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Things to Do in Jacksonville NC in Summer

Things to Do in Jacksonville NC in Summer

In the hot weather of summer, Jacksonville city has lots of things to do for visitors and its residents. Now we will discuss things to do in Jacksonville NC in the summer.

Lynwood Park Zoo

If you’re looking for a zoo to visit in Jacksonville, then Lynwood Park Zoo is an ideal choice. This small zoo exhibits diverse birds, mammals, and reptiles. The visitors have the opportunity to feed some animals.

This zoo can also be great for your family day out. The staff is very helpful and insightful. You can have a nice walk on the trails of this zoo with your loved ones.

You can see some of your favorite animals out there along with some you’ve known existed. The employees of the zoo take great care of the animals as well as the visitors.

Website & Location: 1071 Wells Rd, Jacksonville, NC 28540, United States.

Onslow Pines Park

During Jacksonville summer, visiting a park is a great idea. The super Onslow Pines Park is a great place for people of any age. It is an incredible place to spend quality time with your family. There are areas to play for the children and trails for walking.

The ambiance of the park is always popping. Food truck rodeos are a common sight for this park as they host them throughout the year. Onslow Pines park is a great place for arranging picnics. Along with jogging trails, the park is equipped with:

  • A basketball court
  • Two volleyball courts
  • Four baseball diamonds
  • One football field

Website & Location: 1244 Onslow Pines Rd, Jacksonville, NC 28540, United States.

Zing Zumm Children's Museum of Jacksonville

If you’re searching for a museum to visit with your children in Jacksonville, this museum should be on top. This place is neat & clean, with tons of fun and friendly stuff for the kids. Your children can dress up as workers of different professions.

The entry fee is only $8, and children under 12 months will get free passes. The staff are very welcoming and will guide you through the whole museum to share insights. It can make your visit interesting and enjoyable, unlike other museums. The highlights of this museum are:

  • Puppet show
  • Pretending and playing
  • Grocery store and toys

This whole museum is designed to help your children grow their imagination. For the children, this is among the best Jacksonville summer things to do.

Website and Location: 625 New Bridge St, Jacksonville, NC 28540, United States

Jacksonville Mall

Among summer things in Jacksonville NC, visiting the mall is a great idea. The Jacksonville Mall is an interesting place that offers many activities to visitors.

You can roam around the mall and buy what you want from the variety of stores. The stores offer nice service and great collections to choose from.

Food Court Zone

The food court zone has a few good restaurants and cafes. People of any age will find their preferred food there. But the number of food courts is limited. Still, there are enough benches to accommodate the customers.

Kids Playing Area

Kids can roam around the whole place and enjoy themselves. They can also enjoy playing indoor games in the playing area as there are rides and toys available for them. Activities like circuses, fairs, games, etc. happen throughout the year for the kids.

Website and Location: 375 Western Blvd, Jacksonville, North Carolina 28546.

Onslow Council for the Arts

The Onslow Council for the Arts should be a perfect fit for a place to enjoy some arts in Jacksonville. They have a wonderful selection of art from local artists. This gallery is renowned for displaying a wide range of artistic styles and mediums.

This place will blow your mind if you’re interested in arts and culture. They have done a pretty good job in supporting the artists and displaying their works to the public.

The director of the gallery is an incredible host. The events hosted here deliver festivities to the people.

Website and Location: 826 New Bridge St, Jacksonville, North Carolina 28540.


Montford Point Marine Museum

To all history enthusiasts, Montford Point Marine Museum is a must-visit place. They have an incredible collection of recent and ancient memorabilia here. Those collections have their stories to tell. You can unfold them by visiting the whole museum.

The colors, history, and legacy of the Marines of African America will give you a surreal feeling. There are a few other outstanding things that you can look for in this museum:

  • Time capsule burial
  • Beautiful ceremony
  • Military history
  • Motivating real-life stories

Website and Location: Jacksonville, North Carolina 28543.

Culture Clicks Museum

The Cultural Clicks Museum is a great place to visit on the weekends. In case you’re looking for a cool place to visit on the weekend, then you should go there.

The entry ticket will cost you $21-$30 and the place is worth every penny you’re paying here. This museum will offer you a never-seen selfie-clicking experience. The staff is welcoming and friendly as well.

Website and Location: 201 Country Club Rd G, Jacksonville, North Carolina 28546.

So these are the things to do in Jacksonville NC in summer. Click here to find out the best parks in Jacksonville NC.

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