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Things to Do in Wilson NC in Summer

Things to Do in Wilson NC in Summer

Wilson is a vivid town in Eastern North Carolina with a deep heritage and magnificent views. It has a population of 49,167 people, according to the 2010 census. Summer months in Wilson are defined as warm and muggy. Today we will talk about Summer Activities in Wilson NC.

Deans Farm Market

Deans Farm Market offers the following food items to visitors:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Veggies produced locally
  • fresh-made jams
  • Flavored pickles
  • steamed veggies

For your summer vacation meals, baked and healthy collards are found here. You will also find exotic food salads in this market. The exterior is brilliantly manicured and decorated. From April to December, this marketplace is accessible.

Deans Farm is an entertaining spot for your children and family members. It has a large playground field for children. The place is very clean. The food served here is very delicious too.

A visitor expressed his satisfaction while visiting this farm market and wrote,

My son had so much fun on his field trip to Dean's Farm Market. He loved playing with all the things they had... He loved being able to lick his own pumpkins as well. Us adults liked the market and getting some goodies there to take home. It was a very fun trip.

Website and location: 7732 4231, NC-42, Wilson, NC 27893.

Wilson Botanical Gardens

The unique plants are the main draws for tourists to the Wilson Botanical Garden. There are over 3,000 distinct exotic herbs and flowers to see. The Wilson Botanical Gardens is a perfect place to meditate.

During the summer, The Wilson Botanical Gardens is a delightful spot for visitors. You can go there alone or with kids or friends for some enjoyment. This garden has edible fruit plants. The park has a "secret children's garden" section that is fantastic for children.

This garden has many interesting elements to taste and discover, which include,

  • Water wall- when you cross a detector on the water wall, it sprinkled rainwater
  • The slide
  • Magic Tunnel
  • Sunflower sprinkles
  • Wheel
  • Swing.

Website and location: 1806 Goldsboro St S SW, Wilson, NC 27893.

Kayak at the Cliffs of Neuse State Park

Cliffs of the Neuse State Park is situated in Wayne County. On the face of the cliffs, this state park has levels of sand. Natural materials, Schist, Small stones, and clay generate a variety of shades.

Kayaking boats and canoe rentals are available at this park. The scenic views of the Neuse State park are ideal for family camping.

Kayaking on the Neuse River is a popular thing to do that you can enjoy in summer. In the river, there are several places where you can launch your kayak. This park also offers the following facilities to visitors:

  • Fishing.
  • Hiking.
  • Biking.
  • Firewood.
  • Picnic shelter.

Website and location: 240 Park Entrance Rd, Seven Springs, NC 28578.

Toisnot Park

Among Wilson NC summer things to do, visiting this park is a great idea. Toisnot Park is a fabulous place in the wooded countryside.

This park is well known for its mesmerizing beauty and amusement. It is a lovely place to unwind with a stunning outlook of the lake. It's an excellent place to catch fish in the summer.

You can see and enjoy the following birds and animals in the park:

  • Herons
  • Tortoises on the pond
  • Ducks.

Furthermore, You can pass the time by providing ducks with food. It's also ideal place for children because of its shaded play areas.

The youngsters can rest and play in the parks without being scorched by the heat of the sun. They also have some entertaining equipment and machinery.

Website and location: 1500 Northeast, Corbett Ave, Elm City, NC 27822.

North Carolina Baseball Museum

The museum displays baseball memorabilia from all over North Carolina. It also features North Carolina’s best basketball players. This venue hosts many special activities during summer baseball weeks.

The museum is extremely well-kept. The museum exists within the historic Fleming Stadium and is filled with”

  • Artifacts
  • Signature baseballs
  • Bats
  • Baseball cards
  • News articles
  • Banners

It is small, but it contains a lot of fascinating history. You can now buy items from the local teams at the stadium's newly launched gift shop. In such a small area, so much history is contained. Additionally, they have some warm and highly intelligent volunteers.

Website and location: 300 Stadium St SW, Wilson, NC 27893

Contentnea Creek

In North Carolina, Contentnea Creek is a significant waterway of the Neuse River. It is a part of the Neuse River Basin. It's an excellent location for catching different types of fish. Here you can spend a lazy summer evening on a motorboat.

Wilson is a traditional small town in the countryside. It is a decent place to live. Here you will love the relaxed lifestyle while being near city facilities. And these are some of the summer things to do in Wilson.

Like summer, Wilson city has lots of things to do in the winter too. Read this article to find out the winter things to do near Wilson NC.

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