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Things to Do in Wilmington NC at Night

Things to Do in Wilmington NC at Night

"Small Town Charm with Big City living" Wilmington is where you go when you want the best of both worlds. From historical buildings to beautiful beaches and a great beer scene, Wilmington conquers!

Experience the ever-growing nightlife or simply take a stroll down the Riverwalk. Wilmington's Riverwalk stretches 1.75 miles through their historical downtown. With it being pet friendly, they take the phrase "leave no man behind" very seriously.

You're still hooked on the ever-growing nightlife part, aren't you? Well then let’s jump straight into things to do in Wilmington, NC at night!

Museum of the Bizarre

Museums have the ability to bring people together locally as well as on a social level. Local museums serve as an excellent resource for learning about history. All the while also fostering a feeling of place and community.

Museum of the Bizarre offers a great experience when it comes to visiting museums. Artifacts are spread throughout the museum. They can easily be missed if you focus on eye level only. Be sure to scan each area from the ceiling to the floor to see all the bizarre items. Some of the bizarre exhibits you will see include:

  • Crystal skull of knowledge
  • Goat brothers' heads
  • Houdini’s ouiji board
  • Unicorn horn
  • Chupacabra hand
  • Possessed clown
  • Bigfoot imprint and many more!

As you can tell, these are some pretty bizarre exhibits.

During the summer the Museum of the Bizarre is open until 8 pm. So grab a bite and head on over to 201 S Water St. Wilmington, NC

The Pointe 14 Cinema

Stone Theatres' newest theater, The Pointe 14, is the focal point of Barclay Commons. The Pointe boasts 14 cutting-edge displays and two massive PDX HD screens. All have great sound due to built-in Dolby sound. There is an assortment of drinks and light snacks available at the concession café. Each theater boasts cozy seats with lots of room to stretch out your legs, so tall people need not worry.

So sit back and enjoy this amazing view at 2223 Blockbuster Rd, Wilmington, NC

Kickback Jack's

Looking to grab a bite before heading out? Or maybe just wanting to spend the night watching some sports while shooting some pool. Then you should definitely check out Kickback Jacks.

There are plenty of entertaining events on Kickback Jack's activities list for all. At their sports bar, you may play karaoke, corn hole, poker, and fantasy league drafts. So head on over to unwind at Kickback Jack's with your old friends or make some new ones!

Large groups are welcomed at Kickback Jack's to watch all types of sporting events. They have many enormous, high-definition screens and award-winning wings! The NFL, college football, and other sports television packages are also available. Sit back, relax and enjoy a cold one at Kickback Jack's on 418 South College Road, Wilmington, NC.

Brooklyn Arts Center

St. Andrews Church was built in 1888. It served as the cultural, spiritual, and social hub of Wilmington for almost a century. It has been tastefully renovated and reopened as the Brooklyn Arts Center. It is known as the most beautiful event space in Historic Downtown Wilmington. This has to be the most perfect setting for any celebration. The Brooklyn Arts Center is a stunning location for:

  • weddings
  • concerts
  • charitable galas
  • banquets
  • films
  • art shows and more

The windows, made from stained glass, display its beautiful artwork that is 125 years old. With 30-car private parking, why not try something new and get married at night? Or if you're not looking to go so extreme, then maybe start off with one of their amazing art shows or concerts. Either way, you're in for a treat!

The Brooklyn Arts Center provides a two-for-one deal as the historical Annex is part of it. The Annex has one of the most stunning cocktail lounges in the entire region. Two of Wilmington's most historical buildings are in one location. This masterpiece can be located at 516 N 4th Street, Wilmington, NC.

Wine & Design

Wine and Design is where you go if you want a unique, imaginative, and enjoyable experience. You and your friends will be creating art while learning about new wines.

Wine & Design is also a great place if you want to make new friends. At Wine & Design, you need not bring anything, all equipment will be provided. That includes a corkscrew!

Don't feel shy if this is your first time painting, every artist started somewhere. You might just unlock your hidden talent while having the most fun. Local artists will lead and guide you step-by-step in creating your own masterpiece. Some great wine, intriguing conversations, and your very own artwork, not bad for a night out, hey.

Wine & Design does not leave anyone out. Art classes are also held for kids as a more family-friendly type of outing. Kids love it and the adults still get to mingle! Check out their website for upcoming events or drop by at 1319 Military Cutoff Road, Suite JJ.

This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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