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Three Little Spats Oyster Company

Evan, Ryan, and Kim Gadow founded the Three Little Spats Oyster Company in 2018. . The company originated out of an expression of their love for the water. And a passion for conservation and aquaculture.

Three Little Spats Oyster Company's farm is one of 10 farm members listed on the N.C. Oyster Trail site. This farm project is a combined effort. Between the N.C. Coastal Federation, Sea Grant, and the Shellfish Association.

Only the Best Location = Signature Oysters

The Three Little Spats Oyster Company location is on 55 acres along both sides of Permuda Island. The island is in the water of Stump Sound. The sound is home to two of Three Little Spats Oyster Company's signature oysters. The Permuda Island Select and the Stump Sound Gold.

It's believed that the waters of Stump Sound have close to two million oysters in their waters. Not only are they abundant. But the oysters grown in Stump Sound are in many fine seafood restaurants. These oysters are very often noted for being the tastiest on the Eastern Seaboard.

The Gadow family made a commitment to bringing. The freshest, local oysters are available to the public. They also take an active role in the farming and managing of their company. Three Little Spats represents all that is renowned about Stump Sound oysters. They can also boast that they are a true family-run business. If you'd like to see them in action, their Instagram can be found here.

Permuda Island Selects

Three Little Spats Permuda Island Selects and Petites are sure to please. Any lover of a beautiful briny, buttery, and creamy oyster. They are a natural reflection of their farming in the waters of Stump Sound. They produce a distinctive earthy undertone. They are a lovely oyster to enjoy raw and are a wonderful example of traditional Stump Sound oysters.

These oysters undergo a rigorous culling process based on a six-point test. Only after passing the special hand culling test. Then and only then do these Permuda Island Select oysters make it to market. After such an in-depth process. You can rest assured that these oysters will not disappoint!

They're sure to please raw with lemon. They're also large enough to enjoy charbroiled or freshly steamed. Which offers a whole new oyster dining experience. If you've never tried a charbroiled oyster, the Permuda Island Selects are a great excuse. To broaden the horizons of your oyster dining options.

Stump Sound Gold

Three Little Spats Stump Sound Gold oysters are lovely and unique-looking oysters. They have wonderfully formed and distinctive shells.

The oyster's famous point of origin. Also gives them a great reputation for being some of the tastiest in the region. Representing high-quality Crassostrea Virginica diploids. Stump Gold oysters are grown next to the Permuda Island State Nature Preserve.

They produce a savory, salty and buttery flavor that any oyster lover will appreciate. The Stump Gold sound oysters are perfect for both steaming and roasting. They're also great for serving on the half shell! There's a reason that oysters from Stump Sound. Are so heavily featured in fine seafood restaurants! If you've never tried them. Stump Sound Gold oysters will prove to be a truly wonderful introduction. To your North Carolina's regional oyster dining experience.

Adams Oyster House

If you'd love to try these oysters for yourself - and you should - drop by Adams Oyster House. Located at 631 Tar Landing Rd, Holly Ridge, NC 28445. Considered by many to be the home base for Three Little Spats Oyster Company.

As a local seafood dealer, they have a great reputation. For providing wonderful service and fresh seafood. Adams Oyster House boasts a friendly crew and, of course, great local oysters. They're conveniently open to the public Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm.

Featured at these Area Restaurants

The list of restaurants is below. That serves The Three Little Spats Oyster Company's signature oysters. While it's easy to enjoy these oysters in the comfort of your own home. It's also fun and tasty to find them on the menus of North Carolina seafood restaurants.

Due to their coveted location. And the unique lagoon system feeding their farm. The Three Little Spats location is one of the oldest and most well-known centers for oysters. With both fresh water and seawater feeding. Into their oyster farm, it's easy to see. How these perfectly balanced oysters. Are found on the menus of these wonderful area restaurants.

See the list below to find out where you can enjoy their oysters!

• Pinpoint Restaurant
• Circa 1922
• Catch Restaurant
• Dock Street Oyster Bar
• RX Restaurant
• Boca Bay Restaurant

Surf City
• Shuckin' Shack Surf City

• Shuckin' Shack Jacksonville

Morehead City
• Shuckin' Shack Morehead City


This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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