will surely be entertaining and a full-on adventure! Check out their website for things to do or places to stay nearby!

Operation City Quest

Looking for an exciting activity to do with your partner? Through this enjoyable photo scavenger hunt, you can discover the city. You'll be given a list of things to find in the form of puzzles and challenges to finish on our scavenger hunt app. All this is done by using your smartphone. To earn points, you must:

  • Locate the object mentioned in the riddle
  • Finish the accompanying challenge
  • Upload a photo

Your points will be shown on the leaderboard of the app so you can see how you're doing in comparison to other teams!

Finding all the items and having fun are the objectives of the scavenger hunt. Most teams walk about two miles during the scavenger hunt, which lasts about two hours. Here you get to spend time together as well as find out truly how someone is when they are on a mission! The suggested starting point for this scavenger hunt is 201 Chestnut St, Wilmington.

Wilmington's Downtown And Midtown Brewery Tour

On a 3.5-hour tour, discover the best of Wilmington's craft beer scene. At Bombers Bev Co you will get a crash course in professional beer tasting. Then follow your guide to the best breweries in Downtown and Midtown. Visit Flytrap Brewing, Waterline Brewery, and Wilmington Brewing Company to sample beers. You can broaden your beer horizons and palate in each unique location.

The ideal way to spend some time together as a couple in Wilmington is to:

  • Learn about beer
  • The brewing process
  • Sample some of these amazing local craft brews

Pick up for this tour is at 108 Grace St, Wilmington, NC. This tour is hosted by Port City Brew Bus so check out their site for more details.

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