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Things for Tourists to Do in Washington NC

Things for Tourists to Do in Washington NC

Winter is almost over, and the busy travel season is arriving. So, have you decided where to go? If you wonder what could be your next travel destination, then let me tell you, Washington NC is the place for you. Washington is an amazing city on the northern bank of the Pamlico River. Will not leave you untied with its vibe. In Washington, you can connect with each small charm of the city. And each small charm will also allure you for sure. So, this season, visit Washington. And explore many unique things for tourists to do in Washington NC.

Famous Washington Downtown

Downtown Washington is one of the best downtowns in eastern North Carolina. So, here I present a list of exciting things to do in Washington.

North Carolina Estuarium

There are many wonderful things for tourists to do in Washington NC. But exploring North Carolina Estuarium is the most unique among them. This is the world's first Estuarium that offers 200 exhibits. The exhibits focus on important estuaries and coastal rivers, including –

  • Aquariums with crabs and other marine life
  • Artworks. Hands-on exhibits
  • Exhibits of marine life of Pamlico River
  • Exhibits on hurricanes and sea level rise

North Carolina Estuarium is perfect for field trips and hosting private events.

Stephen B from Google review says, "there are many things to do in Washington. But this is a must-visit place."

Location: 223 E Water St, Washington, NC 27889.

Washington Waterfront Docks

Wondering what could be the best tourist things if you visit Washington NC? Then let me tell you, you must not miss exploring Washington Waterfront Docks. The long walkway is a fantastic tourist thing if you want to stroll along the Pamlico River. Sometimes you can see turtles on your way and different birds. Don’t worry if you need to relax a bit. There are many benches on the walkway to sit and enjoy the passing boats. The place features a nice lawned park for the kids too. The park has a nice play area, gazebos, and well-shaded seating.

Karen B from Google review says, "my family liked this place so much.

Location: 301 W Stewart Pkwy, Washington, NC 27889.

Washington Waterfront Underground Railroad Museum

There are many amazing tourist things available in Washington NC. But if you are a museum lover, Underground Railroad Museum is your place. This museum is a historic landmark in Washington NC. The museum looks like a train car with plenty of exhibits on African American history. The displays are unique and will teach you a good deal of history. Also, if you want to learn more, the museum volunteers will inform you about age-old stories. The stories are unique and will amaze you for sure.

Renae S from Google review says, "this museum is the perfect place for everyone."

Location: Corner of Main and, Gladden St, Washington, NC 27889.

Goose Creek State Park

There are many beautiful things for tourists to do in Washington NC. But exploring Goose Creek State Park is the most thrilling among them. Washington NC is a unique place. While one part of the city offers a bustling downtown, the other offers nature's haven. Goose Creek State Park is the place if you want to spend some quiet time in nature. The park locates off the shore of the Pamlico River. The park’s wetlands feature moss-covered oaks and cypress swamps. There is a long boardwalk in the park from where you can view the park's marshland. Also, the park is home to many reptiles, amphibians, and insects. If you are lucky, then you can see alligators outside the park. You can enjoy the park’s estuarine habitats by walking or paddling on the river. The state park is great for hiking, swimming, and fishing. The park also features many more exciting things, including –

  • Nice and clean campground
  • Boat ramp
  • Amphitheater
  • Auditorium
  • Picnic shelters
  • The visitor center and exhibits
  • River Beach access

Shay P from Google review says, “one of the best state parks in North Carolina.

Location: 2190 Camp Leach Rd, Washington, NC 27889

The Lemonade Art Gallery

If you are an art-lover visiting Washington NC you never would want to miss a creative place. The place is - The Lemonade Art Gallery. As a tourist, let’s explore the world of art or shop exquisite art and crafts by eminent local artists. The Lemonade Art Gallery offers a unique collection of arts and accessories, including –

  • Jewelry
  • Scratchboard art
  • Watercolor/oil paintings
  • Custom portraits
  • Woodwork
  • Pottery

Debbie B from Google review says, "nice gallery with stunning collections."

Location: 201 W Main St, Washington, NC 27889

Famous Restaurants in Washington NC

Grub Brothers Eatery & Little Brown Jug

Jeff A from Google review says, " Grub Brothers Eatery offers the best foods in town."

So, whenever you visit Washington, you must not miss this local joint. This classic American restaurant offers a fusion of Southern and Cajun cuisine. Try BBQ pork or chicken with the famous Grub BQ sauce or slow-roasted prime rib. The restaurant also offers delicious salads and burgers.

Ryan S from Google review says, "I tried Uncle Sam. It was super delicious."

Location: 156 W Main St, Washington, NC 27889.

The Mulberry House

The Mulberry House is one of the excellent restaurants in downtown Washington NC. When they renovated the historic Fowle Building, Mulberry House got its name. Led by chef Mike Persson, the Mulberry House cuisine is always local and always loved. The famous handcrafted cuisine includes lunch, dinner, Sunday Brunch, and Saturday Breakfast. They offer delicious kids' meals too. The Mulberry House brand new brewery is coming up. For more updates, follow their Facebook Page.

Patrick K from Google review says, "we had a great experience at this place."

Location: 189 W Main St, Washington, NC 27889.

Want to know more about Washington NC? This article might help you.

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