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Winter Things to Do Near Elizabeth City NC

Winter Things to Do Near Elizabeth City NC

Milky Way Galaxy Above Planetarium

A lot of the winter things to do near Elizabeth city NC are indoor activities. A great way to spend winter days is visiting the museums.

Museum of the Albemarle

The Museum of the Albemarle carries more than 10,000 years of North Carolina’s history. It is located in the heart of Elizabeth City along the gorgeous Pasquotank River. You will find information on American Indians, local craftsmen, watermen, and farmers. This history is preserved in the arts of the Albemarle. These include artifacts, illustrations, and numerous hands-on activities. Some of the arts of the Albemarle include:

  • The 1800s smokehouse: This allows you to experience life in the 19th century. You can completely immerse yourself in the sounds and sights of time. This allows you to understand what life was like.
  • Watercraft: You can see the watercraft that creates a connection between the people and the location.

You can visit the Arts of the Albemarle between Tuesday and Saturday in winter. Operating hours are from 10 am to 4 pm. There is no admission fee, which makes the museum one of the best winter things to do near Elizabeth City NC. It saves you from freezing while you learn about the region’s history.

Elizabeth City State University Planetarium

Khan Planetarium is located at Elizabeth City State University. It serves as a community outreach program. It is one of those indoor activities that feel more like an outdoor activity. It provides academic support to students at the university and the local community. The planetarium opened its doors in 1990 and has become a huge asset to Elizabeth City State University.

The Khan Planetarium opens throughout the year whenever the university is open. In the winter, you can visit the planetarium, but the university is out of bounds. You can visit from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5 pm. This is one of the best winter things to do near Elizabeth City NC since admission is free. However, you need to make a reservation before visiting the Elizabeth City State University Planetarium.

There are various shows that take place occasionally. These shows include:

  • Feature presentations
  • University Open House among others.

If you are visiting in a group, ensure you arrive 15 minutes before a show. This will allow you to take your seats and enjoy the whole show. In case your group has more than 20 individuals, you can reserve a show just for you.

Albemarle Bowling Center

No matter the weather, bowling is always in. The Albemarle Bowling Center is located at 603 South Hughes Boulevard in Elizabeth City NC. You can find information about the location on their official Facebook page. Albemarle Bowling Center is perfect for family-friendly fun. You can visit the location to enjoy indoor activities that are fun and family-friendly.

The location allows you to host parties. It is a great place to have birthday parties for children and young teens.

“Nice little bowling alley. They have a variety of adult drinks. Lanes are nice with good rental balls and shoes. The place was clean with fun games for the kids. We will for sure be back to bowl next year on our annual trip. The staff was very nice..."

Charles Creek Park

On a warm winter's day, Charles Creek Park is one of the best outdoor activities. You will find many activities for all ages. There are different outdoor activities to be enjoyed at Charles Creek Park, including:

  • Outdoor games like volleyball
  • Picnics
  • Parties

For younger children, the park has a playground with numerous activities. You will find:

  • Slides
  • Swings
  • Clubhouses
  • A maze of tubes

Charles Creek Park is close to the waterfront. This allows visitors to enjoy some water-related activities, including:

  • Ice skating
  • Fishing
  • Tour of the Albemarle Sound

The park is open daily from morning to evening. The park is about 3 acres, making it just large enough to enjoy activities, and small enough to ensure it is rarely crowded.

Ghost Harbor Brewing Company

Beer can make the cold go away. Ghost Harbor Brewing Company makes craft beers. It offers a one-of-a-kind experience in enjoying local craft beer made on site. The brewery is a great location to meet with friends, family, and the community. The beers are quite cheap and there are none placed at more than $20.

Some of the Ghost Harbor Brewing Company craft beers include:

  • Dream of Waking: This recipe includes prickly pear, raspberry gose, and pink guava.
  • Pailin’s Alley: An American porter
  • Mulligan: This is a dry Irish stout
  • Gypsy Tears: A pale ale
  • Vain: This is a dark lager
  • Blair's Fall: This recipe is a wheat beer. It is made from American pale wheat.

The Ghost Harbor Brewing Company does not sell food at the establishment. You are advised to bring in your to-go orders from local restaurants.

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This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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