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Tidewater Oyster Bar

Tidewater Oyster Bar

With the world coming to a standstill in a global pandemic. It did not stop Robert Pickens from sharing his love for seafood in the state of North Carolina. Being near a local sparkling water source and being recognized by Port City Daily. Tidewater Oyster Bar is the place to come and have a great seafood experience.

Wilmington, North Carolina

A port city and the county seat of New Hanover. With a population of over one hundred thousand people, it has become the eighth populous city in the state of North Carolina.

You can find the Tidewater Oyster Bar on 8211 Market Street. It is in a strip mall next to Lowes and Baja Grill, and across the street from Harris Teeter, and located within walking distance from the Holiday Inn Express.

The Tidewater Oyster Bar was founded by Robert Pickens in 2020 during the global pandemic. With his love for seafood, his restaurant is known to serve delicious fresh seafood, which is carefully seasoned and prepared each day. 

The Menu

The oyster bar has a variety of seafood for all to enjoy, even a few land foods for those that don’t like seafood.

For the starters, they have shrimp cocktail, smoked fish, crab cake, and baked cake to name a few. As well as oysters and clams that are on half shells and are served raw.

For the soup, they have House Gumbo, Clam Chowder, and Tidewater’s Clam and Oyster Stew.

For salads, we have the classic House and Caesar Salad, which can have an addition of either fried oysters, shrimp, chicken, or catfish to go along with it. The dressing they offer is Lemon Vinegar, Ranch, Caesar, Honey Mustard, and Balsamic.

As for the platters, you have shrimp, oysters, catfish, and flounder, which can either be fried or blackened. For the steam platters, we have boiled shrimp and snow crab, and those two items can be mixed.

Many wouldn't consider it an "oyster bar" if they didn't have a drink menu. Well, good news, they do and here are some highlights...

You’ll find Red Wine, Rose, Chardonnay, and a few Oyster Shooters like a Bloody Mary and Saki. For the Cocktail fans out there, you’ll find a Martini, Margarita, and Tequila Sunrise for all your needs. Oyster shooters are mixed with raw oysters.

They even have a choice of beer that is domestic, foreign, and craft beer. It’s recommended to try craft beer. Wilmington, North Carolina is known for its unique taste in the trade.

The bar also has daily specials, like half-price wine, raw, and steamed oysters, or half-price gumbo. Check their website to see what special they have to offer. And as you might expect, it is advisable to make a reservation, especially in season!

The Tidewater Oyster bar has been recognized by Port City Daily. Where it discusses how founder and owner, Robert Pickens, created a business during an economic downfall during the pandemic. It even stated how he was fortunate enough to open his business during the second wave of other businesses opening.

Tidewater Oyster also offers delivery seven days a week. So, if going out isn’t a plan tonight, the order in and the restaurant will have your meal sent to your home or hotel.


People Love Tidewater Oyster, with some recommending the seafood nachos or the New Orleans BBQ shrimp, and the great service to go along with it. Another review stated that the clam chowder soup was delicious and comes highly recommended.

There are also numerous mentions about the freshness of the local fish served and how it's prepared, adding a more unique experience to the restaurant.  Along with their drink specials which many have recommended trying while you’re there.

Other Things to do While in Wilmington

After spending time at the oyster bar, you may want to enjoy the attractions that Wilmington has to offer. There’s something for everyone, whether that’s shopping, going to a museum or the art gallery. Wilmington is not short on activities during your visit.

The Carolina Beach Boardwalk even has a few seaside rides and classic arcade games to keep the kids busy. While the adults enjoy the scenic view of the boardwalk. Which made the list for budget travel’s list.

For all the history buffs out there. Battleship North Carolina is a ship that fought in every naval offensive battle in the pacific during World War II. Where you can experience the daily life of the crew and explore certain areas of the ship like the galley and engine room. This place can be enjoyed alone, or with a family.

Visitors can even visit the Bellamy Mansion Museum of History & Design. Where visitors can take in the breathtaking design of the ten thousand square feet architectural house. It shares a Greek and Neoclassical style and was originally built in 1861 as a family residence.  

This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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