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Things to Do Near Greenville NC

Things to Do Near Greenville NC

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Greenville is recognized as an economic, cultural, and educational center in North Carolina. There are two cities named Greenville in the USA. One is located in South Carolina and the other is in North Carolina. 

This article will discuss the Greenville city located in NC. Greenville, North Carolina has many beautiful places like restaurants, art galleries, malls, parks, hiking trails, etc. People can visit these places with their family and friends. 

Places of Interest in Greenville

There are many magnificent places of interest where you can enjoy yourself in Greenville. Places like Town Common, Uptown Greenville, and Alice F. Keene District Park you can visit in Greenville. 

Town Common

The Town Common is a beautiful and well-kept city park. It has a modern playground and an open-air amphitheater. You can also enjoy a boat ramp on the river. This park is a great place to organize a picnic with family & friends. 

Kids can play in the playground. There is also a beautifully constructed railway that runs along the Tar River. You can also do car skateboarding, jogging, bike-riding, etc. 

Uptown Greenville

Uptown Greenville is also known as the heart of the city. Here you can buy fashionably designed clothes from boutique shops. You can also enjoy lunch or dinner in Uptown Greenville and many famous restaurants in the city are located here. 

Alice F. Keene District Park

This park has hiking trails, picnic tables, and facilities for sports, including soccer and softball. The big playground is a perfect place for kids of different ages to enjoy and explore themselves. There is also a lot of climbing stuff for the kids.

Where You Can Eat in Greenville, NC

There are many restaurants in Greenville, NC where you can eat with your family and friends. Bateeni Mediterranean Grill, Yaba Mediterranean Grill, and Angus Grill are some of Greenville's most famous restaurants.

Bateeni Mediterranean Grill

Bateeni Mediterranean Grill is famous for its special 'Bateeni' bread. The 'Bateeni' bread is baked with thyme, olive oil, and cheese.

  • Location: 1868 W Arlington Blvd, Greenville, NC 27834
  • Recommendations: The restaurant's meal is delicious and has outstanding service. If you are looking for a fresh cup of coffee along with bread, salad, or grill; this restaurant may be the perfect place for you. 
  • Reviews: "Routinely get takeout dinners here. Delicious, fresh food. Reasonable prices and prompt service."

Yaba Mediterranean Grill 

Yaba Mediterranean grill's chicken Shawarma bowl is one of the best in the town. This restaurant also serves beef, Arabi chicken, shawarma wrap, falafel, mint lemonade, etc. 

  • Location: 1201 Charles Blvd, Greenville, NC 27858
  • Recommendations: For the chicken Shawarma lovers, this place is a must-go. You will regret it if you miss their delicious chicken Shawarma bowl. 
  • Reviews: "Phenomenal shawarma made to order right in front of you. Try the wrap, you won't regret it. The staff is always amazingly friendly and the place is extremely clean."

Angus Grill

Angus Grill is most famous for its burgers. They serve different types of burgers, like the Hawaiian burger, sweet onion burger, chili mac burger, smokehouse burger, etc. Angus Grill restaurant also serves cheesesteak and smoked brisket sandwiches.

  • Location: 201 S Jarvis St, Greenville, NC 27858
  • Recommendations: A loveable and enjoyable place along with its food. Burger lovers are specially invited to this beautiful restaurant. Different types and tastes of burgers are definitely a great experience to have.
  • Reviews: "The food was fresh and the waiter staff was friendly and attentive. I had the Bacon Mushroom Swiss burger and it was delicious! Great prices." 

Art Galleries in Greenville, NC

Greenville is also famous for its art galleries. These galleries also held many events from time to time. For instance, the City Art Gallery is famous for its enriched collection of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, etc. 

Emerge art gallery is an art gallery that extensively supports local artists. They arrange a variety of workshops on drawing and painting for people of all ages. Exhibits of artworks by local artists are extensively found in Emerge art galleries. 

Greenville Museum of Art had artworks by famous North Carolina artist Sarah Blakeslee. The exhibits at this museum are very enjoyable. 

Other Areas of Interest in Greenville, NC

River Park North 

Imagine a place where you have hiking trails, fishing opportunities, birdwatching facilities, wildlife, wetland, playground, picnic spots, etc. River Park North is the place where you can find all these facilities. 

The area of River Park North is huge. You can spend all your day exploring this park with your family. 

Greenville Mall and East Carolina University

Greenville Mall is one of the biggest malls in Greenville city. Almost all kinds of stores are found in this mall. If you are planning to do shopping, Greenville mall could be a great choice to do your shopping. Besides shopping, you can also enjoy the food at the food court of this mall. 

  • East Carolina University is one of the best universities in North Carolina. The campus of this university is very beautiful to look at. You can schedule a visit to this university to see its beautiful campus and educational environment. 

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