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Things to Do in Elizabeth City NC for Valentine's Day

Things to Do in Elizabeth City NC for Valentine's Day

The most romantic time of the year! Every girl's favorite holiday. Even though Valentine's day is not gender specific. Traditionally, it's the ladies who get spoiled the most! And that’s okay...

So, what do you do in Elizabeth City for Valentine's day? Well, I am going to help you give her the perfect Valentine’s day of her life! Watch this space!

Valentine's Day Flower Arrangements

Flowers to women are like beer to men. We don’t need it to have a good time, but most of the time it adds to the enjoyment! Every lady loves receiving a bunch of her favorite flowers. It puts them in an amazing mood and can sometimes get you out of the doghouse... just not all the time!

Let’s look at where you could get some flowers for her in Elizabeth City.

Jeffrey's Greenworld & Florist

Jeffrey's Greenworld & Florist is a top florist in Elizabeth City. They offer quality designs and presents for any celebration. The talented florists are dedicated to creating lovely, high-quality designs. Oh and not forgetting, offering their clients outstanding customer service. For your benefit, they provide dependable same-day delivery of flowers around Elizabeth City.

So why are you still waiting? Purchase a loving arrangement for Valentine's Day from Jeffrey's Greenworld & Florist. Browse their website to select the ideal floral present, then place an online or call. If you need to pop in, they are located at 1115 US Hwy 17 South, Elizabeth City, NC

Albemarle Floral

Albemarle Floral specializes in brightening up people's days! They have the most creative people working round the clock to meet deadlines. This allows them to push out the most exceptional bouquet every time. You can order online, pop in or simply call and explain exactly what you want. It’s easy for me to sit here and write the good things, so instead, check out some reviews.

Wanda Gamble wrote, “As an out-of-state customer, there is always an element of concern…

the owner was so friendly and helpful…

And she graciously made special delivery arrangements for my order. I am looking at a picture of the arrangement as I write this. Beautifully done. 5 stars X 2!!!”

Jen Tyner wrote, “Sherry was the SWEETEST! She didn't have the gerber flowers for Mothers Day that were meant to be in the bouquet…

but she called me to tell me that & wanted to make sure that was okay. She said she promised to still make a beautiful bouquet and even give me more than my value & boy, DID she!!! My bonus mama said it was one of the prettiest bouquets she's ever gotten!!! She sent me a video yesterday - 2 weeks later & they are STILL alive & blooming!!! THANK you Sherry, you are the sweetest & so talented! I would recommend you 1000 times over!<3.”

So there you have it! Check out their website or head on over to 505 E Church St Suite 1, Elizabeth City, NC.

Valentine's Day Gifts

So when it comes to gifts for Valentines day, things can get a bit stressful. Oh and not forgetting, costly! However, did you know that most ladies do not care for expensive gifts? It’s the thought that counts. You getting them just a $4 teddy bear will make their day. I, however, want to help you make their day even better! Let’s check out where you can get some edible arrangements from in Elizabeth City.

Edible Arrangements

Try out Edible Arrangements. They specialise in everything edible for all occasions. That means you’re covered for Valentine’s day! Let’s have a look at a few of their edible valentine treats.

Chocolate Strawberry Sweetheart Box. Who ever said that a girl's best friend is a diamond? They obviously never had the pleasure of eating chocolate-dipped strawberries. Enjoy a Valentine's Day treat that is every chocolate lover's dream with your sweetie. Try out their Chocolate Strawberry Sweetheart Box. This box contains 12 chocolate strawberries. Their variations are:

  • Strawberries with semisweet chocolate dipping
  • Sentiment strawberries dipped in chocolate
  • Strawberries covered in chocolate and sprinkles on top

Be My Valentine Bouquet. How about being my Valentine? This bouquet is the ideal place to start if you want to answer this age-old question. In this unique bouquet you get:

  • A heart made from a pineapple
  • Tasty strawberries
  • Strawberries with semisweet chocolate dipping
  • XOXO Belgian chocolate pops

For Your Sweetheart Sloth Plush & Chocolate-Covered Strawberries. This treat is from their Valentine's Day collection. In essence, it provides a feeling that a dating app simply cannot provide. Additionally, you and your partner can heat up your Warmies® Sloth Hugs in the microwave. This will make a cozy sleeping companion that will keep you both warm for a very long time.

A Romantic Dinner

We have reached that portion of the evening where it’s time to blow her away with your dinner reservations. Let’s see what “YOU” have come up with.

The Mills Downtown Bistro

Impress your date with a lovely presentation on carefully chosen old china. Flatbreads, crepes, and tapas are some of The Mills' specialties. Here you get to enjoy a tasty modern masterpiece. As well as take a step back and admire the sophistication of the past. The Mills can be found at 200 N. Poindexter Street in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.


A welcoming environment is a priority at Montero. Their aim is to accommodate everyone. They put a lot of effort into offering top-notch customer service. As well as producing fine food, and creating an unforgettable experience. Impress your date for Valentines day and head on over to 414 McArthur Dr, Elizabeth City, NC .

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