A Time for Science

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is in Eastern North Carolina. It has established two new branches. In a partnership with A Time for Science, the museum has a branch in Grifton and Greenville. The founders of A Time for Science are a couple, John and Nancy Bray. Their aim is to enhance literacy and science education in the region.
The couple put in their investments and passion into creating A Time for Science. Their efforts are bearing fruit. The organization is a branch of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. It is a resource to North Carolina as a whole.

Greenville Branch

This branch is set to officially open in 2021. It will have exceptional exhibits and programs that are new and mind-opening. It will also include educational events. These are tailored to the needs of northeastern North Carolina.

Grifton Branch

This branch is also known as Contentnea Creek. It sits on a 400-acre piece of land. Some of the activities you can take part in are hiking and paddling trails. There are many habitats to choose to explore. The Grifton branch also has a planetarium and an observatory.

A Time for Science offers a lot of natural wonders! It's a great place to bring the kids or just wander around. Hiking, kayaking, a planetarium, and a nature center.

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Board of Directors

The founders are no longer involved in the organization’s day to day activities. There is a board of directors put in place. They are to visualize the Brays’ dream to experience nature and science while having fun. The board members are:

1. Harvey Sharp Wooten – Chair

2. Phil Hodges – Vice Chair

-He is a retired Pharmaceutical Executive. Also an entrepreneur

3. Ann McClung – Secretary

-She is the Science Coordinator at the Center for STEM Education

4. Jerry B. Davis – Treasurer

-A retired businessman

5. John Bray

-He funded the Bray Hollow Foundation

6. Tom Feldbush

-A retired university professor. He is also an administrator at A Time for Science

7. David W. Holder

-He is a Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics. He is also the Director of Communications Outreach and Programs. This role is at East Carolina University (ECU)

8. Tammy Lee

-Tammy is an Assistant Professor. She is involved with Science Education.

9. Paul Cunningham

-He is the Dean Emeritus at Brody School of Medicine.

10. William Meggs

-He is a Physician at Brody School of Medicine.

11. H. L. Stephenson III

-An attorney by profession

12. Dr. Harry Ploehn

-He is the Dean of the College of Engineering and Technology at East Carolina University

Learn at the Museum

Both museums, at Greenville and Grifton, educate on a number of topics. These include;

· Environmental education

· Astronomy education

· Outdoor recreation

The organization offers field trips for students. These programs allow learners to walk the forest trails. The planetarium allows for travel through the solar system to experience outer space. The programs offered at the museum include;

1. Field trips

The field trips are open to students in kindergarten to twelfth grade. Field trips are available both in the school year and in the summer.

2. Outreach

The museum reaches out to organizations and individuals. It connects people with programs in science and nature. Educators from the museum bring an interactive experience for school events and classes. They are able to carry their own teaching material and needed equipment.

3. Camps

Camps are offered in half-day, full-day, and weekly durations. They are filled with fun games, activities, and crafts. Many topics are covered at the camps, including Astronomy and Zoology. This means there can be something for everyone.


The planetarium and observatory at Grifton is brilliant. The skies are dark to allow for perfect stargazing. You will be able to see the Milky Way.

The Chia-yu Li planetarium has a geodesic dome. The dome is 35 feet tall and can accommodate 50 seated people. It has been operational since 2015. It offers programs for schools and the general public. There are private shows available for events and private parties. The planetarium provides specific shows for the public. Some of these include;

· Two Small Pieces of Glass

This program maps out the history of the telescope. It starts from Galileo’s modifications on the spyglass to NASA’s launch of the Hubble Space Telescope. It shows what the future looks like in astronomy. Participants are able to marvel at the discoveries made over the last 4 centuries.

· From Earth to the Universe

This show is a trip through time and space. It shows the universe in the eyes of science. Participants can witness the Solar System, the stars, and many wonders in the galaxies.

· Learn the Winter Skies

Get to experience winter skies full of stars. This show has objects in deep space lighting up the night sky. There are some well-known constellations, like Taurus the Bull and Orion.


The Grifton museum has about 400 acres of land in the Bray Hollow Conservancy. It is in the southern parts of Pitt County. There are many ecosystems and wildlife to be explored. A Time for Science engages with nature with many activities. These include;

· Kayaking

· Camping

· Field trips

· Public events

Visitors can go kayaking every Saturday in a shallow pond. This option is perfect for children and beginners. You can explore Contentnea Creek in the Fall and Spring. The waterways and wildlife along and in the creek are fascinating. You can also enjoy a night-time paddle. This is great for night sky lovers. The charming ponds are calm and suitable for beginners. You can also roast marshmallows on a bonfire.

The exhibits and available programs at the museums offer visitors a unique experience. The museum’s branches also provide field experiences for learning purposes. They allow visitors to gain a personal experience with nature and science. The museums provide fun educational experiences.