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Things To Do In Wilmington NC During The Holidays

Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. Meanwhile, paydays are the most wonderful time of the month. Don’t worry, these activities won’t have you breaking the piggy bank. This article is about things to do in Wilmington NC during the holidays. Wait, stop, nobody move! We will also be checking some things for you to do around Wilmington. Don’t panic, it won’t require an overnight stay. Let’s check it out.

Bladen County Christmas, Elizabethtown

Roughly an hour’s drive away from Wilmington is Elizabethtown. A small town but very lively! During the Christmas season, Elizabethtown hosts a ton of festivals and events. Let’s have a look at them.

Elizabethtown Christmas Tree Lighting

It is now a part of the 30 Days of Celebration to light the Christmas tree in the Bladen County Courthouse. This happens each year as part of the renamed Bladen County Christmas. It is located at Elizabethtown's Courthouse Square, 166 E. Broad St.

The annual Christmas tree lighting is the beginning of the city's holiday magic. Usually, at the event you can expect:

  • Santa Claus will be on the square
  • Carollers will fill the air with Christmas music
  • Hitch Coffee normally serves hot cocoa and coffee

Kids can make ornaments to put on their ceremonial trees! Stores tend to stay open till later, so after the event, you may shop or grab a bite to eat.

Elf Scavenger Hunt

This is another part of the Bladen County Christmas - 30 Days of Celebration. Get ready for an Elf-themed scavenger hunt! Participants will visit nearby businesses to look for the E-WL Elf. Their cards will be punched by staff members.

The Elf Scavenger Hunt Card can be:

  • Downloaded and printed
  • Picked up at local businesses
  • Collected from the Chamber Office

So get your hunting on! Once you find the E-WL Elf, you can enter to win a massive Christmas stocking full of gifts! This scavenger hunt is located in Downtown Elizabethtown.

Elizabethtown Christmas Parade

And lastly, while we are in Elizabethtown, let’s check out the Christmas Parade!

In past years, the annual Christmas Parade in Elizabethtown started at the Town Hall. From there it moves down West Broad Street before turning onto Poplar Street. It comes to an end at Poplar and Swanzy streets. There were two performance spaces set up. One in front of Anderson's Drug on Poplar Street and one by Leinwands Clothing on West Broad Street. Santa also normally shows up for the procession!

A float decoration competition was held in previous years. During that year, kids got to visit Santa at the Cape Fear Farmer's Market, at 106 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive!

Enchanted Airlie Gardens, Wilmington

Airlie Gardens has to be my favorite place to visit and write about! This place is magical! For over 16 years, Airlie Gardens has been transforming into a fairy forest. That’s the only way to describe it, search fairy forest and view images to be mesmerized! This fairy forest is known as Enchanted Airlie Gardens. As you stroll through the garden, you can enjoy the sweet melodies of Christmas music. As well as holiday decorations.

Enchanted Airlie Gardens is perfect for:

  • Dates with your loved one
  • Family visits
  • Experiencing one of a kind Christmas event

A self-guided tour around Airlie Gardens is roughly half a mile long. If you are visiting with someone who is disabled or elderly, that is no problem. Airlie Gardens is wheelchair accessible. Because everyone deserves to see this fairy forest. There are also seasonal flowers and entertainment options. During this self-guided tour, you can take your time and stop at the exhibits that most interest you.

Later in the evening when it is darker and the lights are more vibrant, it is usually the slot for couples. This makes the scenery a lot more romantic and makes for the best backdrop in pictures. The earlier slot is usually more if you are visiting with a kid. That way they won’t get lost when it is too dark.

Local businesses tend to get in some action too by selling delicious treats outside. Be sure to check out their linked page as tickets sell out pretty fast! So head on over to 300 Airlie Road, Wilmington.

Christmas In The Country, Rocky Point

Since Covid hit, a lot of people are more cautious. Especially after catching the virus and seeing how sick you can actually get. This is what makes Christmas In The Country a one-of-a-kind event.

Christmas In The Country is a drive-thru moving Christmas light show. Yes, that’s right, sit back in your comfortable car seats and take a romantic drive through the event. On either side will be decorated trees, driving paths, and Christmas decorations. As I have mentioned, a romantic drive, it also helps parents with kids that like to run. No more chasing after them and missing the show! Get some snacks, sit back and enjoy the ride! This one-of-a-kind event is held at 438 Rocky Point Elementary School Rd Rocky Point, NC.

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